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Guest Post: Shalyn (no, not me!)


Yes, you read that right. SHALYN is guest posting for me today (isn't that crazyyyyyyyy that we have the same name and spell it the exact same way!?) I've gone my entire life not knowing a SHALYN (same spelling and everything) and then BOOM! I found her. I call her my twinkie!


Hi all, My name is Shalyn! No really, it is! I know- what are the odds that two crazy girls are both named Shalyn spelled the same way? Not likely, ill tell you that!

The other, more beautiful Shay asked me to blog over here in her lovely space and I am so excited to be here! Usually you can find me coming at you via Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt from Arizona where I live with my hubby.

I want to tell you today about a talent that I have. I know what my regular readers are thinking- "SERIOUSLY, another talent? Isn't Call of Duty, bow hunting and gorgeous husband-finding enough?" You would think so, but I have one more to add-eating. You don't think that's a talent? Try downing 12 Jack in the Box tacos in 30 minutes, then tell me its not a talent!

Because I have this talent for eating and obviously have a responsibility to develop that talent as much as possible, I have to do different things to ensure that my body doesn't show that I am a champion eater. One of those things is running and the other one that I just discovered is making green smoothies.
PLEASE UNDERSTAND- I am a very basic eater. Give me pizza and fries any day and I am happy. I was very leery of trying green smoothies but I SWEAR to you, you cannot taste the greens that you put in. Its like reaping the benefits of eating a salad without eating the salad!
I drink a green smoothie everyday and not only are they delicious- they are easy! You can find tons of yummy recipes online but since I am new to green smoothie world, I have started with the most basic recipe-

60% spinach
40% fruit (I use banana, blueberries and strawberries!)
+just enough milk to be able to blend the ingredients

Its easy as that! If you have never tried a green smoothie, start simple like me and then start adding more nutritious ingredients! Then, maybe you can afford to develop a talent like mine!

Peace, love and ridiculous (ly awesome) talents! Thanks for letting me borrow your space Shay #2!

You can follow me twinkie here.

Thank you SHALYN!!!!!!!! (It's so weird typing that!?) :) :) :)

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend! I'll be back next week to recap on my vacation! Whoop! Whoop!

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  1. BOTH Shaylns are so cute! I'm definitely going to have to try this smoothie!

  2. I love both your blogs! So fun you have the same name :)

  3. How exciting to find something with the same name! I've loved all your guest bloggers recently :)

  4. Aaah!! I love this! Eric haaaates rabbit food (that's what he calls salads) so this way I'll totally get those nutrients in him! (and me, let's be real, I need them as badly as he does haha!)

  5. TWO gorgeous Shalyn's?!?! That is way cool. :)