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Good Morning Sweet doll faces!

I had a good weekend. How was yours?

We drove to College Station on Friday night to see our friend Cody and Will. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and then went and played some games at a local pub.
I don't mean to brag, but I kicked major boootayyyy at this.

Saturday, we played golf and despite the crazy wind, it was a blast! I got a little too much sun though...
Sunday I had two senior sessions in College Station, and then we went and had lunch with Cody. Afterwards, we went home, and that's when I saw this wreck that is still haunting me.

I witnessed the aftermath of a head on collision and I am scarred for life. I was sleeping in the passenger side of hubby's truck, and we were headed back to Austin from College Station. I swear I was sleeping for what felt like forever, and I knew when I woke up we would be almost home...but I was wrong. We were sitting in miles of traffic, and then I heard Drew say, "WOW! OMG! ... OMG!" And I jumped up, and I saw two cars...well, parts of two cars, slung across two lanes. The motor of one of the vehicles was in the backseat, and I just sat there and stared. I was nauseas, and sick to my stomach. Andrew and I looked at each other and said, "There is no way anyone survived this..." I don't know why I had anxiety about it the rest of the evening. I was laying in bed last night, with that vivid picture in my mind. Feeling horrible for the families and those involved in the crash. It really broke my heart. I wish I could forget that I saw it. I'm already paranoid to the tenth degree...ugh.

I have a busy week ahead of me. I have about a million and one things to take care of, along with a maternity shoot on Wednesday evening after I get off of work. (This is going to be so much fun though, I can't wait)

I hope to implement some changes to my blog soon...and since I'm just now talking about there anything I can do to make this blog more enjoyable to read? I know I want to change things up a bit, and when I get caught up on my photography, I will be full on committed to this little bloggy of mine.

So what would you like to read more of? What changes would you like to see? :)

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  1. I totally love your blog already so I don't have an recs on that front... but ooo get a button! so I can put it on my blog!

    Ummm hi twinsie we have the same sunnies! love love love

    I used to work at BWW, and I wish you had come to sit at my table! (ya know if you lived here)

    Wow that crash sounds all kind of scary.... I think seeing things like that should affect us.. otherwise it'd be like we've lost our humanity.


  2. It looks like you had a GREAT weekend! Aside from that scary!

  3. Accidents like that always get to me too. It just forces you to look at life again, grieve for those families, and try to appreciate what you have.

    I'm with you on the burning. I had a full day field trip on Saturday and Sunday this weekend for geology and as a fair-skinned gal I am super burned on my face and neck. If we weren't required to wear jeans and a t-shirt it could have been worse!

    Looks like a fun weekend and I love your blog exactly as it is. I'm sure anything you choose will be great!

  4. oh no burn! i'm burnt too :( poor little nose

  5. So sad for you that you had to see the crash, and so sad for those families. I do the same thing when I see crashes, i cringe and feel this sadness inside for a couple of hours. They are so scary and I know that the people involved could be scared and badly hurt so it makes me so sad. Haha we are so similar.

  6. I have witnessed a crash happen and it's just the weirdest feeling...and it totally stays with you for a while. Hope you can get it out of your mind soon!

    and I must say, I LOVE the pink golf clubs. My husband got me some also and I tried to play, I really did, I even took some golf lessons. But I suck. Like I hit the ball 1 out of every 30 swings. So now I just ride in the cart and drink an adult beverage or two. and it totally sucks because my husband plays golf like 4 times a week and he's GOOD. And I totally get jealous.

  7. I just love reading about y'all's lives :)

    Sorry about the crash, I am the same way... those things affect me for days :(

    Hope the sunburn turns into a nice pretty tan soon :) That's the best part!

  8. Glad you had a fun weekend!

    You're did get some sun!

  9. Don't change your blog! THe music, the pictures is why we love it so! :) Or at least I do! :)

  10. Ouch! And I have pink golf clubs too, love it!!!

  11. i love your blog the way it is so i have no ideas to throw your way! anything you write, i want to read!

    sorry that you had to see the accident. what a horrible thing ... i feel so sad for the families.

  12. Wrecks are soo scary and heart wrenching to see :( At least the rest of your weekend looked like a lot of fun though :)

  13. love b dubs!! yum! and all your pics are sooo cute - yikes for that sunburn :( you should aloe it up! hope you'r ehaving a good week lady!

  14. Just found your blog via Rissy @ Carissa Explains it All. Love it! New follower :)

  15. ummmmm..... yall are so adorable.

    love it and you new bloggy friend