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It's been a week???


I can't believe it's already Tuesday. This past week has flown by and I'm totally OK with that. Thank you to all of you LOVELY ladies who entered my giveaway. Your entries and made me smile SO big! Thank you!!! I haven't been able to respond to all of your entries but PLEASEEEEE know I read each and every one of them and appreciated them more than you know! :)

Life has been pretty crazy. I don't know why I always say this...probably because it is. Am I surprised? Well heeeeeck no. Shoooooot.

My head is currently spinning. I can barely keep up with this life I live sometimes. I mean, it could be soooo much busier, yes, yes, yes but right now I'm trying so hard to keep up. I'm doing just isn't easy. I'm constantly trying to stay up to date here, with friends, social media, hubs, family, my jobs...It's really hard finding balance ya know? Sometimes I feel like I'm lacking in certain areas and hope that those who feel neglected understand. I'm just feeling overwhelmed.

BREATHE. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.


This past weekend I photographed my cousin's wedding. It was a sweet, simple, and very special day. I can't wait to share these photos soon.

I also had a photoshoot in New Braunfels with a couple. That was a blast! They may have even jumped from a rope swing into the water. I seriously LOVE my job!

Hubs and I stopped at Matt's El Rancho on the way home. It's a mexican food restaurant in downtown Austin that I absolutely LOVE. Nom nom nom.

Also! Guess what?!? I am DONE with my dentist work! THAT'S RIGHT! Atleast until my next check up in 6 months! :) I'm so happy! 5 root canals and 5 crowns, along with fillings in the last 6 months. I'd say I'm a TROOPER no? Haha. And since my dentist rocks, she gave me free dental whitening trays! Yay! I haven't used them yet...but I hope they work! :)

Yes. I know what you are thinking. This post is pointless, random, and pretty much a waste of space.

I do aplogize.

Just tired and too busy/lazy? to post something Shaytastic.

TOMORROW the winner will be chosen for the Coach purse. If you haven't entered, PLEASE DO so!

And since this post kind of stinks...I'll share some photos from the last two weekends.

Love me some lucky charms.
Piper likes to sleep right on my neck and chest area. He's like a scarf.
Playing with my rasberries at work. I'm so productive.
I took Drew on a surprise date the other day to Mighty Fine Burger and also took him shopping. He hasn't bought ANY clothes in probably a year and a half. Poor guy has been needing some new shirts and a new pair of pants but I knew if I told him where we were going, he'd say no. SO, instead I just surprised him. He liked it :)
Went to Target. Saw some shoes with this style name. Pretty stinkin' cool yeah???? I NEVER see my name anywhere. I had to do a triple take.
Went to the driving range with Drew and our friends Brian and Madi.
Drew cooked for me not only one, but TWO days in a row. LUCKY girl?
Piper being adorable as always.
Me at my last dentist appointment for the year.
Me with all that gunk on my mouth after they took my impressions for my trays. :) Sexy stuff right there!
With my Drew Drew Hot Pants! :)
& they call it...Puppyyyy Looooove <3 Here we are this weekend at my cousin's wedding. Keep in mind I had been running around in the heat all day. Photobucket

Oh, and that's a gumball in my mouth in that second picture. Thought I needed to explain that one. Haha.

Happy Tuesday my loves.


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  1. That picture of you and the pup is so PRECIOUS!!!! Ah!

  2. holy teeth awfulness. and i thought i was having a rough few months medically..but at least u get white gunk on your face.

    there is so much i want to say about that picture.

  3. Please tell me you bought the shoes!

  4. These pictures are so fun! Also, obviously I don't know any more about you than what you post on your blog, but from my view, it looks like you are keeping on top of everything and also being awesome in general!

  5. ohhh shalyn! I just love you. I smiled through this ENTIRE post because of its cuteness!

    examples: dog scarf, drew drew hotpants nickname (amazing), gunky mooshy teeth stuff, shalyn shoes, rasberry smiley face

    i cant wait to share these awesome fun times with you in like a month!! EEEE!! <3 <3


  6. I know you are SO glad to be done with the dentist for a while!

    Love all the pictures too :)

  7. You both are so much fun and so full of shines through in your picutres too! Love it!!!

    Liesl :)

  8. First and foremost---Congrats on not having to see the evil dentist for the rest of the year! So happy for you!

    Lucky charms are the bomb dot com and I'm convinced they are really lucky.

    And I really love the pic of you and your hubs holding hands. Very sweet.

    Hope you have a great week!!!!!

  9. You are so cute!!! I seriously love reading your blog! :)

  10. YAY about the dentist! I think I'd be way too embarrassed/self-conscious to take pictures of myself at the dentist. Yours are hilarious! Love them. Little Piper is adorable and I kind of want him :) PS - your eyes are gorgeous!!!

  11. I am cracking up at that pic of the gumball in your mouth, ahahaha! That is why I love this blog....cause you are so frickin' funny, and still adorbs! :)

  12. I didn't even realize that you made a heart out of ketchup until my second time around :) SO cuuuuute.

    Can we make hearts together, pweeease?!

    You already have my heart :)

    Sabrina Says

  13. i would say you are def. a trooper! holy cow ... i hate the dentist, haha.

    and you are sooo pretty!

  14. Awww you sound very busy! I love the photos of you and your man, you two are so funny! makes me laugh :p

  15. these pictures are so beautiful. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my brand new CELEBRITY TREND REPORT and see pics from my latest stroll through Beverly Hills. Thanks love. xoxo

    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.!/fashboulevard