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2012 Resolution. Part One.


Taken last night with Drew's family on New Year's Eve.

I have seen a ton of New Year's posts this week and all day today and I have to say that I'm feeling PUMPED for this New Year. I'm so glad everyone is excited for what this year holds and how exciting it will be to see who will stick to their resolutions. I'm feeling inspired! I truly hope that I will be one of the many who kick butt and take names...and seriously, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I found this quote the other day and when I read it, I had one of those "Ahhh ha!" moments in my head.

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. -- TS Eliot

During this time of year, it’s really easy to look back and see how far you've come since last year and analyze all of the goals you met, all of the mistakes and "OH CRAP!" moments you made, as well as all of the shootings stars you wished on and dreams you have chased. It's at moments like this when you sit down and think, "WHAT THE HECK ARE MY RESOLUTIONS this year!?" It can be a little overwhelming when you start to think of all the things you want to do better, and how you want to become a better person, friend, wife, daughter, sister, and professional.

But when I start to feel that way I can't help but think that new beginnings mark an opportunity to leave my fears and doubts from yesteryear behind and dream for impossibilities. There is always room for improvement, but the thing you should really be focusing on is that today is a starting point. Merely, the start of a race.
Learn from those mistakes you made this year, no matter how small or big...just know that's it's time to move forward. Time doesn't stand still...and neither should you.

This time last year I was at a point in my life where I questioned my talents and if I'd be able to actually bite this photography bullet and pursue this dream that everyone and their mom are pursuing. Whenever I went to the thought of, "Well, if I fail..." I then punched myself in the gut, splashed water on my face and told myself, "SHAY! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. LET'S DO THIS!" I kept calling myself a chicken. And don't want to be a freakin' chicken. Especially when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

This year I made a full commitment to trying my hardest to pursue photography. Drew told me that he'd much rather see me fail at something I loved doing, rather than suceed at something I hated. Well, husband is smart. I haven't "made it" I'd say...but the one thing I did do is learn a lot about who I want to be as a photographer, and all the things I want to change. I have a long road ahead of me...but I'm not about to stop trying. I had 41 photo shoots this year. FORTY-ONE. We did the math. I did 41 photo shoots on just word of mouth and facebook with 9 weddings already booked for this year. I've been doing this for ONE year. I'd say that's awesome. Not AWESOME... but awesome, for me. I'm proud of myself, first and foremost. And honestly? I'm happy. I love this more than you can possibly imagine. My passion and fire have been here's to following your dreams. DO IT Y'ALL! Whatever your passion is. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I’m SO incredibly excited for what 2012 has in store! I have some outstanding weddings booked, new business ventures and branding to develop, and a fresh desire to be a better wife, sister, daughter, and friend. God has been wonderful and I’m thankful to be experiencing life in so many new ways!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you, my beautiful and ever-so-fierce blog readers, for making me feel like the luckiest girl to be alive. Though we are connected via internet, I feel the love and encouragement you unselfishy give on a daily basis. I appreciate your time and sweet notes more than I can adequately express.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, filled with love, joy and peace!



P.s.) I think this post needed more pictures. Here's my little assistant in action this year. Such a great helper he is. :)

I also want to introduce you to my business partner, #1 supporter, and second shooter. Words can't express how I excited I am to be pursuing my dreams...with the help of the most precious, loving, and down right sexy husband a girl could ever have.

Husband and wife team? Here we go.

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  1. haha great post! Happy New Year!! How did you get that pic to work, I tried and it was sooo hard!

  2. I'm so glad your photography career is going so great! :) It's awesome to do what you love to do for a living! It sounds like you have a great support system! I'm a firm believer that good things happen to good people! I hope God blesses you in 2012! :)


  3. I think that 2012 is going to be an amazing year for you, Shalyn!!!! I am so proud of you and what you have done with your growing business!!!! I hope you had your hubs had a wonderful NYE and I am so happy to have "met" you in the blogging world this year!!! Maybe this year we can actually meet!!!!!

    Happy New Year again!

  4. HAhahah that race picture is HILARIOUS!! I was dying laughing!

    Don't let anyone get you down when you are pursuring your dreams! Happy New Year!


  5. Shalyn this is so inspirational! It's so exciting that you've done so well! And while you say that 41 shoots isn't AWESOME but just awesome for you, I have to say I think it's absolutely AWESOME! Congratulations on taking a risk and pursuing your dreams and succeeding! That's absolutely fabulous!

  6. You have had a ton of successes in 2011, especially for someone who has only been at it for one year. It is almost stating the obvious to say that you have what it takes. Sometimes when I read your posts that are recapping a week or weekend, I just want to give you a standing ovation for living your life. Seriously. You never sleep!

  7. I am so happy for you and all of your success in photograpy!! Im sure 2012 will be even more amazing!! And how cute is your hubby being your litle assistant! I love it.

  8. This is so awesome! and I love the picture of everyone standing, the girl on the very end looks like a dark hair Jenny McCarthy! Very sexay!

    Come to my wedding and take extra photos with Sabs!

  9. I totally can relate. I'm in the midst of starting my photography business. I have built my website, but haven't showed it to anyone, and have began spreading the word. There are so many successful photographers in my city that shoot big names (well for Kentucky, even the girl from America's Next Top Model). I'm so afraid that I will fail miserably. This is what I want to do. Nothing else. There are other times when I doubt my abilities and think that I will never be able to do it. I also think about what will people on facebook say or on my blog (I have yet to announce it). I really want to accomplish this is in 2012. Good luck to you and your business1 I wish you the best!

  10. So sweet!!! i love your photo ideas!! Make me wanna be a photographer!

  11. Love this post! (especially the pictures-hahaha) I love that you are following your dream!! Dream big--always!!

  12. eeeee this makes me SO happy and want to start singing Big Shit Poppin by T.I. You are GOOINGGGG PLACESS!!! i just love you and your spirt and inspiration and everything

    you're going to shine so bright in photography (not like you already dont because you're awesome)

    and DDHP? best assistant ever award!

    another resolution should be VISIT ERICA AND KURT IN BOSTON. Lets make this shizz happen

    xoxox love you !

  13. SO SO excited for your future! You are SO deserving of everything and MORE. You are so incredible and SO talented I cannot wait to see you make it BIG.

    I really look up to you as a photographer and friend. You are so giving and honest and loving. you would do anything for anyone... and I only got to spend a few short days with you!! You are such a beautiful person and I am so happy you have such a supportive husband. I love him ALMOST as much as you :)

    Happy New Year Shay! You dreams are already coming true... I just know it :)

  14. WOW! I think 41 shoots is awesome! That's just a little less than one a week! I love your ambition and the support your husband gives you. Hope you have a wonderful photographic year.

  15. It is wonderful to hear how your photography is taking off for you and you are able to be doing something you deserve it! Love your resolutions post and I hope 2012 continues to be a success and filled with more magical moments! Love how you posted a 2012 picture with sparklers too!

    LIesl :)

  16. Thanks for the inspiration! I need it :-) Was just having a mini pity party at dinner today w/ the hubs. But your post has snapped me out of it. This year is going to be DIFFERENT! Happy New Year to ya! Oh, and btw, I LOVE that you and your hubby are in this venture together. So much in life tears us away from our mates, so how fabulous is it when we can actually work together?! Fab I tell you. Fab.

  17. So proud of you miss forty-one bomb-a** photo shoots! Cheers to many more ;)