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Current Jam.


I'm alive.

I'm busy.

I'm emotionally and physically exhausted.

However, I just wanted to pop in and say HI!

I do keep up with my feel free to find me at shalynnelson. Drew Drew Hot Pants has instagram too: ddhp.

Oh, and this song makes me smile. Total feel good song.

"There's stopping me us right now..."

Thank you to those of you who have checked on me, encouraged me, been there for me, and have supported me through this funk time. Such is LIFE.

Lots going on. I can't wait to fill you in. I swear I'm about to be back to this blog. I love it too much and I love you guys too much.

Until this song now.

I'm in love.

Love you guys.

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  1. Love you girl :-) makes my lil heaart happy that we talk everyday so A) I know you're alive and kicking and B) you're fabulous at life


  2. I'm so proud of you sweet lady! Love you to pieces!:0) Continue to stay focused and DO YOU!

  3. I love that song! Cant wait for you to be BACK!

  4. I miss you!!! take time for yourself :) thinking of you a lot! xoxo

  5. started following you on instagram. hope you'll follow me handle: j___jenkins [three underscores]

  6. Such a fun video/ song! Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad I follow you on instagram. Otherwise I would have been quite worried!

  7. Love that song!!

    Glad you're still kickin! Life gets so crazy & hectic.

    If you need a fun post idea, you should write a FAVORITE THINGS post and come link up! :)

    Happy *almost* weekend!!

  8. Nice to have you back! :) Love great songs and hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

  9. Boooo the video will not load and play in my area. :(

  10. you're amazing. and i love you....LOTS and LOTS!

  11. Shay...decided to start a NEW blog. I'm not that interesting yet...but check it out! Miss you and Andy. :(