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I suck.


I suck at life this week.
Ever since we got back from our wonderful weekend with Beau and Stephanie I haven't slowed down. It's been NON-STOP crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy. CRAZY I tell ya!
I will be posting about my awesome weekend with those two muffinheads.
I promise.
HOWEVER last night thanks to the little jerk of a storm that came computer decided to take a DUMP right in front of me.
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(We look good all the time at the Nelson household ;))
Oh...AND there may have been tears involved (hello! My name is Shalyn with a capitol "E" for EMOTIONAL BASKETCASE!)
I just have brides and clients who want their pictures and work and softball and volleyball and friend's birthday's and laundry and more work and alfjsalkfjsakltuawiofjasklfsakl;fjsalk;fualjfasjflasjf.
My life looks like this. Photobucket Exactly.
Just a whole lot going on and a lot of it is just outta my hands.
However, I want to end this week on a high note. Negativity sucks, and well, HELLO, it just...SUCKS!
High note #1: It's the weekend and I get to see my Mom! :)
High note #2: We won our volleyball championship game this past Wednesday! HOLLA!
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High note #3: My new tennis shoes are no longer giving me blisters. HECK YES.
High note #4: Despite the weather that ruined my life computer, this little pumpkin was sure enjoying the storm.
High note #5: I got this on my car today from a sweet co-worker thanking me for working hard and basically knew I was having a rough week and thought it would be nice to do this. Seriously? I am so blessed. It really made my week.
High note #6: DDHP got rubbed down in aloe by two very sexy ladies. This was hilarious to watch.
ac4f69af, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
High note #7: I drank out of John Wayne coffee cup this weekend. Be jealous. I dare you. ;)
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In the mean time, I'm not one to ask for much. Really...I'm not. So, let's get on to high note friend Jenni.
Jenni is one of my favorite people in the entire world. She was my college roommate and now lifelong best friend.
She's starting to hop on the blog wagon (FINALLY) and I mean it when I say you'd seriously love her.
She has a heart of Gold and I wouldn't EVER post anything like this if I didn't truly TRULY believe in this.
The girl has been through a lot in her life. Like...A LOT. More than most and yet, she still finds the best in people and goes against the odds and tries to make other's lives better.
She's one of the bravest, strongest woman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love her more than words can say and she's one of my bestestestestest friends.
So, why am I telling you about her?
Here is a letter to you from her:
Hi friends or should I say Hola amigos!
On July 29th, I will join a team of 22 others from my church, Faithbridge to help families meet their economical and spiritual needs in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Did you know that people down there still face struggles from Hurricane Mitch back in 1998? I didn't either! Approximately 300 people fled the devastation to find a safer and drier place to live.These people, in hopes of starting again, invaded the land high above the capital city of Tegucigalpa. These families have tried to get their lives together but they subsist on less than $1 a day. Many live in one room houses with dirt floors and have no plumbing or electricity.
To date Hope for Honduras has built 96 houses with cement floors, electricity and outhouses for these people. A daily feeding program has been established for more than 300 children that are now attending schools - how awesome is that?
The total cost for my trip is $1700 which includes round trip flight, all my meals and my lodging. My goal is to try & raise $1500 by June 30th. I intend to contribute as much as I can personally but would be so grateful if you would prayerfully consider supporting me with any financial assistance. No amount is insignificant. If you aren't able to financially support me, or would like to help me in another way, please advertise my cause on Facebook, Twitter, or by forwarding this email & just sharing my link.
Following the event, I will send out a brief recap of my life changing trip with pictures to all my sponsors.
I want to thank you in advanced for your support! :) (my homepage for my campaign where you can donate) (to learn more on Hope for Honduras)

SEE WHAT I MEAN Y'ALL!? I'd SO be going with her because I've been dying to do a mission trip, however, I will be shooting a wedding that weekend. One day, one day...BUT in the mean time, I will be supporting her and if you can too (I mean, even if it's just $1.00!) I would love you dearly. And I know she would too.
Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. We had a blast can't wait for a few weeks from now when we all can hang out again. See ya in Austin!


  2. Okay, I don't know why but when I scrolled down to the picture of the John Wayne mug and saw the cat it totally cracked me up.
    I'm sorry you're having technical issues, that is always the worst! Last year the hard drive crashed on the computer my husband I share. I was devastated but luckily we were able to retrieve everything important.
    Good luck!

  3. That was so sweet of your coworker to leave that on you car!

    Can't wait to read about your weekend with Beau and Steph!!

  4. love that first picture...sounds like life has been crazy this week! Hope things settle down!

  5. love that first picture...sounds like life has been crazy this week! Hope things settle down!

  6. shay I would have a nervous breakdown if I had your life! INTENSE!!!!!!!! I love you though, and am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished and overcome this year. You are a rockstar!


  7. Wow! YOu have been busy! It was so sweet of your coworker to give you a note and flowers. I hope things settle down and you have a fabulous weekend!

  8. You're so hilarious.
    Can't get enough!!

    MUCH love.

  9. I've been feeling so overwhelmed too lately! Your life looks so fun but stressful too! It's amazing how you can do everything so well! You inspire me!


    Have a great week!

  10. Haha your blog posts are so full of energy :) I love it! PS You're such a babe!

  11. OH MY GOD! HOW am I just now seeing this post?? That pic of DDHP's rub down!?!?!? asdhashfiflnisjnf!! What? WHere? When? WHyyyyy? Totally didn't know that pic even took place lol. I look like I have a gut....thanks a lot... ;) kidding. But I do look like I have a gut. Possibly caused by excessive amounts of booze, cupcakes and/or doritos...I dunno.

    Enough about me...let's talk about how much of a rockstar YOU are?! I so so sawwy about your computer but don't stress anymore than you need to. Just take a deep breath and eat ice cream! Always works!


  12. Oh no! Your poor computer! My laptop is my life, so I can only imagine...At least you have been having a blast lately! I just want to put your pup in my pocket :)

  13. I feel your pain, it really has been one thing after another lately and it's hard not to let it get you down...hang in there, I just know things will turn around for the both of us very very soon! :)

  14. ahhh shay!!! i have so many random thoughts on this post!!

    first - i CANNOT wait to hear about your weekend with S&B

    your poor computer :(:( oh no!!

    however i am LOVING your sexy sexy sexy running shoes!! that you got to see your mama AND that you won your softball championship!! You rock!!

    Love you to the moon and back chica!!XOX

  15. Rough week... thank goodness for a great husband, co-worker, and friend! Plus you have those cute pups around to make you smile. I love seeing people face hard weeks by looking at all the good that's around them! March onward!

  16. You are looking so tan and beautiful, simply glowing! Love getting caught back up on things in your life, and I'm loving all the coffee mugs, oh yeah! :) Perfect little high notes all around! Hope things have slowed down a bit for you and are helping you leave the crazy behind!

  17. beautiful wedding photo! i love the background! great shots!

    im having a fun giveaway on my blog, check it out if you havent already!