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One week.


It REALLY has been a WEEK since I last blogged? WOW. I officially suck.

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I'm still drowning in responsibilities. Please forgive me.

That said, let me catch y'all up a little bit on what's been going on in my lil' ol' life.

1. Lovin' my hubby and helping him with things around the house. I have neglected our house (a lot) in the last couple of weeks which is NOT in my character whatsoever. I'm just a bit OCD and lately, you'd never know. Photobucket

2. Spending more time with the pups. Yes, we look super awesome here I know. I've neglected play time with the lil' guys. I had to literally stop and go outside to throw around some toys just to let them know I still love them. :)

3. Halloween at work was a lot of fun and a lot of work. This required some time on the weekend to decorate, as well as help with things around the office. We were a "School of Fish"...and so we did a little twist on it. I was a cat fish, so I dressed up like a cat, and my friend Ketrin was a jelly fish, hence why she looks like a jar of jelly.

My friends Kelly and Manie got BEST costume...I wonder why? ;)
Those are some legit boobies if I do say so myself.

4. Photo shoots. & Editing ohhhh my.
This is me taking a break from editing. I think I sent this to Raven. Haha.

I swear I sound like a broken record, but I am so behind. So SO behind. Especially at updating my photography blog. I fully intend on updating it, as well as my new brand, business cards, and website...and possibly a wedding show in January. I'm going to try my best to not let this blog take too much of a backseat, but it might for a little bit so I can get my photo biz refreshed. It means a lot to me :)

5. My friends. It seems everytime a friend of mine asks me what my weekend plans are, they already know. I feel terrible always having something going on. What's sad (or good I guess) is that my weekends are pretty much booked out until mid January. Crazyness. I am thankful I have friends though that understand and send me sweet notes to remind me how BLESSED I am. Love love snail mail. Photobucket

6. Sleep. Deprived. I was up until atleast 3 a.m. every night/morning last week. Yep, I'm crazy.

7. Softball games. I have these every Tuesday night and that's basically the gyst of it. It takes my whole evening. But it is a lot of fun! :)

9. Last Thursday, I met Jenni and Kelly downtown for "A Taste Of Home" cooking event. We got lots of good recipes that I can't wait to share and make. YUM!

9. This past weekend we went to the deer lease. It was Andrew's Dad's birthday, so we celebrated with lots of good food. Piper and Furlee had a blast as usual haha.

Want to hear a cute little story?

When we go to the deer lease, it's literally out in the middle of NOWHERE. We stay in what we call, "The Silver Bullet." It's a legit airstream trailer that is older than you can imagine. It's now DDHP's trailer because his parents got a newer one to stay in. Y'all, just having two people and two dogs is super crowded. Imagine the 6 people being in that thing, with dogs...oh yes. SUPER CROWDED.

Anyway, we were headed to bed at about midnight and it was really cold outside. We had two heaters on and the lights on too because let's face it, it's kinda scary out there, and we also had the music on to serenade us to sleep. Drew and I are freezing so he cuddles up really close to me.

Drew: *snuggling close* *BIG FAT SIGH* Awww this is nice.
Me: Mmmhmmm :)
Drew: *cuddles even cloesr* It's like our own little getaway.
Me: Mmmhmmm :)

The radio, the heater, and the lights all go OUT.

Complete silence and darkness.


Okay, so my description sounds sort of lame, but y'all, it was soooo stinkin' funny I swear.

Here is DDHP dancing with the flashlight trying to find the braker.

Did I mention Piper and Furlee had a BLAST on the trip?

They literally drove everyone crazy. Especially Rusty. Or did he?


We got home from the deer lease and I pretty much had 9 loads of laundry waiting for me. No joke.

The dogs got baths.
I experimented and tried to do a fishtail braid.
Fail? Ehhhh...

After a few household chores, I had a photoshoot with Nycia and her family in downtown Round Rock. It was a lot of fun! :)

After the photo session, I went to my brother's house and had dinner.

How was your weekend? Did y'all do anything fun? Tell me! :)

I guess I shall proceed with the 22940294920395 pictures waiting on me.

