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A whole bunch of my weekend.


This weekend was FUN and I am so tired.

Dear Monday, you make me cringee. I will most likely NOT be a fan of usual. See you soon. :( Love, ME.

Friday evening hubs and I ran errands around town, cleaned house, and then we had some friends over. We ate pizza and watched The Roommate. If you own a cat, please do not watch it. That's all.

Saturday, I got up super early and drove 2 hours away for a newborn shoot. The little guy sharted tooted a few times which made for a couple of awesome pictures. I'd post them but I'm pretty sure the Mama would be humiliated. Let's just say it was hilarious and gross all at the same time. I'm so not ready for kids. ;)

On the way home, we stopped at this Antique store that I have passed oh, say, 100 times on the road. I've always wanted to stop, but I'm usually on a time crunch and just keep going. However, Saturday Drew stopped because he remembered how many times I've mentioned I wanted to take a look inside. What a sweetheart, I know! Ahh! It had SO many awesome items.

Look at what I found:

I have no idea what has made me fall in love with antique shopping, but I'd say I'm almost addicted. Anyone want to join me!?

When we got back, I had to meet up with Nycia at a bridal salon to pick out a wedding dress for our styled photoshoot THIS Wednesday. I'm a little stressed, but SO excited. It's going to be an extremelyyyy busy week so please forgive me for my lack of posting. Here is a sneak peek of our theme.

After our meeting we met up with our friends for some shopping and dinner. I really wanted this outfit...

Sunday we went to church and then went to lunch where I indulged in my beloved Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips. Get in muh belly.
We went to the batting cages with my brother and got our softball on, followed by dinner at his house.

Did anyone see the MTV movie awards?

This is what I observed...

1. Robert Pattinson was drunk. Glazed eyes. Very unshy and humble like he usually is.
2. I don't care how hairy Ashton Kutcher gets...I still love him.
3. Selena Gomez makes me sick with how pretty she is.
4. Ryan Reynolds...yum.
5. Reese Witherspoon is amazing.
6. Justin Beiber thinks he's the hottest thing alive. He needs to eat a cheesburger, just sayin'.
7. I can't wait for Nov. 16th. I feel really lame saying that.:/
8. Robert and Taylor's kiss...not hot.
9. Cutest speech EVER goes to Alexis Nicole Sanchez. Melted my heart.
10. I want to be in the movies.

AND that's about it.

I hope you guys all have a wonderful week!!!!!!! Xoxoxo.


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  1. Agreed about the Robert and Taylor kiss. Ug. Looks like you had SUCh an awesome weekend though! Why didn't u get that outfit?! So cute!

  2. Sounds like another GREAT weekend! I would really really really like to see the "toot" pictures. LOL!!!! Great finds at the Antique Shop!

  3. Love that your husband embraces your love for antique shopping- not many men do! But you aren't alone, the sight of a good antique shop gets my heart racing. And that chair is AMAZING, I've been searching for some like that for weeks. Hope your Monday isn't too terrible!

  4. sounds like an amazing weekend!!
    I can't wait to see results from your styled shoot!! How very exciting =)

  5. Ummm Ryan Reynolds yum is RIGHT!!

    And I am obsessed with that chair too! At home in Washington I discovered this one place before I moved and it was amazing! They had the most legit vintage things ever. Can't wait to see where/how you use it!

  6. Cute pictures! Love that chair!

  7. i've been on the lookout for a great antique shop where i live, no luck yet!

    as for mtv movie awards .. i had no idea it was on ... {insert sad face}

    looks like you had a great weeknd!

  8. Love all the antique stuff! The outfit is super cute too! :) I'm glad you had a fun weekend! :)

  9. You do belong in the movies my friend- you could totally make it! I love that chair and that outfit- hope you bought them both!

  10. sounds like a great wknd!
    I just found your blog, you're so cute :)