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Brain overload.




I sit here most of my days with my face burried into my hands.

My mind goes about a million times a minute every single day. Every thought is one extreme to the other, from the most simple things to just weird, pointless things that STRESS me out. That's the thing though...they ARE just things. Does anyone else do this to themselves?

I'm going to sit here right now and write down everything that is going through my head.

You are in for a real treat. Ready, set, GO!

My hands are dry. Need lotion. Wholy crap, my nail polish looks like crap. Must fix this. Speaking of nails, I need to start taking my Biotin. I don't want to be at work, how much longer do I have? Oh crap, 2.5 hours. Ughhhhhh. I need to scan some paperwork but I don't want to do it so I shall proceed to put it off until I can't anymore. This grapefruit sitting on my desk needs to be eaten. But I don't want to go and get my hands all sticky trying to prepare to eat it. I feel so frumpy today. I'm hot, but I don't want to take my jacket off because I'm feeling super FLUFFY today. I'm so hungry. I've already had a peach, soup, and fiber bar today. I can feel my third chin, yet I'm really wanting some onion rings, cupcakes, and a cheeseburger. WHY is it when I'm hungry for these things, I complain about being big. I hate being a girl sometimes. This sucks. I have so much to do. I need to update my photography blog so bad but I need to clean up my office and clean off my desk in order to feel "ready" to be productive. I need to do laundry. I want to play volleyball. I want to work out but I most likely will not. I have NO energy, which means I need to work out. Vicious cycle I hate you. Why am I being lazy? Get yourself together!!!!!!! Ugh phone please don't ring. I really don't feel like talking to idiots today. I need to clean our baseboards and dust. The whole house is dirty and we have company this weekend. Every weekend is busy. Gosh! I have so much on my plate. I need to call back my friends. I need to find time for Andrew and the pups. I need to clean my comforter again. I need to pray. I need to pray. I need to pray. Stop complaining Shay. It could be worse. A loved one of mine has an alcoholic problem. I don't know how to help. My sister-in-law is CANCER FREE! PRAISE YOU LORD! I love you! I need to do something sweet for my husband but I don't know what to do. I have so much to do. I need to make a list. But then that means my list will keep growing and once I mark off one thing, I add three. I need to go get coffee. I'm tired. I love my shoes though. Man, I need to start taking better care of myself. BREATHE dangit! Relax! Which reminds me, I still have a gift certificate for a message. Heck yes. California is three weeks away and I don't fit in my bridesmaid dress.I still want onion rings though. STOP IT! Go away hunger! GO AWAY!!!!!!! I don't want to fly. I hate planes. Photoshoot this weekend. I need to figure out what to do. Hmm. Brain is clogged up. What? Oh and my boss is talking to me. Must go now. Ta. Ta. Hardy harrr har.

SEE WHAT I MEAN!? I need help.

This was just in ONE whole minute.

Please tell me I am not alone.

This is like this every day. All day.

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  1. You are not alone! I feel like that too! All.The.Time. My post today in fact was about feeling weird and unsettled!!!

    Your blog is amazing, you're a gorgeous girl and your photography is brillant!!! Don't let the small things bother you too much :)

    PS I find naps help my stress!

  2. You are SO not alone! I feel like my mind does the same thing from 8-5, Monday through Friday. Especially when the clock gets closer to 5! Hope your day gets better, pretty lady!

  3. I am like that all day EVERY day -- seriously. About mid thought I will ask The Husband a questions about one of my previous thoughts that he wasn't privvy to so he doesn't understand why I'm asking/thinking about whatever it is. he is learning that if he asks he is going to get the whole stream of thought from point a to my questions lol
    You are SO gorgeous -- but I know what you mean, I feel very fluffy today but I think that is due in part to my pants shrinking a little...I'm saying they shrunk. I couldn't have gained THAT much that quickly! ugh I need to go for a run but I'm sleepy so I most likely won't, I'll just sit here and complain with you =)

    Tomorrow is Friday -- cheer up =) and as for the Husband, he'll appreciate any small gesture =)

  4. Nope, your not alone! i was actually like this from 3am-4:30am THIS MORNING...

    SIGH. it is hard being a girl isn't it...

    glad we have bloggy friends to vent to. just breathe and you will get thru it. and know you're definitely not alone!

  5. So I just stumbled onto your blog, read your 'about me' and it was like a checklist of my own I am now your newest follower :) Any who so glad I found you! Can't wait to see more great posts from you.
    Hi there! Just stumbled onto your blog and wanted to say hi.

  6. Thats how my brain is too. Its totally normal girl. Go relax with some wine :)

  7. So not alone! Haha! I can totally relate. :)

  8. I actually read every single word of that. A few of my favorite points..

    1. "super FLUFFY" HAHA! love that. I'm so going to use that term now.

    2. cheeseburger! go for the doubles.

    3. YAY for cancer free! PRAISE THE LORD is RIGHT!

    4. where is California? I will be in the gorgeous San Francisco in three weeks :)

    5. have you ever thought of taking anti-anxiety meds? and I ask this in the nicest way possible! promise! I take them :) most of the time, doesn't really work, but it's a lot better than what I would be had I NOT taken them haha!

    you are too cute.

  9. you are amazing

    but i feel your pain. i hate when my brain is going a zillion miles a minute!!

    so glad your SIL is cancer free :) amazing amazing

    oh and eat allll the onion rings you want you skinny minny!

    i heart you. now that I am jobless can I visit you and we can take fun pics all day together and eat greasy foods?


  10. I feel like this ALL THE TIME.

  11. Hmm...I think this is a snippet of my brain for a minute. I really need to do something sweet for my fiance.

    Did you get your hubs a gift before the wedding? I am trying to figure out what to get my fiance, but I'm just not sure....

  12. umm yea, worst thing ever when you cannot turn it off! You are so not frumpy though, Shay- stop that!

  13. oh my gosh you are def not alone! Ah. I have so much going on in my head, that I am constantly thinking about. I get stressed easily. I hate it. People tell me not stress about things, but it's def easier said than done for me. We have so much work at our house that needs to be done, not including the cleaning!! Ugh. I need a vacation! maybe everything won't be waiting for me to do when I come back? yeah, right. ha & YAY for being cancer free!! That's wonderful :D :D

  14. I am exactly like that too! Overactivebrainsyndrome or our brains are too huge from being ridiculously intelligent... I'll go with number 2. :)

    And most of my thoughts circle around food when I'm trying to watch what I eat. Figures.

    At least I know I am not the only one, so thank you for that. Have a great weekend!