Peace and chicken grease! :)

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  1. Your fishtail braid turned out good! :) I like it!! ANd oh my word--the two girls as the boobs!!!! never seen a costume like that!!! Classic!!!

  2. No way, I think your fishtail looks perfectly unperfect!!! hahaha, the Jelly Fish is hilarious, but I for sure understand why the boobies won! Love the photo overload and being caught up with your hectic life. Just how do you do it?!

  3. Your costume pose is adorable. You sure were in character! Everything with your photography business sounds like it must be crazy busy, but at the same time, SO exciting! Maybe I will start my own wedding planning biz after all... one day!

    DDHP's dance video is the best! He's really got that whole flashlight thing down hahaha! And the second video... oh my goodness. Your dogs certainly had a blast on the trip :) Oh, and I think the fishtail looks ten times better than it will when I try it! LOVE your lip color!!! I hope all the photo editing is going well!!

  4. Cute fishtail! I try and try but am such a failure

  5. your fishtail braid is awesome. ive tried a couple of times now and just cant get it :/

  6. What a fun week! Ha ha your "school of fish" idea was cute. I would have wanted to be the catfish too! You and your husband are seriously the cutest.

  7. DDHP has got some SWEET dance moves.... dang! And your absence is excused! ;) How great that you have lots going on for you! LOVE the fishtail! I can NOT braid my own hair. It's sad. You are beautiful my sweet friend! Hang in there! <3

  8. I now know what I will be dressing up as with a friend next that costume with the bra! So clever!

    And your fishtail braid is so cute!!! I wish my hair was a little bit longer so I could pull that off!!!!

    Missed you! Glad you are back!

  9. The fishtail is perfect! And such a cute shirt!

    You are blessed to be busy with so many wonderful things filling your life. Your photography is beautiful!

    And your furbabies are precious! Such a wonderful mama for giving them baths!

  10. I really like the fishtail braid! I'm trying desperately to grow my hair out so I can start fishtailing it haha.

    Love the leash picture too :)

  11. those costumes are fabulous...especially, ummm...the twins! ha!

    and I love Taste of Home Cooking events, always so fun and such yummy recipes!

  12. I love, love, love your furbabies. What kind of dog are they?

  13. 1. best halloween costumes ever. too funny.
    2. bring on the recipes!
    3. your fishtail braid is impressive, especially for a first try!
    4. i would have FREAKED when the lights shut off. freaked.

  14. Busy busy busy!!
    I love being busy though-- makes the weeks pass by quicker which I bet with how late you've been staying up you might want them to move a tad bit slooooooooooower.
    I love the fishtail braid!! Super cute! And it def looks the best on blondes bc of all the different dimensions of color!! (get technical, haha)
    Lola (my pom/shihtzu mix) hates baths-- but I love giving her bath mohawks, we've contemplating giving her a mohawk (james has I should say, not me!) haircut but she's a gal and I don't think she'd like that much!
    And yum for new recipes. I'm dying to learn to make Thai-- new obsession! nomnomnom

  15. I think you need a vacation. I hear missouri is nice this time of year:-)

    You were the CUTEST little kitty EVER for halloween- love it! And love the fishtail. Keep it!

  16. Your blog is too TOO CUTE :) Following now!!

  17. yes you sent that pic to me, and I commented on DDHP being a lucky man because of your superb flextibility, remember?

    I just love you guys. I bet whenever anyone asks ANY of your friends who their "best friend" is, I bet they all say you. You just seem like that person that everyone considers their BF.

    haha you guys kept the lights on?? while sleeping? DDHP would protect you, you know. you two are so sweet! seriously. Where do you find the sweet ones??

    and fail on the fishtail braid? NO WAY!!! That looks fantastic! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

  18. Looks liek so much fun!! and I LOVE your hair!

    PS.... did I leave my necklace there? I hope so cause I can't find it!!! :(

    Sabrina Says

    I love the humping video! hahahaha

  19. Your braid looks adorable!! I love snail mail, too (: Literally makes me day! And wow...that costume is downright hilarious!