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Rissy Rocks.


Hi friends...I'm getting really good at this whole not-blogging regime aren't I? Thank you for all your comments and I swear I will be writing you back soon! I have a ton of excuses but I've been too busy for my own good.

That said, I hope to be blogging in full swing again soon, but until then, I have a couple of sweethearts who kindly offered to fill up some of my white space.

Rissy has been on my blog before because well, she's the cutest muffin on the planet. I was texting her the other day and she kindly offered to send me a guest post. She warned me that she wasn't very good at following through when she said she would guest post...but she did. And I think she might have had a glass of wine or two before writing this. :) I love her and if you don't know her, go check out her blog. It will not disappoint.


Ahhh yes, the land of the love birds.
What a happy little land this is.
It is a place filled with rainbows, butterflies, and non-fat calorie free chocolate!
But some of us still live in the real world.
And in this real world, we are exposed to the lovey dovey world...
... but as an outsider.
There is one thing we outsiders have a hard time understand
--and that thing--
is the Pet Name!
You regular Shay readers probably know her hunky hubs Andrew as DDHP (Drew Drew Hot Pants)
This is by far the best pet name of all time. It is slightly tongue in cheek, totally hilarious, and acceptably used by all.
However, many pet names (and couples) are not half as awesome.
Here are some examples of those that do not measure up to the Shay, DDHP name (I found a register online of pet names):
* Lamb chop- I mean come on... who says that in public with a straight face?
*Tarzan- let's leave that in the bedroom
*Squishy (chunky)- because offensive terms of endearment are in?
*Sparky- commonly found on dog collars
* My king- it's 2011
*Tramp- I'm just going to tell myself that is a typo (?)
Now I have a request...
and it may be difficult...
because this is pretty personal...
But, what pet names do you use?

Thank you Rissy for helping me out! I'm so glad that Drew Drew Hot Pants is an acceptable pet name haha. It's pretty awesome right y'all!? HAHA. Just kidding. I mean, he has to love it because his name on Call of Duty is DDHP. We keep it cool here in the Nelson household.

Rissy, I love you and seriously adore the ever livin' mess out of you. I can't wait for you to have a hot dude with an Australian accent. ;) Perhaps call him The Thunder from Down Undahhh? ;) Jk. I know you will appreciate this.

Have a wonderful Monday guys! It's a short work week. Can I get a hellz to the yeah? Or an Amen!? Whatever floats your boat! This lady is ready for some turkey! :)

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  1. i stick with the generic..babe; baby..bub...bear.
    but in public im not a big pet name person..but all of those choices..are just um wonderful ;))

  2. I don't regret writing this post like I thought I would... minus the part that should say understand-ING oops!

    ahhh hot Aussie.


  3. Lamb chop with a straight face, ha!! ok so a few of my pet names for my husband...


    muffin pie

    ATM machine (but only when I'm really pissed at him)

    Roberto (with major rolling "r" tongue action)

    and RRTP (ask DDHP what that means)

    so when I give you my guest post, will it be titled Raven Rocks?

  4. HAHAH ever

    when i heard king i thought of "how to lose a guy in 10 days" where she called his member "krawl the warrior king" hahah!

    i have some REALLY cheesy names for Kurt. Um.

    Boo Bear

    yeah its gag-tastic...dont worry i dont say it in public

    but in the freaky sheet area I call him Master. hahah just kidding

    i like ravens Roberto name with the rolling tongue lol


  5. on behalf of love birds everywhere, I sincerely apologize.

    my bf and I stick to the generic, sweetheart, honey...but we use them INCESSANTLY.

    he said my name the other day and I realized it had been months since I heard him call me by my name. haha. our friends make fun of it. my friends (even guys) jokingly call him baby. we're obnoxious, we know. ;)

  6. LOVEEEE Rissy.

    LOVED this post.

    As for me and M....
    babe, baby, babycakes

    sometimes he calls me toots, but other than that I think we don't have any super fun pet names (like DDHP)

  7. John and I had a joke of calling each other "honey bunny" to be obnoxious.. then it turned into calling each other just "bunny" and then somehow morphed into "bunky." I know he is angry when he calls me "Erin" and then the anger rises up in me and I get all sassy cuz he used my real name. Good times. We have a normal relationship. Yeah..

  8. RISSY this is awesome! I nickname EVERYONE!! I used to call my old bf "puffin" because thats what holly called Hef and we thougth it was the best. I call my sister mooksy and I believe I've emailed ya'll about baby nugget..

    but DDHP totally rocks the house!!

  9. I call Justin love bunny!! Ahhhh, haha! He hates it!!

  10. I would just like to say, that for the record the name my husband calls me is rediculous. He calls me "Chicken". Seriously. The worst part about it? I actually like it. Hearing "You're so beautiful Chicken..." Ya, it makes my day.

  11. i LOVE the "petname" DDHP. so great!

    lamb chop on the other hand... errrr.
    i think khloe calls lamar that? maybe? or maybe she just calls him "lam lam". *barf*

    i think the only thing i really call nick other than nick and nicco is lovebug. haha. i'm so not a petname-giving-kind of girl. oh well. it happens.