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My "Find" Makeover


On Mother's Day weekend, I went thrift store shopping with my Mom (as you might recall from this post) and found this for ONLY $30.00:


I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave it as it was when I found it because it kind of sort of grew on me. The "vintage" feel and its charm won me over, but after some thought, I decided it didn't match my decor. Andrew thought it would look better white, and since I'm SO BAD at making decisions, he made it for me. We wanted to paint it WHITE.

Hubs was a huge help on this project so I can't say I solely did it all by myself. (See babe, I told you I'd give you a shout out!) :)

The top of the dresser had split wood, and splinters everywhere.

So, we Andrew started off by measuring some wood to fit the top, and glued it down so we would have a smooth surface.

Sometimes Aggies find alternative ways to do things...

For example...finding dirty old bench weights to apply weight to the top.

So classy, I know.


We removed the hardware, and started sanding away.
We both then painted it with white Behr paint.
After two coats, we put the old hardware back on it. I haven't decided if I want to put different hardware on it yet. I kind of like the ones that came with it.

What do you think?


The bottom of the dresser was torn, ripped, and in some parts non-existant, so we covered it with trim we bought at Home Depot.


Right now it's in the office and I think I like it there.


Piper says, "I AM LAMP!"
Photobucket Gotta love iphone pics.

The best thing about this project is that it only cost:

$30.00 for the dresser
$0.00 for the paint we already had
$9.00 for the trim
$39.00 BaBy!

Oh, and I do realize that the carpet upstairs and the blinds are not favorable so don't hate! ;) Oh the joys of buying an older home that needs a lot of love and care to fit our taste. We have a lot of updates, projects, and plans coming your way... Just you wait! :)

I'm so lucky to have a handy husband who likes honey-do lists projects. But, hey, he's lucky he has a wife that likes to refurbish things too right? ;)

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  1. Hello miss HGTV. I think this came out AMAZING! you guys did an excellent job!

    it's so cool how something in a thrift/antique store can be turned into something that looks like its in pottery barn!

    can I buy your new furry lamp!? ;)


  2. Wow that is awesome! It looks great, and I think you should keep that hardware on there. I like the way it looks. You're inspiring me to want to do some projects :)

  3. Looks great!! I love the ribbon knobs!!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! That looks FANTASTIC!!! You did such a great job and what a Fabulous Find...I feel like going thrift shopping this weekend! Love it!

    Liesl :)

  5. Love the dresser! You made it look fantastic! The handles add just the right touch!

    Congrats on the house! We just bought ours in February and it's older too. Decorating it, and making it your own is the fun part! Enjoy!

    p.s. your dog is TOO cute! Love!

  6. I love it! The old hardware keeps that vintage feel even though you painted it white (which I'm a fan of). I especially love the "bow" looking hardware. Great find!

  7. So great! I love the bow like pulls!! :) you guys did an awesome job! I've been working on a project too and can't wait to post about it!

  8. I love it !!! And I die for those bow shaped pulls !

  9. SO AWESOME, Shay! That hardware is to die for and the "I am lamp" comment has me rolling! HA!

  10. LOVE IT! Those handles are SO cute! Eventually you could maybe get cool ones for the smaller drawers, but I LOVE those bow ones! :)

    Good work!!

  11. that looks absolutely amazingly AWESOME!!! i love the hardware that's on it now... and for such a bargain! You Go GIRL!

  12. Wow that looks great! I really love the bow handles!

  13. Awesome job you two!! I love fun DIY projects like that! And I really like the pulls on the bottom, but I think it would add even more character if you got some fun colorful knobs for the top... they have cheap ones at Hobby Lobby, just like the ones at Anthro! :)

  14. It looks great, girl! Love Piper as a lamp :)

  15. wow, you blow me away!! you did such a great job!! absolutely love it! can't wait to see the other tricks you have up your sleeve!

  16. It looks awesome! I really like it with the old hardware. I say keep it that way!

  17. haha i love the last picture! I made my husband come to the computer to see it! ha, great looks awesome!!

  18. WOW. Lemme say that again. W O W!!!!!!!!! I am SOO IMPRESSED and would have never thought it would turn out so amazing!!!! jealous! I'd so buy it from ya! :)

  19. THAT is awesome. GOOD JOB! I ENVY people like you beacause I would never, could never, EVER do that.

    and tell my mom, I mean Piper, hi for me :)

  20. IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!