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Misc. Monday


I've been on the road a total of 12 hours and I've spent a total of 22 hours on my feet the past two weekends. We've been getting home late on Sunday's and I guess I sound like a record on repeat...but y'all, I'm really tired. I wish I could say I'm working my butt off...but sadly, it's still there...& growing thanks to wedding cake and sweet tea.

Laundry is piled up, the cleaning supplies under my sink are getting dusty, and Lord knows how many pictures I need to edit.

Mr. are my frenemy.

It's my goal to kick it into high gear this week and get caught up on my photography website. I can do this. I can, and I will! :)

On Friday, we set off for my hometown deep in the middle of nowhere. Piper really enjoys the car...and Furlee, well, not so much. Poor little fella gets carsick 50% of the time.


The wedding this weekend was HOT AS HELL but a lot of fun. I'm gaining the experience I need in order to take my photography full time, and I'm making friends in the process. Win, win? :) I fell in love with the ceremony venue.


Look how precious my Mom was as a bridesmaid. Melt my heart will you?


Before we left for the weekend, Andrew decided he was going to turn off the air to save money on our electricity bill because the one we just received nearly made me have a heart attack.

When we got was 87 degrees in our house.



Of course we decided to try and save money on the hottest weekend of the summer.

It didn't cool down until around 10:00 that night and it still didn't get down to the degree we set it on.

When we got back on Sunday, I took a short nap. Our friends Brian and Madi invited us over for chili dogs.


Looks like dog food and ... #3. ;) Yum.

When it was time for bed last night, Piper brought out his human powers and came and put both of his paws around my neck and literally hugged me like a human would. It was eerie and so cute all at the same time. Andrew and I set there with "OMG confused" faces. It was unreal y'all. That little fluffy toot has me wrapped around his finger.

And due to the horrible "heat" in the house, I couldn't sleep, so I just took pictures of Piper...


Yes, that's his head on my pillow. See? I told you. He has human powers.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Furlee yesterday.

While I took a short nap, little muffin took one too and Andrew was there to snap the middle of the floor...under his bed.


See his tail? Such a cutie :)

I have a feeling that I'll be one of those Mom's that thinks their kids are soooooo cute all the time. Even when they are pooping all over me.

Lord, help us all.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Might I just say I love your blog? And your dog? Super adorable!

  2. Your mom is too precious!!! Girl is rockin' that dress!

    omg 87 degrees in your house? did like, stuff melt inside lol?

    omg Piper is so cute. and furlee under the bed? ADORABLE! I MAY like those little dogs a TEENY bit more thanks to you, but only a teeny.

    oh and take it from me, I am a mom who thinks my kids are cute allll the time, but you will NOT think they are cute when they are pooping on you! trust me.

  3. Oh my goodness your furbabies are the cutest!! :) and that wedding looks gorgeous (as does your mother)!!

  4. Congrats on the photography bizz! That's awesome. Keep it up. Their venue was indeed gorgeous, and so was your Mom! :)

    Your pups are adorable! Happy Monday, dahling!!


  5. your mom looks gorgeous! i am loving all your photos of your lil 4 legged children! super sweet and cute.

  6. ugh that alter is to die for.

    i need a puppy (mine is permanently adopted by his new california fam...same fam he has been with for the past year) i cant talk about it.

    pretty sure ive guilted the bf enough to get me a british version.

    stay tuned.

  7. Piper and Furlee are so cute -- they need to meet my little dog Maci -- they would be BFFs (Best Fur Friends).

    We always turn off our air when we leave but we always try to have one of our friends try to come over and turn it on a few hours before we come home because we've returned to a super hot house too! No fun!

    And that wedding looks like it was in a stunning setting! So fun!

  8. How stinking cute are those dogs?!

    I hope you take this business and make it full time for sure! soo soo fun! and LOVVEE that venue

    Your mom is precious... must be where you got it from : )


  9. I jsut love your little furry loves!! I'm sorry you have so much to do and not enough time to sleep! I hope you get caught up ASAP!! I'm just glad you are growing in your photography!

    Oh and that wedding venue looks amazing!!

    Sabrina Says

  10. I am 1000000000% excited to have a photoshoot, texas style

    your dogs are so cute and i think its adorable that they have their little bed in the front seat!

    dying over furlee under his the heck did he manage that! hahah

    hope it cools down for you! 87 degrees in the house HEEELLLLL NO!! yikes!


  11. Ahhh they are so precious! Maisy sleeps between us, with her head on the pillow, under the covers.

    I completely understand being wrapped around their paw!

  12. your mommy made me smile. she looks absolutely stunning! :} & home made chili dogs are my fav [even if they look like poo}

    hope you get to catch up on that sleep girl!

  13. I love that venue too! Wow, just look at it. Bet you got some great shots

  14. your mom is so gorgeous! i understand why your dogs have you wrapped around their little paws ... they are so adorable!

    what a stunning venue!

  15. Sounds like a good time. I love the photo of the wedding site and especially the last photo of your dog sleeping under his doggie bed! I was actually laughing at that one.

  16. OH! And I was so inspired by the video you made of your trip to California that I made my own of the videos I took while in Alaska. :)

  17. Great pics but 87 degrees! SHIIIIIT!

  18. My hubby did the SAME thing when we went out of town this weekend! I told him he was crazy!

  19. i turned off my ac as well, came home it was 90 degrees. 90 DEGREES! it took forev for it to cool down.

    and your mom looks super gorgeous! are you sure she is not a vampire and was bitten and stays the same age for all of eternity. sorry i watched 20 episodes of the vampire diaries this past weekend. it is really playing with mind.