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FIRST OF ALL, go see Just Go With It. Such an adorable movie! I loved it and laughed non-stop. Nicely done Mr. didn't disappoint.

As you can see, hubs and I just got back from date night. We went and ate Mexican food and then went to the movies. I love date nights...they make me so happy. :) We decided to be silly and take some a lot of pictures before we left. Ah, don't ask. We be crazy sometimes...okay, ALL the time.

And now for some bad "moos": Andrew's parents planned on coming in this weekend to visit, but right before they were about to leave, one of their cows had her calf...and long story short, the calf died and the cow wasn't doing very well. So, they had to stay and might come tomorrow depending on how well the cow is doing in the morning. Poor cow :(

ALSO, when hubs and I were walking out the door, my blog swap package from Manda at My Life in the Making was hanging out on my front step. :) I will be back tomorrow and post all about the goodies she sent me! AND I will be back tomorrow to play catch up with the blog challenge that I have slacked on the past two days.

Until tomorrow, sweet dreams...this little fella is waiting for me.Photobucket

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  1. Your date night earrings are freaking awesome... love them! And that face on your puppy is about as precious as they get. Have a good weekend! Every Mile A Memory

  2. awww!! cute pictures!! you guys are so sweet together =)
    We are going on a group date tonight with friends to Mexican restaurant and Just go With it! Glad to hear it is good =)
    I'm sorry tohear about the calf and mama cow =/ I hope she is doing alright!

  3. I giggled at a few of your coupley cuteness pics then swooned over your furry friend. I am such a sucker for a cute dog.

    So far I have only heard good things about Just Go With It which makes me happy because I love me some Jen Anniston!


  4. You guys are silly! I just love your date night earrings. :)

  5. Awww y'all are so cute! Glad to hear you had a fun date night!

  6. Too cute! I like your earrings, too! My husband wants to go see that movie.. maybe we will!

  7. you are so adorable. and love those earrings. and the way you did you eye makeup. and a movie and mexican food is the best date night ever!

  8. You two are so cute...and now I want Mexican food at 11PM...blast!