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Misc. Monday Yo!


Well, my Monday kinda sorta BITES but whatdoyado?

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Fridayyyy!
Friday, Drew and I had a double date with our friend Courtney and Justin. We went to Razoos...aka CAJUN FOOD. I've never really had cajun food before so I was a little nervous. And the verdict? Ehh. I had fun on the double date though...cajun food just isn't my thing I guess.
Say hello to my lil' friend.

Saturday was good. We slept in a little, did some things around the house, and I edited pictures for the majority of the day. That night we had another double date with my friend from work and his fiance. We went to Outback and they sorta kinda told them it was my birthday...haha. I kinda felt bad...well...okay, NOT really. It wasn't my idea okay? I just went with it. :)

"Happy Birthdayyyy toooo meeee ;)"

We then went and saw Scream 4. The verdict? Corny, but good. Aren't all Scream movies corny though? :) I had a friend at work tell me who the killer was on Friday (he went to the midnight showing on Thursday) and so it was NICE knowing I could relax my brain and not think about who it was the whole time. Muahahahaw. It was fun to torment my friends and Drew though muhahahahahahahahahahaw!

I then came home and edited pics with Piper. He's such a great little helper.

3. Sunday.
Sunday was super productive. I woke up to my husband messing with his Rubiks cube. He's been obsessed with it ALLLLL weekend long. His goal on Friday was to buy one, and learn how to do it by Sunday. Mission Accomplished. (Even though in this picture it doesn't look like it haha. This was his 8th time doing it I think?)

I cleaned my butt off too. I did about 8 loads of laundry (WHOA is right) and I decided to clean my our closet.



Much much better. I battled a migraine all night Saturday and all morning Sunday, so I'm pretty proud of myself for truckin' along my day. :)

Hubs also made me homemade chicken enchiladas! :) He's the bomb diggity yo!

4. Nom nom nom.
This cookie is amazing. You know the ones right? If not, get your butt to HEB now and you will realize what you have been missing your whole life.

4. PEE. One of my friends just texted me and I dieddddddd laughing. This for real people.


Don't worry. Her name is distorted for the sake of "privacy" and I asked her if I could post this. I couldn't resist :) The rest of the text message is pretty hilarious:

Me: I won't goober. LOL. Can I put this on my blog?
Her: (Sends me picture of the "accident")
Me: LMAO! OMG!!!! This made my freakin' day.
Her: Hahaha Yesss sure. LOL, I'm 5 again. Bahahahaha I pissed myself!
Me: Were you even laughing!?
Her: Haha yeah but not like a whole lot to piss myself. (Sends another picture that is freaking hilarious) WHOLY CRAP (yeah she said the "S" word) I can't even get up Shay! F*&%!!!!
Me: OMG! I don't even know what to say...Do you have a drink nearby? Water perhaps? Spill that shiz on your crotch and nobody will know! Say, "Oopsie!" Hahahahahaha
Her: I'm laughing my ass off right now. I cannot believe this S$%^! Baahahahahahaha
Me: I'm literally crying over here.

Good times. I love my friend.

4. Sweet co-worker.
I just got back from eating on my lunch break and I saw this on my desk.
So sweet right!??!!? I love it!

Speaking of Monday...I've knocked my papers over TWO times today and got them out of order. Just another case of the Mondays! :)


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  1. I love weekends in pictures!! Your friend is hilarious! HAHA I'm so glad you shared! Too funny!

  2. OMG your poor friend!!!! That is so funny! She is such a great sport for letting you put that on your blog! And what a sweet/cute little hair bow! Totally you! Have a good Monday!!!

  3. I loved your pictures! Looks like you had some funny times :o) I just had crawfish for the first time last week! They were spicy delicious - lots of work, though! Gosh, your pups are the cutest!

  4. Those types of cookies are THE BEST! I enjoyed your pictures :)

  5. Looks like a fun and productive weekend!

  6. I love crawfish season! I ate a ton yesterday at Rockfish! So yummy!

  7. My name is Courtney and my brother's name is Justin. Haha! Yeah, just thought I'd tell you that since you said you went out with your friends Courtney and Justin. :)

  8. I love how honest this was! I feel like sometimes everyone says "it was sooo amazing!" about everything and I just want to say "really?!"

    That dessert is soo worth a little white lie.

    We did a store re-set where I work last night, and my friend and I said that trying to re-order the thong colors was like working a rubics cube. I have a lot of respect for your hubs!

    How did your friend get up??? Oh my gosh. Now I am going to be soo weirdly paranoid that this will happen to me!!!


  9. Sounds like a super fun weekend! You are so beautiful, girl. :)

  10. Wow your closet looks great! I am a sucker for organizing! You look gorgeous in the picture of you two girl...glad you had a great weekend!

  11. hahaha, your friend is too funny! too funny!

    i wish my closet looked that organized right now!

  12. Haha those text messages are the best.. especially 'Don't u tell a soul' :) And the chicken enchiladas look so so yummy. xo

  13. I'm a little behind, but those texts are TOO funny and I love your nail polish color ;)

  14. your pup is adorable and i just drooled over all that food.

    yummy life you lead, my friend.