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Guest Post: Megan!


A stellar and proper introduction is necessary for this lovely lady but I believe her post clearly sums it up.

Let's just say this: YOU ARE CRAZY to not want to be friends with her. CRAZY I tell you.

When I first found her blog, her pictures of cheetos, hilarious faces, super model looks (she's really a model, don't let her fool you), and her pictures of her food made me drool. Literally. She's quite the babe and I love...LOVE her sense of humor. She's basically living in Europe doin' her thaaaang which is awesome, no?

I love you Megan. Like...for realzzzz yo.


Hi Party people
(assuming bloggers like to party)
and by party I mean blog, pin, twitter, and FB..
I am Megan from Across The Pond

^ that would be me linking to myself with an attractive photo of me
because in the blog world there is no shame in self promotion..
we will do whatever it takes to get noticed and make friends..
heck, we even pay for friends.
(sponsors anyone?)

So in attempt to make you be my friend
(I already got Shalyn...muwahaha)
here are some enticing photos of myself straight from my place in web

i am athletic

this would be the night i forgot to not only zip my pants, but button them as well. i believe this makes me adventurous.

i am a lover of nature

i keep the earth clean by picking up dog poop

my two bffs are stuffed animals

i eat tubs of ice cream

i also eat snow when im out of ice cream..resourceful..

i ride elevators in stride

i hoard chips..some call it an illness..i call it practical

i can fly

i dress to impress

i am a lover of much that i cut of their fur and take it with me overseas

I represent the USA food market in portugal

i bathe...monthly

I use my face to save food as to not waste it.

i feed the economy by purchasing taco bell

instead of smoking cigarettes..i smoke cheetos..thus..i am healthy

totally won your friendship.

nailed it.

So what are you waiting for?

Thanks so much Megan!

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  1. hahahaha Oh Megan... I love you... thank you for choosing mostly my favorite pics for this guest post! the chip orgy pic truly is top notch!


  2. hahaahah!! Definitely checking out your blog. Hilarious. :)

  3. Megan is hilarious! I found her blog a few days ago and it's jumped to the top of my favorites list.

  4. Ahaha already a follower of hers, shes so funny!

  5. wow she seems AWESOME. totally following her.

    i joke. thats me. i already follow me. duh.

    Thanks so much for having me Shalyn! you are the besssttesst.

  6. only you, megan, can make an unzippered fly look amazing

    thanks for choosing the best pics ever! ill be your friend!


  7. Gotta love this girl. If I wasn't already a follower of Megan I would be all over that.

  8. hahaha this post cracked me up!! :-) love it!

  9. Great post. I literally laughed out loud! My husband thinks I'm crazy! Thanks for the fun :)

  10. if i didn't already love her, this would make me.

  11. I would follow her twice if I could. I almost like her as much as I like you, but since we share a name I like you a little more. Dont tell.

  12. ... just when I think I couldn't love you any more..

  13. Goodness I love this post.

    I love nights that I don't remember to button or zip my pants! seriously the BEST.

    You are gorgeous even with food on your face!

    Sabrina Says

  14. BEST guest post eva. I loved it. Megan, you are awesome.