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Guest Post: Ashley!


Hi friends!

The beautiful Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds is guest posting today! I visit Ashley's blog all the time and I'm pretty sure you will adore her just as much as I do. Her life is one great adventure (hence her blog title) and she always has pretty pictures to gawk at. Not to mention her dog Bella is a little muffintoot! Piper and Furlee have a BIG crush. Just sayin'...


Hello! I am Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds.
The lovely Shalyn asked me to guest post and I am pumped, because this is my very first guest post ever!
I suppose I should introduce myself since you all probably have no clue who I am.
I am Ashley, a 20-something English Literature student. Before moving to Michigan with my family, I lived 10 years in Georgia and thus have a love for all things Southern including Alabama Football. I love to cook, bake, EAT, craft, shop and blog. I especially love meeting new friends (which is kind of hard to do while moving every few months-- so just know that I love you, blog friends). If I am not in the kitchen, cooking things like shaved asparagus pizza or pumpkin chocolate chip muffins , I might be found singing or leading worship; but no matter what I am always pursuing what the Lord has planned for our lives...

Jonathan graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in June 2010. He practiced for a year in Portage, Michigan and is now employed as a contract therapist, traveling every three months to a new clinic. He has played soccer from grade school to grad school and continues pursuing his passion for the sport. If you can't find him playing Call of Duty, you can probably find him (unsafely) playing with fire. Sweet and romantic, he is the best husband and best friend I could have ever asked for...
And I can't forget about our baby Bella, the sweetest little yorkie poo puppy EVER. I treat her like my child and it is kind of pathetic. Currently she looks like a boy because we got the bright idea to try and give her a haircut ourselves with the clippers. She is pretty butch right now!
We are newlyweds as of September 12, 2010.
Since being married we have embarked on the journey of "travel therapy".
This means every three months, we pack all of out stuff and move to a new locale in the U.S.
Right now, while we don't have little Slaters running around we figured this is a great time to explore and see the country!
We map our travels and we are currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which has been so much fun!
Maybe we will be in YOUR part of the country next? Where my blogger friends at?!
Please come visit and follow along as we travel the country and try and eat, cook, explore and have as many adventures as possible!
And thanks to Shalyn for asking me to guest post! Isn't she just the greatest? I think so :)



Thank you SO much Ashley!

Y'all go check her out over here!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow. You won't want to miss it.

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  1. What a gorgeous girl! I have a teacup yorkie so I love her puppy too and am so jealous she gets to travel so much!

  2. That must be amazing to travel to and live in so many different places. All of my best memories come from traveling!

  3. So cute!! :D I am going to check out her blog right now! These pictures are all gorgeous!

  4. love reading her blog. it's one of my favs!

  5. I love her pretty!