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Friday: Andrew's Mom was in town, so we met at his sister's apartment and then headed to Chuy's for some delicious grub and a Mexican Martini.

Saturday: Woke up fairly early, headed to Cracker Barrell for brunch (their mac and cheese is off the chain btw) and then went home to dump camera cards and charge my camera. I had a rehearsal dinner that I was asked to photograph at The Austonian. It's literally the TALLEST building in downtown Austin. The view was amazinggggg and I literally could feel my ears pop as I saw the floor levels change before me. The rehearsal dinner was beautiful and the couple? Absolutely adorable. The words their friends had to say about them almost had me in tears. Very, very touching and SO in love. My friend Michelle came in late and we stayed up late catching up and chatting all night long.

Sunday: We got up super early and went to Starbucks for my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. We spent the rest of the morning rockin' a photo shoot. We then went to Chipoltle and got our grub on. We spent the rest of the day visiting, Drew changed out my break pads (sexy stud) and I spent the rest of the evening catching up on e-mails and editing pictures.

How was your weekend!?!?!? I don't know about you but I'm already ready for Friday!


P.s.) Thank you for all your sweet comments regarding the new look and new name! I love you guys so much! Muuuuuah!

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh!! I absolutely ADORE it!!!!! It's gorgeous, you're gorgeous! The name is so stinking cute!!

  2. Wow your blog looks fantastic! I love it! Also, really cute pictures of your weekend :)

  3. I can't even tell you how in love with your new blog look I am. Like, it's literally one of my favorites EVER!! Gosh, you have such great taste and style :)

    Your weekend looks and sounds like it was a blast {and all of that yummy food sounds sooo delicious!}

  4. Holy moly, Shalyn...LOVE your new blog!!! All your weekend pictures are lovely and you have inspired me to quite possibly change up my little profile it!

    Liesl :)

  5. i... clicked on your blog so i could look at your picture again.

    i'm not a stalker, i just creep a lot.
    (play off what song?) <--can i do that? can i ask you trivia on YOUR blog?

  6. i do love the new look of yo blog! looks soooo good! cute pics of your weekend! you have some amazing skills be hide the lens, girlie! i'd love to do a photo shoot sometime :)

  7. I am obsessed with your new look on the blog :)

    What a fun weekend!!

  8. Looks like a fun weekend!
    Ok i'm IN LOVE with your new blog looks so perfect! And the picture...breath taking!!

  9. homegirl!!! your new blog design is AMAZE! I'm in love with it!!

    And your weekend looks like so much fum!! i need a shay weeknd pronto!!

    cracker barrell mmmmmmm


    oh and that PICTURE of you on your blog button! SO PUTTING THAT ON MY BLOG! and the new name! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok getting back to basics here. you are just adorable. I want to be the one cuddled in bed with you. seriously.

  11. so i just read your guest post at Mackey Madness and it was my absolutely favorite one of the series! you and your hubby are the cutest, love it!

  12. The first picture I noticed in your collage was the margarita? Problem...? :) hah!

    Sounds like you had a BLAST of a weekend!

  13. I Love your blog and not to mention you are gorgeous! That post by your husband was the sweetest thing ever!!!!

  14. I love seeing your instagram photos on my feed. They're so much fun (and I can pretend I have a dog while looking at your photos). Hah! I love the new look of the blog. Looks like you've been smiling a lot lately!