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hey hey hey. & vlog soon. need ideas.


Happy Hump Day Friends!

It's my beautiful Mama's birthday today. She's the BIG 56. She would probably kill me for putting this out on the world wide web, but hey, that's what daughters are for?
(My Mom is on the left. Workin' it like Madonna. She won best 80's outfit.)

And because I've been all sorts of B to the ORING lately on here...I am linking up with Leigh with Wee Bit Wednesday!

what color best describes you + why?
Lately, I'd say YELLOW. I'm happy, sweet, and sour when I need to be. Kind of like a sour patch kid. Muhahahaw. ;)

how have you changed in the past year?
The only thing that has changed significantly is the fact that I started my photography business. It has been a blessing and has taken off faster than I ever thought it would. It's a blast and it allows me to be creative which I absolutely love. I feel that I've also changed in other ways as well. I've learned to be frugal. I enjoy the small things in life. I've stopped caring about what other's think. I used to be TERRIBLE about this, but I know I'm a really good person with a good heart and quite frankly, that's all that really matters. I feel that I've also changed in the aspect of truly finding out who my friends are. It's been a hard road to go down, but I know that those who matter most, are here for me whenever I need them and vice versa. To sum it up...I've learned to not sweat ALL the small stuff. ;)

have you ever had any surgeries?
Yes I sure have. Wisdom teeth...and... ;) Any guesses? Hint: I don't have breast implants.

why did you start your blog?
I started reading blogs in my free time when I moved to Austin and couldn't find a job. I got inspired and thought, Heck, Why not!? I love to take pictures, and I like to be random, so here I am. ALMOST a year later.

what are you looking forward to this summer?
MY VACATION THAT STARTS NEXT THURSDAY! Can I get a booty shake and a Whaaa whaaa? Holla. fo. a. dolla. baby.

do you have any family traditions for the 4th of July?
Sort of. We usually end up at my brother's house. We swim, we BBQ, we chat. You know. Fun and Sun!

what’s something new that you’ve tried in the past few months?
Antiquing! OMG! I'm already IN LOVE!!!! I don't know why I got hooked, but the antiquing bug bit me, and it bit me GOOD.

what is the perfect a/c temperature?
II like to be if I had it my way, it would be 68 degrees in my house. :) (*cough*hubs*cough)

what was the last movie you saw in the theater?
Hangover 2.

what song do you think everyone should hear at least once?
Sir-Mix-A-Lot- Big Butts



I want to do a vlog. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do it on yet. Do any of you have any ideas? Questions? Send them my way.

Toodles and noodles.

? Don't ask.

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  1. Why not just vlog about something funny that happened to you that day?

  2. You're hilarious. So I know whatever you vlog about will be awesome! :D haha! 68 degrees?! That's a bit cold for me. And I guess appendix? That's what I've had- wisdom teeth and appendix.

  3. Shalyn you are so funny - your posts always make me laugh!

    I wish we lived near each other, I bet you would be so fun to hang out with!

  4. Love the 80s outfits...too cute!

  5. LOVE your blog :) SO happy I found it!

  6. Love love love the 80's outfits! You girls look great! You always make me laugh! I'm sure anything you say would make for a great vlog! XOXO

  7. ok now i'm curious...what was your second surgery! and vacay????where too!

    i totally keep my house at 68 degrees....and walk around in my coziest sweatshirt!

  8. As cute and funny as you are, just vlog about anything!!!! I love vlogs that are impromptu and random!!!

    And....what is your SECOND surgery?!?!?!

  9. I'm gonna guess the second surgery was either tonsils or appendix.

    Love your blog, btw! (I grew up in San Antonio and made many day-trips to Austin.)

  10. Your outfit is HILARIOUS. Can I borrow those hot pink heels sometime?! Neon colors are IN right now!!! Love this post lady :)

  11. Reading your comments always trips me out because you stole my name...;-) Your older than me, but whatev

    I am dying to know what kind of surgery you have had! Did you have the pigment in your cheeks removed so you couldnt blush? Cause I want that one.

  12. hey! i just made a video on things to blog about... if you jump to the end of the vid they are listed there. or in the description there is the link to all my blog ideas, over 200 of them! hope you find something useful there, x chili

  13. haha the smart one that i am i forgot to post the link to the video :p here you go: