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The VLOG has arrived.


Omgoodness I cringe at the thought of this VLOG I'm about to post. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

Oh, and real fast. I feel weird even worrying/asking about this but I need to know what you guys think about this when or if it has ever happened to you. Not that it really matters because I never thought I would have ONE follower, much less all of you pretty little ladies, but I've lost TWO followers this week. ----> Big sad face :( Does this bother y'all too when this happens? I know I shouldn't care and just be like, "Whatever!" but I'm not gonna lie. It kinda bugs me... :( Blah, okay I guess I'm over it now.

I really want to thank those of you who do read this blog though. I am trying to make it more fun to read, k? :)

OKAY, so it is here y'all. (I'm covering my face in my hands, no joke!)I had to record this on my phone because my camera is broke. I think the best part of this whole Vlog thing is the HORRIBLE way the video pauses your face in the beginning and at the end of the video LOL. AWFUL right? haha.

And here is the link for how my husband and I met.

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  1. Awww you're so cute! Loved learning more about you :)

  2. I have lost a couple followers since I began as well, and yes, in a way it is kind of I know the feeling! :)

    That said, I have had a bunch of requests to do vlogs, but haven't jumped on that bandwagon...yet! Lovely seeing you doing it and learning more about you at the same time!

    Liesl :)

  3. your blog is just adorable!!!new follower!!!

  4. you are so cute! I swear I can tell your nice just from your voice, but the way you answered those questions definitely proves that as well.

    hahaha a big goober? I like that.

  5. I lost a follower this week, too! It definitely makes me wonder what I did or didn't do that made them follow me for a while and then decide not to. Oh well. I guess if they don't want to follow me then it is better to have followers who want to read what I have to say. But that being said, I will unfollow someone if they don't write about what I originally thought or their posts are about topics that I find myself unable to relate to. I rarely unfollow, though, because I know how sad it makes me.

    You're too cute in your vlog. You shouldn't hide your head in your hands. We all think we look funny on camera. I always see myself and hear a voice so different from what I think I sound like. These vlogs are so fun!

  6. Twinkie! First of all, the only reason you probably lost followers is because they were probably the people who followed you just wanting a "follow back" but then their blog was about dinasaurs or rock collecting or something like that that you aren't interested in, so heaven forbid you didn't follow them. Seriously, I bet that is why because your blog is cuuuuuuttttteeeee;-)

    Okay, you are ADORABLE. Seriously gorgeous and adorable. We need to meet someday. I love how the hardest part of being married for you is the toilet paper- HALLELUJAH! Bathroom "stuff" in general is the hardest thing for me in our marriage, HA! And we only have one! AHHH!

    You guys need to have kids like 10 minutes ago. Seriously they are going to be little models!

    Take me to Fiji with you!

    That is all, have a great Sunday!

  7. I would move out of TX too but I loooove it here! Thanks for answering my questions. It was so fun to learn more about you. You are too cute!!

  8. I loved this vlog, definitely no need to hide about it. I may steal your vlog idea soon and do a Q&A one as well. My blog doesn't have quite as many followers as yours, so I may wait a bit to make sure I get enough questions. I definitely know the feeling about losing's sad, but again as one of the commenters above said..if they don't want to read it's better to have followers that do.

  9. So cute! And I loved your vlog so you don't have to cringe!

  10. You are so cute! I really liked it, great job :)

  11. I'm a semi-new follower and I thought your vlog went really well! Good job!! :)

  12. i lost a couple followers in a week too! I hated to admit it but it kinda hurt my feelings! i'm hoping maybe they just deleted their blogs! bahaha. Anyways, your blog is adorable! I'm your newest follower!!
    hope to talk to ya soon!

  13. I love this so much! A few comments:

    1) You are unbelievably beautiful.
    2) Your voice & accent are so sweet!
    3) I have no idea why anyone would stop following your blog!


  14. I am a new follower!! :) I just found your blog and love are precious and I loved the story of how you and your husband met! :)

  15. You are too cute! I love your blog soo much! :)

    Those names are really adorable too :)

    Don't stress about the un-followers, they don't matter anyways! ;) Your blog is too hilarious & way too good not to follow!

  16. I'll play devils advocate here....I BLOG HOP a in when a blogger continually posts about things I cannot relate or comment on, I just usually just stop following! Totally has nothing to do with them personally I just get bored I have the attention span of a nat sometimes LOL :) or if they haven't posted in a month....I'm like really? why am I following? so I leave...I have rejoined a few if they come back...the way it goes I suppose...

    I see you finally came over to my page!!! Yay!! :) How's the Photo business going?? :)

  17. PS I have to admit the first I heard your new song on your profile I was like Oh my she has The Waltons THEME SONG on her blog page LOL then I saw it was that group called Mumford and Sons BHAHAHAHAH I'm a dork!

  18. Thanks so much ladies! Y'all make me smileeee!!! :) AND CMae! Omgoodness! I thought I was already a follower on your blog and realized I wasn't! I fixed that quick style! ;) Photo business is GREAT! March and April are so busy!! yayayayay!

  19. I've lost followers before. I have no idea why and try not to take it personally - but I understand that it always stings to see that number drop.

    Love your VLog - you've got such a soothing voice! :) (Sorry if that sounded like a total creep! LOL)

  20. To answer your question on my post- I have no idea where you would find the dress in the States. The place that we found it is in Canada (as that's where I live) and I have NO idea what the style number or designers name was. I am zero help!

  21. just came across your lovely blog! can i just say how stinkin cute you two are?! and i love your VLOG!
    can't wait to read more!

    your newest follower

  22. This is fabulous! I love seeing you talk in real time and thanks for answering my question about Sonic :) And that was NOT a reminder, you look like you're in great shape!

  23. Love the vlog! So fun to hear people's voices and you pronounced my name right...I'm so impressed! I love that the hardest part of marriage for you is to keep the toilet paper stocked haha! Robbie and I just had that conversation yesterday!!!

  24. Awww thanks Kristen :)

    LOL Mateya! It REALLY is. When my MIL visits, she brings toilet paper because I think she knows how fast it goes...and I get so excited. TP is expensive! haha

  25. OMG!!!! I am ashamed that I missed this!!!!

    Just FYI, I'm about to blow up your comment box.

    1) I lose followers ALL. THE. TIME. I won't say it doesn't annoy me, but really, it happens to ALL bloggers. Who knows what people's reasoning is behind doing it, but you just CAN'T let it bother you. I just try to be concerned about the people who DO enjoy my blog and who are sticking around!

    2) Ok, you are the CUTEST FREAKIN THING EVER!!!! You're like a little Barbie doll, and I just want to give you a big hug!! :P

    3) Keeping the TP stocked is the hardest thing in your marriage?! Daayyym, me and Matthew need to come get marriage counseling from you two!!! (hehehe... just playing. we actually get along pretty darn well!)

    4) I loved your answer to my question!! And your reference to me as your "little Austinite!" I just got all warm and fuzzy inside at that one!!

    5) There was something else in the vlog I wanted to comment on too, but I can't remember what it was and my hubsand is texting me pictures of our dogs from downstairs and asking me to come cuddle with them. So I must go.

    But basically, I LOVED THIS!!!! :)