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Fire, Ants, and Ice. Oh My!


Hey guys. I can't believe I haven't posted in a week. I had no idea it had been that long haha. My bad! :)

As most of you know, Texas is experiencing horrific fires all across the state of Texas. My friend at work has had a handful of friends lose their homes and pets in these fires. My Aunt and Uncle, whom are about two hours away are also evacuated from their home at the moment. My heart hurts for all these people. I couldn't imagine what they are going through. We even had a fire break out about a mile from my building at work today. It makes me so nervous knowing my baby boys are at home all day and at any moment some jerk can throw their cigarette out near my home just makes me queasy and nauseas thinking about it. All I can ask is just please, please pray for rain. Here are some pictures I've seen on my facebook posted by Texas Storm Chasers.

That last pic was actually taken by one of my facebook friends. It was right across from his house that he just bought. Talk about scary... :(

Besides seeing fire and smoke all around me, we managed to have a good Labor Day Weekend. A lot of our plans fell through and my Mom ended up not coming to visit like she told me she would.

That said, Andrew started tiling our shower upstairs. Why you ask? Oh, we had termites. One day we were sitting on our couch and we heard a huge crash upstairs. We go up and open the door and half of the tile in the shower had fell off the wall and into the tub.

Scratching our heads and trying to fight the anger, we simply looked at each other and laughed. It's been a doozy of a home I tell you. Just wait until Andrew lets me tell you guys about what has been going on. Complete insanity.

So, here we are, drowning in house problems, and still smiling. We've been learning to laugh at everything because that is honestly all we can do right now. I'll share more when I can and fill you all in on what's going on, but right now I'm just going to keep my mouth shut. I don't want to even for a second make people feel sorry for us because obviously, just having a home and a roof over our heads is MORE than enough to be thankful for. This weekend put a lot into perspective. Be thankful. Be thankful. Be thankful. I keep reminding myself of this. It could ALWAYS be worse. ALWAYS.

That said...

Here is a peek of the damage in the upstairs shower. Don't worry Sab and Erica...Drew is in there working hard as I type this to make sure the shower is tiled and ready for use when you two get here. :)


Wholy ants, I know. Believe it or not, there were more than these pictures show. We sprayed the mess out of the shower for three days. Our house smelled horrible, but y'all...these ants weren't dying fast. They were like cats. They had about 9 lives. UNREAL I tell you.

Drew has been working his butt off and the shower is now halfway tiled. He's such a hard worker, it just amazes me. I'm so thankful he knows what he's doing...and if he doesn't, he is def. learning. Trial and error, baby. I'll post the before and after pictures as soon as it's finished.

This weekend, Furlee turned 2. He had a great birthday if I do say so myself. ;)I have a video coming soon of our weekend, so I will just leave it at that. We encountered a ghost too. No joke.

We went to the Round Rock Express game on Labor Day and then went Ice Blocking.


Ever heard of it?

Basically, you get a block of ice. You find the biggest hill you can find. Then, you slide down the hill on the block of ice.

It's the cheapest fun you'll ever have.


If you decide to go Ice Blocking, be prepared to have poopy bottoms.


I also snapped this picture last night. You can see the fires lighting up the sky. So so sad. :(


Tomorrow, I am going on my first BLATE! :D Any guesses who it might be with?!?!? :)

I'll be back soon to recap the Blate that I'm super excited about, as well as a few other things!

Love y'all!


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  1. Holy Ants! I used to go ice blocking in high school here in southern California. It's the warm weather version of sledding. so fun!

  2. I think those ants are gonna be in my nightmares. Hoooolllllly ants.
    I'm in love with the picture of you and drew together ice blocking. way too cute.
    And I'm really sad about the fires :( I hope everybody will be okay.
    Have a fun blate!!

  3. I'm so sorry about your house problems. =[

    You have the right attitude, though! Have a fun blate!

  4. Wow, those photos of the fires are so scary, especially the last one. I cannot imagine looking out the window of my new house and seeing that!

  5. I will definitely keep everyone in Texas in my prayers! Be safe!! So sorry about the shower! Ack! But what a good hubby you have who can fix it. :) Can't wait to see the finished product! I LOVE ice blocking! So fun! And these are AWESOME shots!

  6. It's also fun to take a sled and go down the hill too, kind of like ice blocking. I've done it a few times and had fun each time I went. :)

    Sorry to hear about the fires near you too. :( It seems like everywhere this month and last month are getting hit with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or fires.

  7. Those pictures of the fires are terrifying. I can't imagine. Texas is in my prayers... all the people, animals, homes, you name it!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the termites! That doesn't sound like an easy situation but it looks like you guys are tackling it! :)

  8. Shalyn, I have heard all about the fires in Texas! I could not imagine losing my home or PETS!? so sad.


    termites. you had termites. I love Texas but so glad we don't have termites in the pacific northwest.

    and wait wait wait wait wait wait. Sabrina and Erica and coming to see you? SAY WHAT?!?!? Why wasn't I invited to this Texas extravaganza??

    Drew is such a stud man. Love those men who work hard with their hands.

    and ice blocking? HA!!!!!!!!! best time EVER!

    and I think I knoooooow who your blate it with!!!! wink wink

  9. I am grossed out by all those ants, but more saddened by the fires in TX right now. :( That is so scary, and so, so sad for those affected by this. I am praying for rain - and LOTS of it!

