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This is what I'm looking like today after the weekend I just had.


Mhmmmm...I know, dead freakin' sexy is right.

I'm so sore. My hands hurt. My legs hurt. My eyes burn. What the heck did I do this weekend? It sounds like I exercised too hard but that is def. not the case. Me and food? We friends FO LIFE.

That said, on Friday I got home from work, immediately continued to edit the 1,000's of pictures I have, and Andrew continued on the tile job in the upstairs bathroom. At about 8:30, we packed up and headed 2.5 hours away to see my Mom. Said hello. Hugged. Head hit the pillow and I was counting sheep in no time.

Saturday, we wake up early, take showers (so fresh and so clean, clean) and head off to my Aunt Vic's wedding. She isn't really my Aunt, but my Mom's best friend really. We have always just called her Aunt Vic. Anyway, she got married and I took pictures of her wedding as a present. I'm so nice, I know. ;) Jk. But we had a great time, and it was so amazing getting to see her TRULY happy. I love it!

Wedding is over by 2. Head to my Mom's pack up and BEG convince her to come back home with me because I needed her help OH so badly. Drove back home 2.5 hours.
Red Bull gave her wings.

Got home at 5. Went to Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Anne's Linens, World Market, Kohls, Stein Mart, Ross, Gas Station, Chick-Fil-A, and then finally make it home in time to start painting the guest bedroom. Yes, Erica and Sabrina will be staying in this room and if you saw what it looked like before...Oh my LAWD. Let's just say it looks much, MUCH better now. ;)

We paint, and we paint, and we paint. Andrew is still working on the tile in the bathroom and even puts up a new light in our kitchen. Such a stud, that man.

Go to bed at 2 a.m. Atleast I think it was 2. It might have been later now that I think about it.


Oh, it's 7:30 a.m. DRINK CHUG COFFEE like a champ. Mom starts to paint the trim. I decide that that stupid wall in our living room needs to be painted so Drew and I go to Home Depot. He had to get dry wall and screws, as well as some more paint rollers. Get home. Start painting. Hate the color...but I'm too much a cheap-O to go and get a new can. Shoot, paint is pricey! Don't let it fool adds up quick ninja style.
I paint the wall. It looks like a baby came in there and threw up green beans on it. Super. It looks pretty in this pic though. Thank you, Instagram.

Andrew is still in the bathroom working hard.
Mom is stillllllll doing the trim. My Mom is crazy, y'all. Like, seriously CRAZY. She started on this trim (need I mind you that it's coming up when we can save up to put hardwood floors in there) and is painting with a teeny tiny paint brush. So, what felt like 10 hours later was more like 4 hours later. I finally pull her out of the bedroom and we start spray painting our outdoor wicker set because the wicker was basically dehydrated to a crisp! We spray paint...and I probably inhaled a little too much and fried a few brain cells...hence, this post? Ha.

Anywho, we didn't get hardly anything at those stores I mentioned before, so we set out to shop...again. Target (again, because I'm an idiot and got a queen set and not a full set for the bed upstairs), Matress Firm to get a bed frame, Tuesday Morning IT WAS OUT OF BUSINESS (What the heyell?), JC Penny, Another Ross, IKEA, Gas station, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowes, Home Depot, and HOME. I mean...seriously? Still came home empty handed minus a few pillows...oh and a ceiling fan that my handy little husband put up.

So, for the rest of the evening we continued to work on the house, and I edited pictures until 3:32 this morning. My Mom's alarm clock went off at 4 a.m., in which, YES, I was still awake. Poor thing had to get up to go to work this morning all the way back home 2.5 hours away. Gosh, I love her.

So, yeah. Sorry about my crazy post. This is just a dose of my weekend. Really. There were other parts to say when we waited at KFC for an hour for some stupid chicken because my Mom was craving good ol' KFC but for some reason it took a million hours to get the chicken cooked. I mean seriously? Put the chicken in the grease. Hit the button that says FRY. Bam! Done! (insert chicken noise). Or when I hit my foot on the bed frame really hard !@#$%&* and now there is a bruise and scratch on it. I'm such a baby. Oh, and when I dropped this metal hi-jack bar thing on my toe. Hurt like a mother. GOSH DARN LUCK! Again, just a small dose. ;)

SO!? How was your weekend?

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  1. After reading about your weekend... Just reading, mind you, I am exhausted.

    I think you need a week to recover. I would!

