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Hey pretties! I'm Busy with a capital B! Like, fo realz. And strangely, hubby last night said, "Babe! Update your blog! NOW!" But I have not have time you see. I'm busy editing pictures (which is a good thing) so my blogging is taking a small backseat until I can get caught up.

So, I thought, WHY not do this ABC thing? It's a quick excuse to blog...and my week has just been another week full of work and running around like a chicken with my wing cut off. That's one awkward chicken, I know.

ABC's of Yours Truly

This is me at age 6? I literally had no hair...and this is me after my dentist appointment. I was proud to be cavity free. (Hence the stickers!) I wish that was still the case...Oh, and don't be jealous of my awesome jacket.


Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: Putting away clothes/folding clothes after I wash them. They tend to stay in the dryer...for awhile. Like I said, I'm busy.

Dogs: Two precious little scooby snacks named Piper and Furlee. (Pipes
and Furl)---> (like Earl).

Essential start to your day: Umm. Potty. Kiss from hubs. Shower. Coffee.

Favorite color: Gray and Yellow.

Gold or silver: White gold. :)

Height: 5'4" of pure awesomness.

Instruments: I can play "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...That's amore." on the piano. That's about as good as it gets.

Job title: Wifey. Lead Account Administrator for a marketing company. Photographer. Wedding Planner/Coordinator.

Kids: Not yet.

Live: Austin, Texas baby!

Moms name: Sherrlyn. (Cher-Lynn)

Nickname: Shay, Shay Ray, Shaybles, Shay Shay...Sexy haha ;)

Overnight hospital stays: Yes...quite a few. I was once "compacted with stool" in the third grade. (TMI? Yeah...) and that was a painful experience. I didn't know what "stool" meant about embarrassing. That, and kidney stones (three stinkin' times)...

Pet peeve: Liars, bad drivers, mean people, tangled up hangers, just stupid people in general. That sounds mean, but I'm serious. Use your brain people. And this is most likely a pet peeve because I work in Customer Service. It amazes me at the questions they ask sometimes.

Quote from a movie: "Shampoo is better because I go on first and clean the hair. Conditioner is better because I leave the hair silky and smooth. Oh really fool? Oh really? (insert fight between the shampoo and conditioner.) STOP LOOKING AT ME SWAN!" Name that movie.

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: Youngest of four. Only girl. I have two half brothers and one "real blood" brother.

Time you wake up: Depends. Lately, LATE. Like 7:15-7:20. But on a "normal" day, I would say around 6:30.

Underwear: Yes, please?

Vegetables you dislike: Hmmm...Spinach. Unless it's spinach dip. LOVE that stuff.

What makes you run late: My inability to get up on time. I'm tired...anddddd my snooze button and I are best friends. OH! TRAFFIC TOO! Hate it.

X-rays you've had done: Let's foot, my head, my arm, my wrist, my teeth, my stomach, and my boobs. I've played a lot of sports. I'm also accident prone.

Yummy food you make: Everything I make is delish. (Haha) but I'd have to say my "specialty" is macaroni and cheese. LOL. Gourmet is right.

Zoo animal: I love the penguins. They crack me up.

Welp, guess that's all for today y'all. I promise I'll be back in full mode soon. Xoxo.

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  1. haha loved learning a little more about ya =)
    This is going to sound weird -- but I totally would have made you taller lol. You seem taller than 5'4" =)
    My husband calls me Sexy too lol =) usually when I feel so the least

  2. Billy Madison is the best movie ever. Just sayin. And Macaroni and Cheese...home-made? Sounds amazing. Have a good weekend!!!

  3. Love your movie quote! :) That will forever be one of my favorite moves EVER.

  4. Love your list! Sounds like you've been really busy!

  5. can you make me some mac and cheese and ship it to me in england? thanks a bunch.