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Sketti Time..VLOG!?!?


It's Friday night.

We're tired. We're married. We're poor.

So what else is there to do than to stay home, eat sketti, and talk about blogs?

Please ignore the fact I look like shart bubbles.

Love you Raven ;) And Rissy and Sabrina and Erica and everyone else too! :) Big hugs!

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  1. YAY POOR AND MARRIED. I know the feeling well. And I love vlogs (yours in particular--as I just watched it). Love the drinking milk with a straw especially. Winning!

  2. oh mygosh, you guys are vlogging while eating dinner. this is awesome.

    you are SOOOOOOO cute in your glasses Shalyn! so cute!

    um two minutes in and you guys are ADORABLE.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG drew drew hot pants loves me the most cause I give my 3 year old beer.

    "she's a busy lady" haha!!!!

    AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Raven would do a lot worse" HAHAHA!! Guys I am CRACKING up!!!!!

    AH!!!!!!! OMG OMG!! You did NOT just say that!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

    ohmygosh, don't even know what to say. I LOVE you guys.

    Shalyn, you are like, the ultimate, and drew drew hot pants, after seeing this and seeing your personality shine through the computer screen?? Um, you just topped my favorite married couple Brad and Angie. Seriously. You guys need to have kids. I NEED to see the offspring you two create.

    this was great.

  3. LOL I loved Andrews comment of saying how he keeps up on his wife's life by FB or blogger or twitter LOL!!! Way to funny!

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!! I am dying and cracking UP right now omg. I wish I was there eating with you two!! literally you are the cutest couple I know

    "im a reader" lol

    hahaha im so in love with this you have no idea!!

    Drew...if you are reading this...can you start a blog too so you can officially join this circle of friends? I mean you are already 100% part of it, but a blog would just make u official! you can blog about manly man things and all the cute things u do for wifey

    seriously...COME TO BOSTON!! we would be such awesome couply friends!

    i love u both oooodles!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You two just made my boring Friday night! :)

  6. baahaha! i watched this twice. i'm sorry.. that's creepy, i know. but it was hys-ter-i-cal! and cuuuute!

    the part when your hubs busts out laughing after you tell him to confess his love to raven..


    darling couple if i've ever seen one!
    enjoy your sketti! <3

    xo, Lauren [Let It Be.]

  7. Haha! I love how Drew is so on top of the blogging world that he actually (tries) to refer to them by their blog names - "Rissy Talks" and "Sabrina Says". :)

    "Suck on my Noodle."

    Greatest vlog ever!


  8. I LOVED this!! hahaha Oh how I miss you!! I wish I could be right there with you eating sketti!!

    I seriously am laughing so hard because I'm grossed out you two kissed!! GROSSSSS. And Yeah... Raven would totally get SOME!!! haaha jk LOVE YOU RAVE!!

    Also.... why weren't the dogs barking? :) Love you!

    Sabrina Says

  9. hahaha! You guys are crazy. And I love it. :)

  10. OMG you guys are hilarious! You & your hubby are so cute together!

  11. You two are so freaking cute!! Yall need to do couple vlogs more often!

  12. Holy cuteness.

    Looks like a perfect night to me:)

  13. You are the cutest shart bubble I have ever seen. Wait, what?
    Anyway, you are your hubs are to die for adorable!

  14. Haha... Omg you guys are adorable!

  15. Awesome video! I also agree with the poster who said they loved your glasses! :)

  16. I have to say this is literally one of the cutest vlogs ever. You guys are so cute! And funny!

  17. oh my gosh...i am so in love with you and drew drew hot pants! this video is seriously my new favorite thing!!

    "She's a busy lady" i died!

    and "great, everyone's grossed out now...why coudln't you just keep it simple?" you two are THE BEST!

  18. You guys are sitting there eating your "sketti" and it's the cutest thing ever :) Such a cute little vlog!

  19. Okay seriously I know everyone has said it already but I have to repeat it because it's the truth! You two are seriously ADORABLE! :) Favorite cyber married couple I know! ;)

    Love that you call it "sketti!"


  20. ahhahahahahha i loved this. you're awesome.

  21. i was eating dinner last night as i watched this. so we basically had dinner together. kind of awesome

  22. My hub would NEVER do a vlog with jelly! You two are ADORABLE!

  23. It was def. worth the wait. That place looks gorgeous!!