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So glad it's almost the weekend.


All of my feelings are mumble jumbled today. I have cried, laughed, smiled, frowned, and wanted to scream at the top of my lungs all before NOON today.

One word: TGIF.

Okay so that isn't technically one word. Haha sue me.

I have decided that I WILL DO A VLOG (I cringe at the thought of hearing my voice on video because I hate the way it sounds lol) but I will do it. I planned on doing it today, but y'all, I'm not having the best of days and I want to be in a happier mood when I do.

SO, I will be back tomorrow when it's the weekend, I'm in better spirits, and I'm home with my kick-A husband and precious chitlens (the pup-a-roos).

Deal? :)

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Austin Echelon Building disaster.

I remember being at work, and this guy came in the building, went straight down my row and was shaking, staring out the window. He said, "Omg! Omg! I think a building was bombed! I was driving and all the sudden there was this huge explosion to my left!" I walked to the window, and all I could see was smoke in the distance. I took a picture, not really knowing what was going on just yet.
I immediately went to my computer and looked at the local news. It had JUST happened, so there wasn't even anything on the news reporting it yet. Then about a minute later, I saw the headline, "Small plane crashes into Echelon Building."
Such a sad day, but it's also a day to thank all of those who helped that day, and continue to respond to such horrible, and tragic events.

AND NOW for a happy NOTE:

Look at what my evening looked like last night:


Happy Friday lovies! I will be back tomorrow with the answers to all of your questions. Thank you so much for reading, responding, and for all the sweet little notes. You guys make me smile!


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  1. :( I hope your day turns around!

    I never heard about the plane crashing into the building on the news, but oh my, how awful!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh man what is it about today before noon?! I was unusually stressed today before noon as well! It seemed like 50 things were all happening at once..I feel ya girl. But looking at the pics of your puppies make me smile (especially the last picture) because my Rocky looks just like that (smiling oh so big) when he's outside!

  3. I know how that can be -- very frustrating to feel ALL those emotions so early in the day =/ I hope your day got better.
    Your photoshoot last night was darling =) the pup-a-roos brought a smile to my face =)

  4. such a sad story!

    but looks like you had a lovely evening :) love your pretty pups!!

  5. Ahh i hate those days! i hope your day picks up from now on and yess TGIF! cant wait for the vlog xx

  6. oh my gosh that's crazy you could see the smoke! so scary!

  7. For what it's worth, my day started out kind of crappy, so I was pretty annoyed before noon, too! I am SO.HAPPY.THE.WEEKEND.IS.HERE. ;) Looking forward to seeing your's always fun to hear blog-friends "real" voices; it's funny how you have these preconceived voices from the tone/voice of a blog alone - it's fun to hear their voices in real life. :) (And for the record, I hate the sound of my own voice on video, too)

    Those photos of the plane crash anniversary are pretty scary...and so sad. :(

    Love the photos from last have such a cute little family. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  8. TWINKIE!! A VLOG?!!! Seeing you in person (well, as close to in person as we will probably ever get;-)) is SO STINKING EXCITING! I am waiting patiently;-)AKA- HURRY UP!

  9. Your pups are ADORABLE. I have 2 dogs too, but they're mini-doxies.

    Those pictures of the Echelon building are terrifying. So sad.

    I'm a new follower, stop on by..