    Ice blocking...sounds like fun! :)

    Have fun on your blate. I know this is terrible of me to say, but I AM SO JEALOUS. I get none of that kinda love out here. So get your butt on a plane and come visit me, k? You and Erica. Immediately, please. ;)


  10. Those ants are something straight out of a nightmare. If I could, I would send you all of our rain. It's been raining here since Sunday and isn't supposed to stop until Friday.

    Isn't it great to have a handy hubby? My hubby is currently installing my new kitchen. He's being sweet and doing it in pieces so that I can still use it during the remodel.

  11. Wow those pictures of the fires from Texas look scary. I couldn't imagine. On Saturday, here in Kentucky, it was 100 degrees. On Sunday, it dropped to the upper 50s/low 60s and began to rain. It is supposed to rain for the next nine days. Wish we could send some your way. And ice blocking? Never heard of it. Looks like a blast!

  12. I've never heard of ice blocking either but those pictures are so funny!

  13. Oh my, my heart goes out to those affected by the fires in Texas. I wish I could share all of this rain PA is getting with you guys! Well, isn't your lil' hubby good with tools! You guys are the cutest! Okay, I've never heard of Ice Blocking, but dang if it doesn't look like hella fun! Wow! haha

  14. Oh I love Blates!!! Have fun!!!!

    Those pictures of the fire are ridiculous!!! It looks like it's getting worse?! Is there any type of control over it??? Man o man. That is heartbreaking.

    Y'all look way to excited to have poopy pants ;)

  15. I think your first blate might be with Jenni... but I plan to text you at a more appropriate hour for your time zone and find out ; )

    ummm ice blocking looks painful... I am thinking of all kinds of things that would NOT feel good about it haha

    Andrew is so a Mr. Fix-It. And you are quite the trooper.

    Those fire photos are completely terrifying and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone living in Texas. Love you muffinhead... stay away from fires! And people should just stop smoking period GAH

  16. SOOO glad y'all are ok. This is so terrifying! I'm in Houston and we've been seeing/smelling smoke since Monday afternoon.

    PS-love the helmet...I would have totally done the same thing!

  17. 1. You are crazy. Ice? I have no guts. I'd probably break my nose. "Now I'll never be a teen model." (Please tell me you saw the cheezy Brady Bunch movie or else I sound really dumb right about now.)

    2. Termites? You poor, poor thing. Can't imagine, but yes, could be worse. Let's just avoid "worse", shall we?

    3. My cousin lives in BASTROP! You have to see the post I just wrote. She evacuated and found a pic of her own house online! So, so scary and sad!

    And yes, I realize those were listed backwards. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  18. I thought of you when I heard about the fires. that is so awful. I will be praying for some major rain that's for sure!!

    I have never in my life heard of ice hilarious. xoxo


    (We'll talk about the rest of the above in a bit!!! EEEEEEEEEeeeee!)

  20. Just seeing the pictures of the termites gives me the creepy crawlies! Hopefully they have all been put to rest and your bathroom gets fixed soon!

    I've never been ice blocking before, but we have snow or cold weather at least six months out of the year, so I avoid the cold when I can!

  21. You and Andrew are JUST like kurt and i. no matter how horrible the situation is, we always seem to crack up laughing. Don’t worry everything will follow through with you guys!

    I am not worried one lil bit!! I will be perfectly fine sharing the shower with a critter or 10! I’m just so excited to be COMING!!!!!

    Ice blocking looks SUPER fun! I like poopy butts that aren’t really made with POOP!

    I am praying so much for you guys in Texas I cant even imagine the horror and everything out there!


  22. That ice blocking looks so so fun! What a great way to stay cool too! I'm sorry about the ants. That looks pretty bad. It's nice that he's working so hard to get the shower all taken care of for your guests. And those ires are so scary. Is everyone that you know okay? I really hope so.

  23. my prayers goes out to families in Texas! those pictures are insane....they look like something out of a movie!

  24. I wish it would rain in Texas...that just is horrible.

    My family went through ants and termite problems. Never get the house inspection down by the real estate agent's inspector ;)

  25. my heart hurts every time I see pictures of the fires down there. Stay safe!

  26. Those fires are so scary! Im so glad yall are ok

  27. Saw pics of your blate and fell in love with you based on your facial expressions alone. I can relate :) So, then I read this blog entry and it confirmed what I already suspected - yet, I do love you. Is that weird? Probably. Sorry, I can be creepy sounding online, but I promise I'm not really THAT creepy.

    So sad about the fires - I had no idea they were that bad. I mean, I knew they were bad, but those pictures... I've never seen anything like it :(

  28. Hate the fires, but loving those last pictures of you and the beau! You are the cutest!

  29. Yikes girl! So sorry to hear about the fires and termites and stuff...when it rains it pours. I don't know if you remember me or not, but we connected waaaaayyyy back when I was blogging at Windy Poplars. Then I lost touch with you (and your sweet pups Piper and Furlee - I adored their names then, and I still do!) - but today just saw your link over on SOML where you and Jenni had a super fun blate and thought "Wait! I know that girl!" Anyway, so glad to be back here visiting.- Oh, and how do you like the financial peace so far? I've been so interested in that...especially now when we're looking into refi-ing our home. Be interested to hear your thoughts. K. Long enough comment for now :-) Bye!