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My husband is the best.



I know it's the weekend, and while everyone is out and about doing their weekend duties...I just wanted to tell y'all that I seriously have the BEST husband in the world. Best as in...

He really REALLY loves me...and I really REALLYYYY love him. Like how I add more "Y's" to my Really? :)

He lets me sleep in an extra 30 minutes in the morning by taking out the dogs when they start to bark and scratch at my arm to let them out.

He sweeps and mops the floors while I do the laundry.

He mows and waters the yard. He takes pride in it, while the rest of the neighorhood doesn't.

He notices when I don't drink enough water, and goes and grabs one for me.

He kisses me on the forhead and says, "You're the best baby." When really...I'm thinking he's the best for kissing me on the forhead.

He let's me blare my music through the house when I'm cleaning.

He tells me my hair looks pretty when I think I'm having a bad hair day.
He takes me couch and hard wood floor shopping when I beg him knowing I will want to buy it right then and there...and will have to find a way to make me feel better when I know we won't be able to do it right then and there.
He hugs me when we leave stores and he knows I wanted that couch and those floors...saying, "One day soon, babe...I promise."

He looks at me when I'm staring out the window.

He asks me what kind of cows those are in the field when I have no clue...and he's probably told me a million times. (He was an Animal Science major...I guess I asked for it.)

He comes home and measures our floors for the hard wood just to make me feel better. He's trying, and I love that.

He likes to grill. We are grilling chicken, asparagus, and red taters tonight. I'm excited.

He holds my hand...even at home.

He smiles at me a lot.

He sees something Texas at the store, and says, "You can send that to a bloggy friend one day! Wouldn't that be cool?" :)

He likes you guys... :)

He laughs at my stupid jokes and sarcasm.

He loves Piper and Furlee even though he yells at them all the time.

That's all...

I love weekends.

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  1. That was such a cute post! That last picture is precious.

    I hope you're having a great weekend, but it sounds like you are. :)

  2. This is beyond are both of you! I love that you wrote out the things you love about him, and what a great guy he seems to be for sure! You are both lucky can tell him we like him too! :)

    Liesl :)

  3. This is such a cute post!! :)

  4. Such a sweet post. Ya'll are truly in love!!

  5. Awww so sweet! Y'all are just too cute :)

  6. I am in love with this post. That is so stinkin sweet! You truly found your prince charming! :]

  7. awww that might be the sweetest post I've ever read.

    I adore the "he holds my hand at home." That just sounded like the greatest thing ever.

    Letting you sleep in is pretty amazing too because most guys that I know seem to value their sleep more than I do.

    Which couch do you think you're going to get?! I need to go back and look so I can give an educated opinion... oh wait you didn't ask for it ; )


  8. puts a smile on my face :) reminds me of my drew :) It must be a drew thing! They are good guys

  9. you guys are adorable...sooo freakin adorable it made me smile! :) great guys are the glad you have found totally 100% deserve it pretty lady :)

    posing for photos in furniture stores is the best isnt it?


  10. I love this post for so many reasons....

    You and your husband are such a beautiful couple.

    I hope my fiance and me are as happy as the two of you.

    Thank you for making me smile!

  11. This just brightened my day.

    I love it when you post about Andrew and your relationship. You guys give me hope that my prince charming is out there and that I will someday find that once in a lifetime love that you both share. :)

  12. such a cute post! What a great hubby you've got!