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This is pretty exciting news...

Atleast it is for me.

Any guesses!?

Nope. Not preggers. Sowwy.

Nope. Not a millionaire. I wish.

Nope. Not a man.

Out of guesses????


Okay, so I built this up wayyyy too much but

WE BOUGHT A COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are JUST as excited as I am!? I am sure you are peeing your pants with excitement? RIGHT? ;)

Alright, it's kind of lame news.

You probably don't understand why I am SO happy right now.

BUT Here is why:

We have a black couch. Still not convinced of my excitemement?

EXCITE-ME-MENT. I know it's not spelled correctly.

Say it outloud? Much better than "excitement" isn't it? ;

Okay, okay, here is a better explanation.

There are stains everywhere on it. I've washed it a million times but I've had these couches since my sophomore year in college. Mind you, I had two BOY roommates for a year and they held frat meetings all the time at my apartment...and there were parties...

I then had two girl roommates and these were our community couches.

We also had a lot of friends stay the night...with other boys (sometimes).

I have two dogs that have peed, pooped, and vomited on it countless times (thank GOD for crates).

They pretty much have postponed my decorating in my house that I've had for over a year. Can you believe that??? MY LIVING ROOM HAS NOTHING ON THE WALLS. Notta, zilch, NOTHING, ZIPPPPP!

My mind is racing. I can't wait to start making my home finally feel like a home.

The plan was...get floors. get a couch. decorate.

But due to some technical difficulties with our foundation we are forced to go with the couches first.

I'm so not complaining. :)

I am so happy!

I won't even tell you about how HARD of a decision it was because I found three other couches that I really really liked for so many different reasons, but after 4 hours tonight at the store, and about 10 hours total on other days we FINALLY made a decision.

YAYAYAYAY! We get it in August. This feels like a million years away.

I got a couch.

Just wanted to make sure you knew that.

I am so fracking lame. Who the heck gets excited about a couch?

This girl.


Yes, I do realize my head looks like a lightbulb. You can't win all the time now can you?

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  1. hahaha I really thought you were going to say you were from Canada and had been keeping it from us all... that's a big secret Shalyn hehe kidding
    I'm from West Virginia... yep... swear.

    Ok so I am excited for your new couches too! yahhhooo somewhere for me to sleep ; )

  2. Woot woot for a new couch!!!! We have been looking for new couches for our house too! Did you get a good deal on yours?

    You are not lame, not even close. I would be just as excited as you!

  3. that couch sounds EXACTLY like a couch my roommates and i had in college

    it had lots of love juice on it. and late night puke-age that was scrubbed to death

    and food. but damn it was comfy!

    I am so so excited for your new couch! I also get excited about random stuff like this. Like the time I got so excited when I bought a new yankee candle flavor and jumped up and down in the store

    ps can i just say the first thing i thought of was you're preggers?!


  4. Yay for a couch! I totally understand =) I get excited over stuff like that! I can't wait to see it!

  5. Hahaha!! I'm so excited for you!! I want to see it! Is there a picture of it?

  6. Dude, couches are exciting. Although I am a bit disappointed that your news was not that you are a man. :(

  7. Your excitement over the couch is adorable :) When I moved across the country, I had zero furniture. I bought one of the cheaper couches from Ikea that quickly lost all its luxury and now feels like I'm sitting in a cardboard box. So, it goes without saying that one day when finances allow for it, I will be just as excited to get a NICE couch too! :)

  8. Dude, I would totally be just as excited about a new couch. Duh. Better than babies. Couches don't cry and need to be fed.

  9. Sooooo...your not pregnant? Because you should be.

    And I think we need to see a picture of said couch- I bet its gorgeous!

  10. well that is exciting!
    for one thing couches are expensive. it took me forever to 1 find the perfect one and 2 find one in my price range.

    it took me weeks to find the perfect one.
    lots of stores and lots of looking.
    so glad yall found the perfect ones so you can get down on some decorating.

  11. YAY for new couches!!! :) Can't wait to see it!!

  12. Hahaha! I'm so happy for your new couch! I've been getting so excited to redecorate my house latey!

  13. hahaha, i know exactly why you are excited!!! :) now you get to think of all the ways you are going to decorate!!

  14. You were right... I thought you might be pregnant... isn't that always a bloggers surprise?! But a couch... now that's even better!! So exciting :)

  15. Girl- you crack me up! That IS totally exciting! My husband and I don't have to much furniture but when we do make purchases like that, we throw a party :)

    I am OBSESSED with your picture! My hubbs and I are flying to Austin next month for his job interview and it is not my mission to get our picture taken wherever that wall is!

  16. You are adorable! Congrats on the new couch. Brandon and I were really excited when we bought our couch and loveseat last year too!

    Yay, now you can finally start decorating! :)

  17. It's the little things that make life exciting :)

    Congrats on the couch, can't wait to see it (and all the decorating you get to do now)!

  18. Shoot girl, I'd get all kinds of jacked up over a couch! You go nuts girl! :)

  19. I call dibs on the couch when I get there!! hahaha I'm excited to see it!

    Sabrina Says

  20. haha, love that picture of you.

  21. a couch is totally something you can get excited about.

    deserves a whole post. seriously. it's the small (big) things!! :) gotta love growing up. :)