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Hey guys!


This past weekend KICKED MY BUTT.

I'm battling allergies, a cold, a fever, and a black eye. LOL. Yeahhhh buddy!

On Friday, our friends from College Station came in to visit. We went to Trudy's for dinner and then headed to my friend Kelly's house afterwards.

We were playing Ping Pong and I thought I'd show off by throwing the ping pong paddle in the air really fast and then proceed to catch it with one hand.

I accomplished this task three times. Why not go for a fourth?

BAM. The ping pong paddle got me in the eyeball. Hurt like a BEEP.

Here's my eye the next morning in all its glory.


So sexy.

Saturday, I had a meeting with a bride and then we had friends over to watch the Aggies and of course, their second half collapse happened...yet again. #notcool
Sunday, we watched more football (I seriously despise fantasy league football right now because it rules all my "free" weekends now) and I got some things done around the house. I was supposed to have a photoshoot, but one of the little girls in the photoshoot got herself a black eye so we had to reschedule.

What is it with the black eyes? Hahaha.

THIS weekend I'm going to New Orleans to celebrate my best friend Jenni's birthday.

I've never been to NOLA, so I'm pretty excited! Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do!? Places to go? eat? drink? Suggestions are welcome! :)

I'm out like a fat kid in dodgeball...I need to go drink some thera-flu so I can be ready for the BIG EASY!


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  1. Oh no!! haha! So sorry about the black eye! AND about the allergies (I've been SUFFERING as well. driving me crazy), fever, and cold! NO fun! Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. NOLA is amazing! You need to go eat at Port of Call for the best burger and baked potato you will ever eat. Unless you dont like that bc its all they have lol. And of course cafe du monde for beignets! So good. Pat O'Brians for the famous hurricane drink:-)My fiance is from there if you need more suggestions! Its a blast.

  3. 1. I love green giant vegetable medley

    2. did you know my fiance is a HUGE Texas A&M fan? he grew up outside of Houston, so we have a lot of Aggie stuff. he was a crabby boy saturday afternoon...but not as bad as me (my team lost 59-0, yup)

    3. i've had a brutal allergy/cold combo the last week and i'm soooo over it!

    i hope you feel better, and that eye makes you look real thug. good work.

  4. I hear ping pong is like hockey lol Quite dangerous!?!? LOL LOL Hope the swelling goes down!

  5. Wow, no kidding about all the blackeyes! Kinda weird... Glad you're okay though!! I've never been to New Orleans so I can't offer much help there. However, I want to go so once you get back, I can't wait to read all about it! :)

  6. I think you look better than anyone I've ever seen with a black eye. ;)

    Better call NOLA and let them know you're coming. You're a handful from what I read. Ha!

    I went there as a little girl...hence...I have nothing of value to add for suggestions. Just sarcasm.

    Have fuuuuuun!

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend! And I feel yeah on the allergies, they always get me this time of year too!

  8. You poor things, that looks like it would hurt so much!

  9. I can speak from experience about black eyes - Benefit Lemon Aid covers the black eyes magically. I gave myself a black eye my senior year of high school, a few days before prom (dismounting from the beam), and I needed to cover it up quickly and well. Any yellow concealer will work.

    I'm with you on the fighting the cold and giving up your weekends to football. I made the mistake of doing a Fantasy Football league with my husband and my parents. I'm currently in last. Haven't won a game. My goal, I think, is NOT to win any games. :)

  10. My poor Aggies :( I'm just glad we're good at Basketball or life would be a little bit more disappointing here in Logan, Utah.

  11. Ouch- Your poor eye! Sounds like you had a blast with you friends and this weekend is going to be awesome too! :)

  12. I was in Austin this weekend and seriously had the WORST allergy attack I've had in over a year Saturday night! It kicked my a$$ and I felt like poop all day Sunday because of it. I totally feel your pain! But the black eye? I have no words! LOL!!!

  13. only you could have a black eye and still look gorgeous. unfair.

  14. can i hop on a plane to NOLA?

    i agree with lauren. how do you still look so CUUUTE with a black eye!!

    we need to chat asap about your upcoming trip to my homeland! and whoever else wants to joiN!!! basically because kurt and i were in boston the other day and discussed everything we wanted to do with yall!


  15. Can I tell you how much I LOVE your dramatic faces in all your pics? Because I do.

    Hope that shiner heals soon! SO Wished we could have met up this weekend!!

    Hunting soon! xoxo

  16. I seriously need to move to your town so we can be friends since I don't really live near anyone that I am friends with. booooooo..

    sorry about your purply-yellow-black eye! but way to take one for the team!


  17. You poor thing! Hope your eye is feeling and looking better!

    Looks like a fun weekend minus the injury!

  18. holy crappers shay! sorry about your eye boo :(

    but i mean you still look freaking GORG with it - how is that possible? if you reallllly need me too, i will totally grab a bag of peas and box of theraflu and jump on a plane to see yooooou!

  19. Goodness, you have had a rough weekend. That eye looks bad, it must have hurt terribly. Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you are feeling better VERY soon.

  20. Hoping you and your black eye are feeling better soon...only you however can look adorable with a black eye, for real! :) I hear you on the allergies in Austin...while I was there they bothered me by about day 3 and I thought I was getting sick, but it was just an allergy...something definitely in the air there! Sending smiles your way! Have fun in New Orleans!!!

    Liesl :)

  21. You look gorgeous even with a black eye! JEALOUS!!

    I love that I recieved most of these pictures haha you are seriously awesome

    And you need to post the video of you and DDHP dancing! I LOVED it!!

    I miss you so much and these videos are making me so sad as I put them together! Plan our next meet up NOW!!

    Sabrina Says

  22. At least you have a battle wound :) I've always wanted one!

    You are so beautiful its not even funny!!!

    And have fun in New Orleans missy :)

  23. you so equal me. seriously. My ring debacle that I blogged about today? Kinda like your ping pong paddle thingy. Except I was drinking WAY too much and had a hangover from hell the next day and all you had was a black eye.

    ok totally not making light of your black eye. I'm still just pissed I partied so much and now I STILL feel like crap.

    anyway, that picture of you holding the phone making the kissing face is GORGEOUS. You are gorgeous. You have fantastic hair. and you seem nice ;)

    DDHP is a very lucky guy!! and you tell him I said that!

  24. I hope you are feeling better sweetie!

    I love NOLA! Try to hit up some of the shops on Magazine Street and definitely go to the French Quarter and have beignets at Cafe Du Monde.YUMMY!

    Oh and you can always bring me back some pecan pralines..:)from Aunt Sally's


  25. oh my, a ping pong ball to the eye! that'll getcha! but new orleans is amazing so have a beignet while you're there and you'll forget all your black eye worries.. i am so jeal!

  26. i just came across your blog and love it! do you tweet or use pinterest?