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DDHP turns 26.


This stud muffin turned the BIG 2-6 on Saturday. Naturally, our weekend was full of fun festivities with family and friends.
On Friday, Andrew's parents and my Mom drove to Austin to meet us and we had dinner at OG (Olive Garden). Breadsticks, OG Salad and Lasagna rolls danced marvelously into our stomachs, and chocolate cake greeted us at Andrew's twin sister Ashley's apartment afterwards. My Mom, Andrew's two best friends Will and Cody, and Cody's girlfriend Jill also met us at our house later that night. We woke up on Saturday to boys who had been up until 6 a.m. playing Call of Duty.
They pretty much played it ALLLLLLLLLL day long and the ladies went shopping, #duh. Jill got me some PRECIOUS Guess bracelets for my birthday, Madi got me bag full of goodies (wine from Trader Joe's, a to-do list pad for my desk, a 52 dates book for drew and me, a scarf, a picture frame, and tons of other goodies!) & my Mom bought me a purse that I'm totally in love with. I think they might love me or something? :) One thing for sure is that I LOVE THEM! :)
When we got back from shopping...I came home to TWO TV's and TWO games of COD going on. I wish I could say I was lying, but I'm not. Talk about a total sausage fest.

We later had dinner at a local Mexican Restaraunt (love me some chips and salsa) and mexican martini's.
and thanks to my friend, Brian...we had a shot of patron. As you can see from this video below...this was not something I was too thrilled about. Alcohol and I don't mix well. HAHA.

After dinner, we went bowling and had a blast! Can you say dance party!?
The lady on the far end by me...that'd be my Mom. Yep, she rocks.

Today we got up, went to Cracker Barrel, back to IKEA, came home, said goodbye to my Mom and friends, took a quick nap, went grocery shopping, had ice cream and now I'm getting ready for a veryyyy busy week.

Did I mention DDHP and I are only three days apart? birthday is tomorrow (the 17th)...and I'm pretty sure you will want to read my post tomorrow. It's not your typical birthday post. See you here tomorrow.



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  1. Aww Shay! I lov eyou and Drew Drew. I hope you had an amazing weekend and I really wish I coul dhave been there to take tequila shots with you!! They are pretty much my favorite!


    Sabrina Says

  2. Shopping, mexican food, AND bowling!? Sounds like my kind of birthday weekend - minus the COD part of it ha!

    Good luck with your busy week ahead - and happy early birthday!


  3. Love it! So jealous of the Mexican! :) It is my ALL TIME favorite food!

  4. You guys always look like so much fun I love it! :) Happy Birthday to you both! :)

  5. How FUN! We loooove to bowl too and it always turns into a dance party…. So glad we aren't alone there ;)

    Happy birthday to DDHP and to youuu tomorrow!! :)

  6. Looks like a wonderful birthday! I haven't been bowling in forever. Looks like so much fun!

  7. Aww Happy Birthday DDHP!!!!! Looks like y'all had a great time!!!

  8. so i'll be sure to check-in tomorrow...just thought i'd reassure you that i picked up what you were layin' down.

    thought i noticed some of the ol' i-forgot-we-were-all-bowling-tonight-regretting-wearing-my-skinny-jeans-that-originally-thought-made-me-look-hot-tonight-but-now-i-look-like-a-chicken-in-bowling-shoes situation.

    we've all been there.

  9. Aww! :) Happy birthday to both of you!!

  10. prettiest-chicken-I've-ever-seen :) ^^^

  11. i don't understand any of the chicken comments..... anyone? anyone? bueller? I don't know. That is weird.

    I also didn't pick up anything that you were secretly putting down. Mostly, I got that you and DDHP are HOT and FUN and had a fab weekend... and I love you guys.


  12. Haasaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday to both of yooooouuu!

  13. How adorable! I love the pictures! Happy Birthday to him :)


  14. What a perfect weekend! Awesome photos. Happy birthday to DDHP. :)

  15. what a fabulous birthday celebration! you can't go wrong with mexicn food and bowling.

  16. All I'm sayin is you've got awesome chicken legs and I wanna pick them up when you lay them down. How was that not clear?

  17. Happy early Birthday to you.

    1. I wanna go bowling now, even if I suck.

    2. I want a mexican martini, diet style.

    3. "talk about a total sausage fest".. i might still be laughing.

  18. DYING over our little text convo on this post earlier...i dont get it! haha

    but all i know is that DDHP and You are my all-time favs and I'm so glad you both were born! MUAH!

    Please tell Drew's sister that she has the best hair ever. seriously, I am 9,000 shades jealous over her perfect bang swoop!

    i think this only appropriate for this post....cockfighting! :)

  19. happy birfday to you boooooooth :)how fun! Makes me gonna go bowling!!