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Fur-iday, Sad faces & Office Inspiration, Oh my!


I fully planned on blogging about randomness yesterday, but I just couldn't seem to get myself together. After a long work day, I got home, and "sat" on the couch. I think somewhere around the "sitting" part I must have laid down...and then ZzZzZzZzZzZ (until 8:00! GASP! Shhhh!). I then had to go to my husband's all men softball league game, and didn't get home until 10. I haven't been to bed until 2 or so in the morning EVERY night this week, so the nap I guess was destined.

In other news, I got promoted yesterday at my 8-5. I got a raise (THANK YOU BABY JESUS!) and more responsibility. Good stuff right there.

This weekend I have plans to hang out with friends, and I have two photoshoots. I have to take a break from editing pictures because I swear I'm getting carpel tunnel. My hand HURTS! It's cramping up all the time, and I don't know what to do. Anyone know of how to fix this? I guess being on the computer from 8 to 5, and then when I get home til the wee hours in the morning is taking its toll.

My boys are missing me too...isn't this pathetic?

Told you...I've been busy, and my boys are making me feel bad, so I'm taking tonight off. Then it's back to the grind!

AND since I've been spending so much time in our "office" (basically just a dull room with a computer, chair, and desk in it) I started to look at offices online.

I feel UNinspired in my office right now. I want to rip out the carpet, put hardwood floors down, get a new light, put up some shelving, paint the walls, add a know, make it SHAY-tastic! I spend so much time up there, I believe I deserve it! :) I just have to run it by hubs...

We are eventually putting new floors down in our house, so maybe if I convince him that we can "practice" this whole wood floor thing upstairs? It can't hurt to try...right?

I know I want it to be white, yellow, and gray (the colors of my photography business) and I want stripes, or some type of decal or wallpaper on one wall. I just can't seem to decide...

I think I might take a few ideas from each of these.


So pretty! Ahhh! So many ideas! :) :) :) Now all I need is $$$. Donations? Anyone? Anyone? (*insert the awkward cricket noise here.*) JUST KIDDING! I'd never ever ever ever ask anyone for money. I need to learn patience my friends. PATIENCE! :) Maybe next week? Ha, not. I have to buy plane tickets to California next week. Talk about pricey! OUCH! And I'm scared to fly now with all these cracks in Southwest...Wow, ramble much!? Sorry ladies.

AnYwAy, I love you guys. Oh, do you remember when I mentioned that nap yesterday? Would it be weird if I told a blogger that I had a dream about her? NOT A BAD DREAM (Get your mind out of the gutter) but what happened was we randomnly ran into each other, and we hugged, and we were crying our eyes out lol. Like, we were THAT happy to meet. So weirdddddddddddd. I woke up thinking WHAT THE HELL!? AH. Have you ever had a dream about meeting a blogging friend? :)

It's FREAKING FRIDAY! AND I am thrilled! I also booked THREE weddings this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am so happy! And I am going to be doing a wedding show this year too, so hopefully that will be good! :)

I LOVE THIS. I'm living by it too.


Alright, I'm done with my randomness. My fingers need a break. And well, I need to get back to work. ;) I did get a promotion yesterday... Haha.

P.s.) If you are my boss, and reading this...I'm on my lunch break.


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  1. I think if your posts weren't so random, we wouldn't like them as much! ;)

    LOVE all those office/studio pics. One of each, please.

    Congrats on the photog picking up and the 9-5 raise!

    Sophisticated Steps

  2. about that carpel tunnel- my mom had to have surgery on both her wrists when she was in her late 20s. Not cool.

    ways to help:
    wrist rests for the computer and mouse (there are the ok ones, and the really expensive ones- splurge on these)
    be sure you have a good chair to sit in
    and the doc had her wear braces for a while prior to surgery (you can get them at the drugstore)

    good luck with the office- i would love to redesign (or rather just design) ours!

  3. I want those studios so badly... mine is a disaster too.. Yea for the night off I have to do that every once and awhile because of sewing too much..

  4. I love those offices! and WOOHOO on the promotion! That's always a good thing. Did I tell you already that my mom has the same name as your dog, Piper? too funny... :)

  5. Love the yellow office! And a BIG congrats to you on your promotion!! Andddd... yes, I too have had a dream about meeting a blogger, so you aren't the only one! ha! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. LOVE those offices!

    Congrats on the promotion and the weddings :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love everything about this post! I won't tell you how much time my husband and I have sat on our couch the last few days... You'll be sad for us. We may or may not be sitting on the couch right now actually. :)

  8. uuuuugh i want a a big girl office so bad. one day. one day. congrats on the promotion and pay raise! holla!

  9. Congrats on the promotion! So exciting! I've been seeing a lot of inspiring offices around the blogging world and am loving them all. Have you seen the people who are turning closets into mini offices? Not a walk in closet, but a closet that opens and then there's a desk right there and you sit facing the closet. Sounds strange, but it's so cute! I love how these offices have one wall painted in a pattern. I'm wondering how to make stripes. I feel like it can't be THAT hard, right?

  10. I'd be honored to be in your dreams. so dream away. seriously.

  11. Congrats on the promotion and photography sessions! I have been wanting to redo our office too. I loved all the bright and light colors you had. Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. LOVE that office that has the yellow walls. That is definitely a dream office.

  13. i love pretty offices and can't wait to have one of my own someday.

  14. Congrats on the Promotion and I love those offices too! I also LOVE that colorful and inspriational poster at the end of your blog! Is that something you made? if so i WOULD LOVE TO buy one to hang in my office at work!! :)

  15. Are you starting your own photography business? I just started mine in October, here in Houston. I found a great tip for the wrist thing - I bought a graphics tablet by Wacom (I think the model is called Bamboo). It makes my hand movement much more natural than using the mouse... it is just like holding a pencil and using that instead. It is faster to use than a mouse or touchpad as well... just give it a week to get used to!