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New Camera Strap & Bag $


Oh man...

I was sitting here...freaking out because my computer took a nose dive yesterday and I am currently on a borrowed laptop while my LIFE and WORK is at the computer doctor. All my pictures, everythingggggg is gone for the time being so WHAT am I to blog about...

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks and I remembered how big of a friggin' idiot I am...


How dare I!? ;)

My mother-in-law got me this camera bag for Christmas. It was on back order, so I didn't technically get it until January, but I LOVE IT!


I got my bag from Jo Totes and highly recommend them. This bag won't break the bank. It's fun, and I get compliments on it everytime I take it out! :) I am about to order this bag too...but I can't decide on the gray or yellow??? HELP! :) :) :) Aren't they adorable!?

I also ordered this camera strap from Etsy back in March. I love it!

This is what happens when you let your husband take pictures. Crotch shot at its finest. You are so welcome.

:) I feel much better now. If you are bored, feel free to go to my photography blog:

Xoxo! <-------Consider yourself lucky! ;) I don't just give those out to anyone!

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  1. love the crotch shot. That always happens to me too but my husband zooms in on the boobs.

    That bag is awesome. I would never guess it was a camera bag.

    hope your computer makes is back ok. I would DIE if my computer crashed and burned.

  2. CUTE bag! And that strap is pretty adorable too!
    My vote is for the yellow bag...
    Hope they are able to fix your computer soon, I'm sure you must be freaking out about that!

  3. CUTE strap! I got mine from Etsy for my birthday and I just LOVE it!

  4. I love your new camera bag and strap! I loveeee gray and yellow together! I'm going to search on etsy to get one too :)

  5. ADORABLE!!! I need to get a camera strap like whoa..tired of looking at the boring old Canon one haha! I love but will now have to check etsy! :)


  6. I just found your blog from Neely at a complete waste of makeup and I'm in love with you after just seeing your header! I live in Austin too and I'm going to attempt to get an Austin blogger meetup going here in the near future.
    Your bag and camera strap are adorable, I'm going to have to check out Jo Totes for my SLR. The bag I've got is not the least bit cute!
    I hope you have a great day!

  7. I love it! I love the new bag! I would definitely get it in the "Moss" green color!

    And P.S. Jennifer ^ Above... If you organized a meet up in Austin, I would SO be there in a heart beat! If we did it in october we could go to Austin City Limits :)

    Just sayin...

    PPS!! The crotch shot is awesome. Classy ladies we are! LOVE YA!!

    Sabrina Says

  8. The new bag is super cute!

  9. Nice crotch shot. ;)

    I love the bag!

  10. I kind of want your day, I hope! Love the bag too! I hope your doctor comes home all better very soon!

    Liesl :)

  11. oh good lord--that camera strap is simply too cute. love, love, love (especially the pop of yellow). well done!

  12. nice crotch shot. ;-) love the bag and shoulder strap!!! and very cute blog btw!!!


  13. CUTE! My husband always manages to get a crotch shot too...what is it with men!? haha!

    Love that strap and bag! I will be checking both out!

    Did you ever look to see what kind of lens you use?? I tried zooming in on the picture to look for myself but I can't get close enough :)

  14. that strap is presh, as are you!

    oh and I vote for the yellow bag since the awesome one you already have is gray.

    I kinda like the idea of getting a Christmas present in January... drag that holiday on for as long as possible ; )

  15. Super cool camera strap!..the yellow brightens things up, very cheery..
    (following now, i hope you can follow back also if you like my page! I'd appreciate it so much.. Thank youuu!


  16. I heart this strap and that bag is awesomeeeeeeeee.

  17. I love your camera strap!! I've been looking for one forever, and Etsy didn't even cross my mind, thanks for sharing!

    Charming blog by the way, I'm now following! Feel free to follow me too!

  18. This is cuter than my purse! Love it!

  19. Loving that camera bag and camera strap!