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That time we got our waiter fired, Erica rode a bull and a very sad goodbye.


Alright, I'm back. I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with my new position at work and photography lately so my poor little blog has taken the back seat. I hope to be back in full swing soon.

Let's finish up the blate post shall we?

I guess I'll start this post out with something awesome.

Please ignore my annoying voice and laugh. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Girlfran got it goin' on...and you'll def. hear me say, "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. Thanks, E! :)

Alright, so let me rewind back to Saturday morning. I started us out with a good ol' Texas breakfast.


After breakfast, we got dressed and headed to The Domain to do some shopping. We shopped til' we dropped, chatted, had lunch, and then headed back home to get dressed for the evening.

After getting all showered and dolled up, we headed to The Oasis for dinner.


We got there just in time for sunset and settled in with a few drinks while we waited for a table.


Our buzzer finally went off, so we danced our way to the dining area and were seated at a table in the middle of the restaurant.

And we set. And we set. And we set some more.

5 min. 10 min. STILL no service. I wasn't really paying much attention at the time because we were all talking and having a good time, but once the 20 minute mark went by and NOBODY had came to our table yet...I started to REALLY look around.

This story is as close to what I can rememeber from the night. It may not be word for word, but it's pretty stinkin' close.

No chips. No salsa. No water. No waiter.


A few moments later, a "Dude" comes up right behind me and says, "Whaaaat's uppp, how you fine ladies doin' night?"

I remember thinking, "IS this our waiter? This can't be for real..."

We all looked at each other thinking it was funny for a millisecond until we got a better look at him.

Yep. Dude is our waiter. Lucky us.

DUDE was Stoned with a capital "S" out of his mind. Not only was he STONED, he was totally on something else...and it was blatantly OBVIOUS.

I glanced behind me and noticed that his other tables were not happy whatsoever with him and were having other staff members help them.

Dude says, "Aight y'all, I'll brb with some chips and salsa."

Me: "Can we get a queso too? We have to be out of here by 9 because we have a show downtown."

Drew Drew Hot Pants: "Hey man, can we also please get another drink each??"

Dude: "Yeah man, sure man, I'll be right back." Then he proceeds to repeat the order THREE times.

He sounded like Matthew Mcconaughey all Dazed and Confused style.

5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes...

I see another waiter and ask him to bring us our chips and salsa, etc. etc.

Keep in mind, we got there at 7:30 and had to be gone by 9:20 in order to make our show downtown at 10.

It's about 8:40 and we still had not ordered our food yet.

Dude comes back and we had to remind him about our queso and drink orders. He brings them in about 5 minutes. Good job Dude.

Dude disappears, again. So, we all decide the queso, salsa and chips would hold us over for the night and decided we needed to leave really soon.

Dude comes back, and we tell him that we need our check and he doesn't understand.

Dude: "You haven't even ordered your food. What can I get you?"

Drew Drew Hot Pants: "No man, we just need the check."

Sabrina says a couple of funny one liners and I just let the guy have it.

Me: "Seriously? You've taken way too long Dude. We need our check and we need it now. You haven't helped us all night and we have had to have other waiters help us because you haven't remembered anything we've told you or ordered. We need the check now!"

Dude proceeded to not hear me and says, "Ah, man yeah man just please don't tell on what are you ladies doing tonight? Why the rush?"

He hits on Sabrina and then Sabrina tells him that we need to go because we are going to Esther's Follies downtown."

Dude: "Are y'all going to the music festival? Heh heh heh?"

Me: "No, we are going to Esther's Follies and 6th street. Check!"

Dude: "Oh come on, y'all want some goods? I know how it is, I get it. Y'all want to party? I got some molly's (had to google this term because I had no idea what it was), I got coke, I got this...I got that." He just starts rattling these hard drugs off and our eyes got HUGE. WHATTTTTTT?

Sabrina, Me and Drew: "NO!!!, we need our check. That's not our thing man. We just need our check."

Dude: "Oh come on, just tell me what you need and I got it. I got-"

You should have seen our faces. Did our waiter seriously just offer us HARD drugs? Seriously?

Dude: "Oh come on y'all...Look...

Me: "CHECK now. Look dude, you're not getting a tip. This has been the worst service I have ever, EVER had. I'm here treating my friends from out of state and I'm truly embarrassed that you're here representing this restaurant and my state like this. I wanted to show them a nice night out to dinner and you have ruined it. CHECK NOW."

Y'all I didn't know whether to laugh, get mad, or what. We were all just stunned.

Dude: "You don't have to give me a tip, that's fine. Just please don't tell on me."

Me: "Okay, we need to go. Check please!?"

Then Dude and his drugs got mad.

