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Weekend & Randomness.


Ello' Top of the aftanoon govenahs.

I am currently being blessed with red, bloodshot eyeballs and supah dahk circles unda muh eyes. It's facscinating, realleee.

Why the heck am I talking like this...I couldn't tell ya.

I contemplated going back right now and just deleting all that crud I just typed. BUT you know what, I'm not. I'll let it stay for you to think, "What a weirdo." My motto? I'm not weird, I'm awesome.

Before I tell you about my weekend...I'm literally OBSESSED with this song & video.

Great, right? LOVE IT for so many reasons.

This past weekend was a blast in a glass.

Friday, hubs and I took my car to get some new shoes.

The good news? My car has new tires. There is actually tread. Hollaaaa.

The bad news? It cost a lot of Benjamin's. Oh and I also got some tires LAST year. Talk about a crappy warranty and craptastic tire.

We took it easy the rest of the evening and got some things done around the house, did some photo editing, etc. etc. We went to Taco Cabana for some Nachooooooo....s.
On Saturday, Drew got up and went and picked up HIS tires for his truck. His truck REALLY needed, zero tread and WIRE was popping out all over. It was any day now that I was going to get a call and all 4 tires were going to be POPPED (almost just wrote POOPED)...same thing?

Good news? Babe has new tires and he's a lot safer on the road.

Bad news? ...MORE Benjamin's.

It's alwaysssss something isn't it? I LOVE being an adult. I hope you read that with a lot of sarcasm.

Saturday we went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio for Fright Fest and it was such a blast! I haven't been to a theme park since high school so at first I was being a girl and super scared to get on a roller coaster again. However, once the first ride was over, I was ready to ride everything. I totally forgot how much fun it is!


Then it got dark and we got scared.


Haha. Fun day...

Sunday Drew went and played golf with my brother and I went to church with my friend Madi. We had lunch and then I had a photo session with a sweet little family.


I couldn't instagram all my pics this weekend, hence the crazy pics in this post of all different shapes and sizes. Is anyone else having a hard time uploading your pics to instagram?

Oh, and tonight is our first softball game of the season since our last season a month ago (WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP BABY!) haha. But now we are in a harder league so ... championship might not be ours this time haha.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend and a good start to your week!

P.s.) I'm thinking of buying these socks. I need them. bahaha.
They have capes!!! I'm SOLD!

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  1. I would so rock those wonder woman socks. They'd go great with my WW undies. Yes I own WW underoos, yes I am 32...please don't judge. : )

  2. Loove that song! You and your hubby are soo cute together!!

    I am glad you guys are both now safe on the road!

    I am jealous that you get to play softball all year long... we get to play snowball once in the winter - its not all that safe really

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Shalyn, that picture of you in the car (I'm guessing) is absolutely stunning!!! Seriously, I stared at it for about 5 minutes thinking, I want to look like that. In a non creepy way. : )

    Loveeee youuuu!!

  4. you are not weird you are awesome. hahha i love that shay

    i wish i was at six flags with yall!!

    sportin the red sox :) perfecto! but shhh dont tell him they suck right now hahaha

    you in the car? HOLY GORGEOUS.

    I, i NEED those batman socks. Where can i snatch a pair of THOSE babies?!


  5. what a fun weekend! minus the whole spending Benjamins part ... but you have to be safe on the road so i guess it is money well spent :)

    love, love that song ... i actually just love snow patrol. they can do no wrong in my eyes.

    and can you get any more gorgeous?! seriously. you are fabulous!

    haha and those socks make me laugh out loud. they are so cute in such a wrong way, haha.

  6. why oh why are tires so dang much and why oh why does there have to be four of them? one is expensive enough but four c'mon really. hehe but glad you two are safe on the road again! that is the most important thing

  7. LOVE those socks!

  8. 1] the way you were rocking your tires was scary
    2] your scared face is AMAZING
    3] i want the wonder woman socks

  9. Socks with capes!?!? AWESOME!! I think we all need some!!!

    The pics from Six Flags are hilarious! Especially the one of your husband under that car! Lol!

  10. We have Fright Fest at our Six Flags, too yet I've never gone. Maybe this year is the year it happens?! Only time will tell.
    Digging those socks, yo. I might need the Batman ones.

  11. What fun pictures! Love seeing happy couples playing! Love your blog!

  12. Okay, where to start? You are hilarious for talking like that and may even be starting a new trend. Don't you hate how much adult things cost? Ughhh, I know I do. Glad you and Drew are safe on the road now though!

    Holy cow what IS that monster you are taking a picture with?? Love the old hearse! {eh, that sounds weird} Can I just say that I love how much fun you and Drew have together? I really do. You're always so adorable and it just makes me happy :) P.S. you are GORGEOUS!!! Total model pic at the end!

  13. You see, Shalyn...the problem with your posts are that they are so full of a plethora of awesomeness and hilarity that trying to tap on all of it might as well be my own post on your blog.

    You had me at the British accent. You and I are two peas in a pod. For reals. More like two tea cakes in a crumpet. Not that that makes sense, but that's why we're the same.

    P.S. Sometimes when I read to my kids, I bust out in British.

    Oh...and 2nd to last pic is hotness. You are a beaut!

    (And since this may as well be a bit longer...I remember one of your posts a whiiiiiiiiile back about not having money for tires, not getting your hair "did" as only you would say (ha!) and just feeling stressed. It doesn't always go away, but we know Who to Trust to help us through. Glad both of you have some traction now! ;)

  14. Looks like your weekend was a blast - minus dropping the big bucks on new tires. I HATE sinking money into cars. But you are right - it's always something. :)

    I love the pic of you - you're so gorgeous!

  15. I was really hoping to see the SUNBURN photo haha! You so pwetty shay!

  16. this was the funnest most amazing post EVER!

    um the socks - amaze!

    also amaze - that close to last pic of you in the cahhh wearing a necklac.e holy smoke show super glam bazam!

    i have never been to six flags but there is one in GA - i officially need to go!

    and dang freaking right about being an adult. my two month old car...RUST on the side today. booo. maybe my benjies will join yours in car dealership hell ;)


  17. All the food in the post...yummy. Nachos and that hamburger and fries combo=heaven. Love the socks- please get the Batman ones!

  18. Awh you're pretty :) And new tires after a year? what?! That's just crazy talk! I feel your pain, I just got new ones a few months ago. They were NOT cheap! hah and that looks so fun! That roller coaster makes me wanna go to Disneyland or something!

    Lovely Little Rants

  19. LOVE the accents! Why does everything have to be so damn expensive?! Just once I would like to get ahead...just once.

    And, those fries look incredible!

  20. haha omg greatttt stuff girl :) the socks are awesome! ohh and if you're interested i'm giving away a starbucks gift card on my blog! come check it out!

  21. Socks with capes!? Seriously. Those are awesome. I want.

  22. Ok I have been gone from bloggy world for too too long. You tell DDHP I am sorry, ya hear?

    LOVE those socks. Shay, I SO need. and you are gorgeous (do you ever get sick of hearing that??) and only DDHP would get under a car and pretend to be dead.