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TMI Tuesday # Ask away!


Hi y'all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I know I did. We kept it simple. REALLY simple, and you know what? I liked it that way. While people were wining and dining, we were parked at Sonic, eating chili cheese dogs and sippin' on some good ol' Dr. Pepper. We spent the rest of the evening watching my television shows, and cuddling on the couch. Tonight, however, we are going to our "real" Valentine's Day dinner. The crowds will be much more pleasant don'tcha think? :)

So, I've seen this done quite a few times on some of my favorite blogs, and I have always wanted to do this.

I really hope you know this movie...or otherwise this could be a little awkward ;)

If you have anything you want to ask me, please ask away!

I am debating on whether to respond in Vlog form, or just typing out the questions and then answering. I guess it all depends on how many questions I get :) I'm not really sure if I will even get a response, so hopefully this isn't too I guess we shall see. I will post/vlog? my answers this Friday! :)

I'm all ears...QuEsTiOnS??? Anyone?...

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  1. bahahahah I watched Accepted over the weekend I love that movie!!! OK I will ask you something: How many kids do you and Mr Nelson want and when do you want to have said kids?

  2. Would you ever leave Texas and live in another state?

  3. Im not sure if you have mentioned this on your blog before, but how did you meet your husband? Sounds like you had a perfect valentines day :) x

  4. What has been the hardest part of being married??

    What do you and Mr. Nelson argue about the most?

  5. How do you eat Sonic and stay in such good shape?? ;)



    Besides you, who is your favorite Shalyn in this world? Okay, jk...

    If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go? Choose only one;-)

    When do you want to start your family?

  7. I think a Vlog would be super cute!! :)

    What is an embarrassing/bad habit you have/or had but succeeded at getting rid of? :)

    What is your favorite part of clothing? Like shoes, tops, jeans, belts, socks, panties, etc.

  8. That sounds like the cutest date of them all. How could it get better than THAT?

    How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

  9. Hmm.. I love your blog :) SO cute!

    If you had one boy & one girl, what would you name them?

  10. Maybe this is too TMI, but in the earlier times of your blog, you had mentioned that you have had frequent hospital stays and I think somewhere that you suffered from bad migraines (hope I am not confusing you with another blogger I follow). I was just wondering what they ever discovered was causing the migraines? Thanks for always having a kick-booty blog!

  11. Why hello there Mrs. Nelson! Toootally on board with the vlogging idea!! Doooo itt!!! It's sooo fun to see other bloggers "in person!"

    And speaking of seeing other bloggers in person, I am also totally on board with meeting you one of these days!! Breakfast? Lunch? Coffee? (feel free to email me!!)

    Ah yes, and my question: If you could change one and only one non-physical characteristic of yourself, what would it be?

    Hmmmm... let that one marinate a while.


  12. your blog is very cute! even though you didn't go OUT on v-day in the traditional sense, it sounds like you had a wonderful time!! sometimes low-key is good :)

  13. Sounds perfect, I always keep Valentine's day low key as well. I just found your blog,so i don't have any questions, but vlogs are always good!