Dude: "S%$#! I made 40K last week. This is just my job to pay all my child support. (Can't believe this man was allowed to pro-create. POOR KIDS!) and this place is $%!@#( and man, EFF this place. I don't give a *@$@#( about this place. I DON'T NEED THIS JOB. Bibble babble bibble babble BOOSH$%@!"

All of us: "CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He finally leaves and I see a Head Waiter walk by. We tell him what happened and the guy was in shock. He apologized and the manager came up immediately. The manager was so mad, poor guy. Can't say I blame him. Regardless, the manager came back and assured us the problem was handled and needless to really say...DUDE got himself fiiiiiiiiiired. (fah-ired) Haha.

I felt sort of bad to tell you the truth...but y'all had to have been there. Dude was GONE. I can just pray for him. That restaurant did not deserve to have someone high on drugs like that. It was completely ridiculous! And a little funny...

The best part?

Erica says, "Well look at it this way...atleast it's good blog material!"

Love that girl. Hahahaha.

Anyway, sorry for the book.

We make our way downtown with chips, salsa and queso in our bellies and go to Esther's Follies. Such a fun show!!!! We even got pictures with them afterwards.


We went to 6th street and had ourselves a blast. We took pictures with strangers, and watched a very drunk lady ride a bull before Erica. Lady was wastedddddddddd. I missed the best part too. At the end, she fell face first over the side and then hops up, puts her sloppy hands in the air and everyone screams. It was hysterical. I can't even fathom what her hangover was going to feel like the next day...or three.

I bet you watch this video more than once.

I'm seriously so sad we didn't get her falling over the edge.

We met some really nice Canadians too. Like, SO nice. We had a rated G dance party with them. I mean how often is it that guys you meet, come up and introduce themselves, and seriously just dance together in a circle? They were sooooo respectful and didn't try to dance all up on our messes. It was very refreshing to say the least. Oh, and the best part is that I think they loved Andrew more than us girls. Haha. No, they weren't gay. JUST super nice and friendly. Love me some Canadians now! Sabrina was going to get a tattoo on the inside of her lip again that said "HOWDY" but after the price they wanted her to pay, she said, "HOW-bout-no-DY.":)

We got home super late, crashed out, and Drew got us some kolaches and donuts the next morning.

I was feeling good, high on happiness...and then...and then...

I saw this.

The only day I use my camera. Shame, shame.

Our time together was closing in on us and fast. It made me so sad. Furlee wouldn't get off of Sabrina's suitcase. It was so stinkin' cute. He didn't want her to go either. :(
My boys fell in love.


Can you really blame them though? Hotties!

Andrew took a few pics for us and then we went to Mount Bonnell.


Corny? You know it! :)


I thought I'd just share with you my future home ... ;)

I really needed muh shades. Lacking cool factor big time here. Haha.

After Mount Bonnell, we went downtown to find souvenirs for Erica and Sabrina. We walked around 6th street again (a completely different place during the day) and acted like typical (AWESOME) bloggers.
How does she do that??????

I think Texas looks good on them. What do you think?


On our way back to the car, we stopped back by the bull so Erica could say her goodbyes.
"Come back soon Erica...", it says.

We met up with Sabrina's friend Jason at the Red Porch downtown. I had never been there before, but it was such a fun place! We got 5 different appetizers because we're cool like that, and had one last drink together. :(
Cheers, ladies. It makes me sad right now just typing this next part.

Knowing that their flights were so stinkin' close made me tear up a few times. I really wanted to turn my car around and head back to my house and hold them captive...but I'm not a crazy lady and I am sure their lover boys wouldn't be very happy with me. ;)

The worst part of the trip was the airport. I had to hold myself together watching them get their bags out of my trunk because I'm super emotional 99% of the time ;) So, I just took pics instead so I could hide my sadness behind my lens. I sure do love these girls. They are wonderful ladies, and I am so so so so blessed that I had the opportunity to share an amazing weekend with them.


Y'all come back soon now, ya hearrrr!? :)

Best weekend, ever.

Oh, and P.s.) SAY NO TO DRUGS.

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  1. I cannot get over that waiter- what an idiot! I wouldn't feel bad for him at all! Gorgeous pictures:-)

  2. holy molases long post!! but those are the kind I like the best, esp with freakin awesome girls like you in them (and one drewdrewhotpants)

    ok where do I even being.

    shut up. you did NOT make those texas shaped pancakes yourself. no way did you do that. you really did? you. are. awesome.

    ook, 4th picture down, you 3 girls are stunning. seriously.

    TWENTY minutes with no service? so not ok. but like you, I probably wouldn't have noticed. IF I had drink in hand.

    um that waiter story is out of control. "you havent even ordered your food yet, what can I get you?!" Are you serious????? he HONESTLY started telling you guys about all the illegal drugs he had available for you? WHAT?! I mean, if it was ME, well, that is my kind of waiter, but I know I'm not the norm...

    totally kidding.

