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Dear husband...


This post is for you babe.

Dearest Drew Drew Hot Pants, aka husband,

I just wanted to let you know that I love your face more than words can ever express. You make me smile every day and for that, I am writing this blog post for Y-O-U.

Thank you for asking me last night if I had written a blog post for today and being upset that I said, "No, not yet."

Thank you for kissing me good night even when we can barely keep our eyes open and murmur, "Good Night, I love you. Sweet Dreams." You still do it even though I know half the time you'd rather just close your eyes and snooze.

Thank you for letting Piper and Furlee sleep next to me every night and let them cut into our cuddle time. You are so patient with them and I love you for that. Even though half the time I can't sleep because Piper finds a way to lay his bum on my head.

Thank you for always greeting me with a smile in the morning when we open our eyes.

Thank you for going to IKEA with me on Friday because we both know how much you hate that place. I'm pretty sure the chocolate cake we shared in "Stockholm" was as romantic as it gets in that place.


Thank you for letting me sleep in on Saturday morning and taking the dogs outside to potty. That was so sweet.

Thank you for spending your entire Saturday working on the shower upstairs. You are becoming quite the handy man and it's pretty much the sexiest thing ever. ;)

Thank you for coming into the office to kiss me on the forehead from time to time just to see how editing pictures is going and just to say I love you.

Thank you for being nicer to Piper and Furlee and for cuddling with them. I told you that if you're nice to them, they'll be nicer in return. I don't care how many times you say you can't stand "those annoying little rats" because deep down, I KNOW you love them.


Thank you for going to church with me on Sunday mornings and for holding my hand. I love it when you squeeze it when the preacher makes a point that we can both relate to. It's even better when we look at each other and smile. I also love that we play with each other's rings and I'll wear yours and you will wear mine. I love that my ring only fits the top of your pinky and your ring is too big on my thumb. So silly, but it makes me happy.

Thank you for taking me out to lunch on Sunday after church. You are the best.


Thank you for always taking pictures with me even though I know it gets annoying. You are always a good sport.


Thank you for dancing with me in the kitchen this weekend when I had to remake my video for the blog collaboration. You have moves babe. You do. ;) (You'll see what I'm talking about very soon!)

Thank you for helping me fold clothes out of the dryer because you know how much I hate putting them away.

Thank you for being easy on the eyes.

Thank you for trying to get me to eat a pickled okra last night. NOT.

Thank you for agreeing with me when I said, "WE HAVE TO GET ONE OF THESE!" I know you wouldn't ever let me buy it though.


Thank you for assisting Brian and putting shirts on my head last night. I had to keep it realz yo.


Thank you for going to get me a Sprite AND water last night when I was too lazy to get up and get it myself.

Thank you for turning off your Call of Duty so I could watch Project Runway on DVR before bed last night.

Thank you for the hug, kiss, and "Have a great day baby" you give me every morning before work.

Thank you for all you do and how hard you work Drew Drew Hot Pants.

I couldn't be happier living this life with you.


Your awesome, super cool, and super thankful wife.

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  1. How sweet is this :) Yall are way too cute!!

  2. What a sweet post. You can obviously tell you guys have a wonderful marriage!

  3. "Thank you for being easy on the eyes" - that made me laugh! Such a sweet post :)

  4. Drew Drew hot pants is apretty awesome hubby, and he has a pretty awesome wife! I am truly blessed to know you both an call you my sweet friends! God has so much in store for the both of you!

    I love this post Shay!Xoxo

  5. Thank you for asking me last night if I had written a blog post for today and being upset that I said, "No, not yet." .... THIS IS KURT! lol

    shalyn this was so so sweet..i absolutely LOVED this

    and he squeezes your hand in church when you relate to something? omg melt my heart.

    you 2 are so adorbs and i cannot wait to meet you and drew drew hot pants and furlee and piper!


  6. Aaaw! Such a sweet post!


  7. Seriously the sweetest thing ever. You two are SO lucky! And I cannnnnnnot wait to meet you!

    I just have so much love for you already!

    Sabrina Says

  8. Such a sweet post! It sounds like you're an amazing team.

  9. awwww. you're a lucky lady! (and he's a lucky man)

  10. This is probably one of THEEEE sweetest posts I've ever read. You guys are just so cute together!

  11. I hope that my marriage is as happy as y'alls is. Seriously, Shalyn, you guys are so blessed. You are a beautiful couple and I always love reading about you and your Drew Drew!


  12. This is precious! Love your cute little relationship! Ya'll are the real deal! :)

  13. ahahah lovely look with that shirt on your head :) and oooohhh my goodness what a cute pup!! want one!! <3

  14. aww how sweet!
    i'm super thankful my boyfriend takes photos with me too! haha!

  15. Awww so sweet! He sounds like a wonderful husband!

  16. sweetest post ever! absolutely loved reading this!

  17. my favorite part of this whole post was if he asked you if you had written a blog post and he was upset you hadn't - seriously SO stinking sweet!

    and yes, andrew's got some sweet moves. homeboy can move!

    so happy you have such an amazing hubs.....and he's got a pretty amazing gal too!

  18. What a beautiful, lovely and darling post to your adorable hubby! Also, I kind of love that my fiancé gets sad when I don't post a blog too...we are lucky gals! :) Love, love, love this!!!

    Liesl :)

  19. oh Drew Drew hot pants, where do I even begin.

    Thank you for giving me the biggest laugh this week (you know, for our secret post that will be shown to the masses come Friday) you crack me up, Drew Drew hot pants.

    I STILL can't get over that your dogs name is Piper. I think you are taking about my mom every time, but then I stop thinking that when you say that Piper's bum in on your head. yeah, that pretty much squashes it.

    Oh Drew Drew hot pants, can you come to WA and give my Rob Rob tapered pants a lesson in being a good hubs?

    just kidding, rob rob tapered pants is a good hub, however he most definitely would not let me have any "rats" in the house.

    and on a totally serious note, I LOVE the part about him squeezing your hand in church when the pastor says something you guys can relate to. LOVE that. :)

  20. New follower and this is the cutest post. EVER! I love this post because its SO true to every girl, married with fur babies and a COD playing husband. Therefore we neeeeeed to be friends.MmmK? XO

  21. awwwww I LOVE This post. what a sweet, sweet couple. Just found your blog as a result of the Teenage Dream Team video, which I am obsessed with. So glad to be following you :)

  22. What a precious dedication to him!! I am loving your blog!