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UT game, costumes, & fun.


This weekend was an absolute blasttttttttttttttt!

On Friday, DDHP and I watched The Rangers lose #sad and had a nice relaxing evening at home.

Saturday I had a photo session, and then I met up with Jenni, Kelly, and their husband's downtown for the UT game. We tailgated a little bit, and then watched the Longhorns beat Kansas. It was so much fun :)
Sunday, we woke up early and met up with the sweetest little family for a photo shoot. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E...that's all I have to say. Here is a sneak peek:
After the photo session, I headed up to work to help decorate for Halloween. My job gets crazy on Halloween and goes balls to wall. Tomorrow should be a fun day. :)

And in honor of Halloween...Piper and Furlee wanted me to show you their costumes. Piper wanted to be a basketball player and Furlee did too...but as you can see...Furlee had to settle for a football uniform.
He was less than thrilled.

I'll be back for a quick post in the morning on my childhood Halloween costumes. They crack me up.

Nighty night loves!

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  1. OH MY GOD your dogs are so stinking cute!! Those costumes seriously cracked me up!! hahahahahahahahaha

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend :)

  2. OhMyGah, those photos are awesome.

    Love the one with all the {HAWT} husbands with one hand in pocket, the other holding a beer. Also, it looks like your hub is trying to feel you up in the self-portrait of you two ;) AND, the senior couple seems very entertained by y'all! Too fun. I seriously need to visit Texas.

    OH, and the doggies!!! Best ever. Love, love, love.

  3. Hey y'all had brown boots on!! Matchy Matchy! Love that Texas Pride !

  4. hahahahaha! Love the picture of your furbabies! So cute! :) And I'm loving Kelly's super long fishtail braid! Makes me want to grow my hair back out. :)

  5. I really need to grow out my hair so I can rock a fishtail braid like that!

    Your dogs are adorable, you captured a hysterical moment -- love Furlee in that photo! haha

  6. Awww you're all sooo prettyyyyyy!

  7. few things about this post

    DDHP totally going for a boob grab ;)

    jenni and her hubs. HOT COUPLE ALERT

    kellys fishtail braid=me insanely jealous

    skinnygirl-DELICIOUSNESS in a bottle

    absolutely in love with the basketball costume and how it looks like hes holding it! hahaha Furlee is adorbs too

    finally, LOVE YOU


  8. Oh em gee, DDHP is totally feeling you up in that one pic!! Made me LOL!! And I freaking LOVE the pic of him and I being waaay too excited in the back there... hahahaha!!!!

    And your babies are adooooorrrable!! Cutest little things EVER!

    This weekend was amazing, and you know what I just remembered?! I get to see you two again THURSDAY! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! :D

  9. You girls...too prittay! What lucky lucky boys!! PS-can we talk about how not only have Y'ALL all met but how all the husbands are all friends, too?! So cute!!!

    That photoshoot...too cute for words!

    And don't even get me started on your furchildren...hysterical. Furlee looks like he's enjoying every second of

  10. Looks like such a fun weekend!!! :) Your pups couldn't be more adorable!!!

    Happy Halloween! :)

  11. Really, actually LOL'd at the doggy costumes.

    Could you guys be any cuter at that UT game? seriously! I want to play!!!!

    But here's the real question... are the husbands besties yet or what? hahah

  12. Dogs are waaayyy too cute. :) Looks like a great weekend. Can't wait to hear more about your work at Halloween!!

  13. You got so many amazing shots at the game!! It looks like it was a blast and you three ladies look gorgeous as always :)

    The basketball player costume has to be one of the funniest dog costumes I've seen hahaha! Oh, and gorgeous sneak peek from the photo sesh! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend :)

  14. What a fun weekend! You girls are beautiful! Aww...what adorable outfits for the little pups!

  15. Hahah I was so confused when I skimmed through this post and saw photos of Jenni. I was like "What? I didn't open her blog!?"

    Yeah. I forget that not everybody lives on the other side of the world from every other blogger, lol!

    Your dogs are adorable, and no, Furlee definitely does not look impressed with his costume. :P

  16. What a FUN time this must have the Skinny Girl margarita too! You look beautiful and what fun, fall colors that also match UT! Love how much fun you always have and how it shines through in pictures!

    Liesl :)

  17. ok Miss Shay and DDHP. I say it all the time, but you two seem like THE BESTEST COUPLE EVER. Like, I want you guys to SO be besties with me and my hubs. Seriously, I know ya'll are waiting a while but when you do have little chillins running around???

    best. thing. ever.

    and just about died on the doggie pic. died.

  18. Hahahahaha the puppy costumes are the best!!

    Looks like the game was a blast-- we ventured to a football game yesterday. Cotton candy/brats/popcorn/beer are my fav things about game days!! :) and the great company!!

    Family pictures look adorable too!! I love their little feets!

  19. looks like a fabulous weekend! the UT games always look like so much fun and I love the puppy costumes!

    and while I'm sorry that your team lost...we were ecstatic that our team WON! Sorry...we bleed STL Caridnals red in our house! ;o)

  20. looks like you had a blast at the game! & all of you ladies are looking fabulous! :] i have never been to a major college football game but really want to go to one someday! & that puppy outfit is so adorable :]

  21. Sounded like a fun time! LOVING the dogs costumes!