    "at least it's good blog material" That is my life mantra.

    ahhhhh THE PIC WITH SABRINA AND ERICA AND THE DOGS!!!!! that is the best. ever.

    um, who said those girls were allowed to show off their hot asses in short shorts? not me! (I'm just jealous)

    basically all this post did was make me love you all even more and hate you all even more. oh, and be totally curious as to what Sabrina's side tattoo she got going on is.

    this was totally awesome.

  3. OH MY GOD. I read this twice. And teared up. And then looked up flights from Boston-Austin and Austin-Boston. Seriously Shay...THIS WAS THE BEST.

    ok so i SUPPOSE you can put my bull video up hahah except I was not good at all!! i held on with 2 hands! hahahah :-) im so glad u videoed this girl

    GOSHHHHH we had so much fun...i literally am so happy we have all documented this trip via blog so I can keep it forever and ever! I heart you so so much!!

    these pics are awesome....and can u please come visit??! both u and drew and sabs!? i miss u way too much

    ok im going to read this again

    kurt will be so excited to have this to read tomorrow at work too hahah!

    xoxoxo best trip ever

  4. Yep, I told you that you always have the craziest stories! :)

    What a fun visit! Aw! You made me sad that they left you too!

  5. Omg I can't believe the waiter...WHAAATTTTT! so crazy!!
    It looks like you all had the best weekend ever! So jealous!

  6. Wow...what a waiter! That is crazy! But on the bright side, at least you were all looking gorgeous and having lots of fun!


  7. Oh man, that is quite the story of the waiter! He deserves to get fired...crack with a side of chips and salsa...sure why not!

    We got stuck at the DFW airport in June and our hotel had a waffle maker like the ones you awesome. Only in Texas!

    Texas looks like so much fun. I need to visit. Pronto!

  8. I spy The Oasis on Lake Austin! I was just putting a little picture video together for my fiancé and our picture from there was in it, so, I spotted it right FUN! LOVE all your pictures, as always, and all the TX love...I've had those TX shaped waffles too...oh what a staple they are in all the hotels there! Austin really is a fun city and I just wish we could live there for my fiancés work, but his job opportunities are in not as fabulous areas of TX...le sigh...glad you all had a wonderful, fun-filled time, minus your silly waiter experience!

    Liesl :)

  9. hahahaha and ps say no to drugs. perfect ending.

    im horrified and jealous all at the same time.

    i want to play in texas

  10. Ohhh. Myyyy. Gooodness! I would have thought that I was on the show "what would you do?" Because that is just ridiculousness! Craziest waiter story ever!!! Too bad you don't havae it on tape. That would be a good after school special!

  11. That old guy is ALWAYS downtown. His name is Leslie. I can't believe he's still there after all these years!

  12. I just found your blog today...super cute! All of your pictures makes me want to get a new camera real bad. Also, waiter - FAIL!

  13. I'm soooo jealous- what a wonderful weekend!!!!

    Don't feel bad for the waiter, sounds like you all were MORE than patient. I probably wouldn't have been so nice.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. How fun!!!

  14. Such a funny story!! I am glad you guys had such a great time!!

    YAAAA CANADIANS!!! - coming from a Canadian... lol

  15. I need to go back and read this whole thing BUT Erica, Erica, Erica... let's plan a meet-up ASAP (probably somewhere in PA) so I can see that bull riding in person... I almost spewed coffee all over my desk I was laughing so hard!

  16. 1- Please tell me you have a texas waffle maker. I hang my head in shame if you busted those bad boys out on your own!

    2- Please mail your furbabies to me so they can play with mine. K?

    3- So Jelly- blogunitions rule!

  17. Loved this post - you girls are too cute! And I cannot believe the waiter. I don't know how y'all were able to handle that!

  18. aw y'all are all too sweet!! Looks like SO much fun. So glad I got to see Erica's @$$ jiggle on the bull. HA! Love her!

  19. I can't believe I didn't read the rest of this until now!!!

    that waiter deserved exactly what he got... some people... wow.


    Howdy? hahaha oh Sabrina love love love


  20. Shalyn!!!

    You win several awards for this post.

    The first is the most prestigious award for "Best Restaurant Drama"!

    The second award is "Holy Crap That Was the Longest Post in History but the Most Entertaining Post in History". Isn't it ironic that the title of this award is long, too?

    The third and final award is "Wow Y'all Girls Look Hot"!!!

    Looks like y'all had a blast!!!! You look like you have been friends for years!!!!!

    Thanks for the great read!! Have a great weekend!

  21. Beautiful photos, especially the one of the dog sitting on the suitcase! Too cute!

    Oh man - that waiter sounds like a complete nutcase, and yes, definitely like someone who shouldn't be working there! Yikes!