  2. You crack me up, Shalyn! Thank you so much for such a sweet comment on my made my morning! You know what, you were following me, as I was following you, but back when blogger was having "issues"...hehe...I found I was no longer following most of my favorite blogs and I remember I had to re-follow you too because I couldn't figure out why I wasn't seeing one of the most fun blogs in my feed...silly Google Friend Connect! LOL! :) I hope you are having a Marvelous Monday! I'm off to Austin on Wednesday for ACL and to visit my fiancé for a week so we'll be breathing the same air! Ha ha! :)

    Liesl :)

  3. I'm with Cheslea...I am exhausted now after reading that haha!

    Sounds like you got a LOT accomplished...good for you! Now get some rest!

  4. It's a good thing you're a witty writer :) That was EXHAUSTING! And I didn't even do all the hard work, you did! Your mama is super sweet to help out so much!

  5. You are hilarious! I also feel the need to go and be super productive, because holy cow your weekend was jam packed! - Alyssa

  6. you are such a busy little worker bee... and as much as I love shopping, can't it be totally discouraging sometimes?!

    You, your mom, and Andrew are total rockstars though! Sabrina and Erica are oober lucky ladies.

  7. i think you look hot with that head piece on...

    is that what they are called??

  8. I'm tired just reading, but OHHHHHH have I been there.

    And Red Bull? It's a staple in our house...that and the Cuban coffee. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  9. you did NOT go to ALL those places in ONE day? Holy shymoly. You guys go gansta when you need to get something done, huh?

    oh, and Erica and Sabrina get to SHARE a room? Now I am REALLY jealous! Seriously, I want to be in the middle of the hottie sandwich! Could you even imagine if we all shared a bed together? You would get totally jealous of us and you would want to come to our room, and then it would be the four of us sleeping together.

    Ok I might just show up on your doorstep.

  10. Oh my goodness. I think you got as much accomplished on Saturday as it takes me three days to do. How did you go into all of those stores after going to a wedding 2.5 hours away and then still go home and paint?? Impressive. I'm just hoping they were all in the same plaza or something...

  11. I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend! Yikes!

  12. SHALYN!! You poor thing!!! I really don't know how you do it... You're superwoman!!

    If you EVER need help with something, you give me a call/text/email!! I don't mind a little manual labor, especially with a friend! :)

  13. OMGGGG

    look at you, you worker you!!! and all for us? (AWWWW!) ok not all for us haha but i feel horrible you slaved like a dog to make our room prettyful! we could have had a painting party!!! :-)

    k 4 days. that is all. OMGOSH


  14. what a crazy weekend! your mom was so sweet to come and help out! can't wait to see picts of when all of your hard work has paid off! :)

  15. Goodness girly, I'm a little tired after reading about your weekend. ;) I'm sure your house is going to be beautiful though! Yay for Erica coming to see you! So happy for you guys.

    Oh and PS. You're rocking that headset. Sexy indeed ;)

  16. Sweet headset bro... ;)

    Hey good news is you were productive! Hope you're asleep right now!

  17. crazy weekend girl! I am so ready to come see you! And you didn't have to do ALLL of that!! Seriously! The paint is still gonna be wet when I get there! :)
    You are too sweet! PS... we should build a fort in your living room.

    Sabrina Says

  18. LMAO at Red Bull gives you wings....

  19. lovely post!

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  20. those first 3 pictures, is what i look like RIGHT now im my cubicle.
    thank G for blogs and blogging reading while in cube.

    your like superwoman but the blonde version. if i tried to go all those places in Atlanta i'd still be running errands. cant go anywhere in this city sometimes!

    i'm excited for yalls big blate meetup. but i heard erica is really a man, so i would probably watch out for that one.

  21. You are just too funny. Your pictures reminded me of how I feel on a daily basis.

    It may be a little late, case you ever get the urge to paint over a room, (which I tend to do on a monthly basis), as long as you don't use a CAN in fact return paint at Home Depot. I have done it before.

    Try to get in some relaxation. A bottle of wine might help! ;)

  22. hot dang sunshine - thats a crazy balls weekend! but im lovin' the photos!

    i want to see after pictas! oh and i LOVE me some heart belongs to the bojangles but KFC coleslaw (which is basically radish strings swimming mayo and ranch) mmmm is th bomb!....kinda like a little texas nugget i know! ;)

  23. I feel that way almost everyday. Just read about your blate on Story of My Life! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful weekend! :)

  24. your pictures describe exactly.. exactly.. how I feel right now.

  25. Yep. I'm officially tired after reading this. Loving the pictures and the cute glasses.

    I love your blog and will be following for sure. Have a wonderful day!

  26. I'm exhausted just reading this!

    We officially have to get an Austin Blogger group going. I live here and know a few other bloggers and we should start having monthly meetups like the Houston girls do.
    Would you be up to it?

  27. i thought my weekend was exhausting! you go girl!

  28. Wow, looks like your weekend was much more productive than mine!