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Blog Swap Catch Up Time & My Gift! $


Well hello there my lovelies.

Andrew's parents ended up coming in on Saturday so I didn't find time to grace my computer with a visit, however, I am here now and catching up.

How was your weekend? Mine was SO good :)

Saturday, Andrew's parents got here around 2 and the boys did some electrical wiring in our kitchen, and my MIL and I talked and ate some earthquake cake (MmmmmMMmmm, stuff is amazing), and went to H-E-B to get some coffee. Why am I telling you this? Boring with a capital B. Yeah yeah, anyway the guy at the grocery store stopped us in the wine section and made asked us to sample some drinks. The guy ended up getting us to purchase this little charmer called, "Cupid's Cocktail." SO good y'all! It was so good, and SO simple, I thought I would share it with you...

Day Four:I {LOVE} to bake/cook...

So this isn't really something you can bake or cook, but I swear this drink is SO good and it's not that high in alcohol content.

"Cupid's Cocktail"

1 bottle of Fratelli Moscato de Asti Wine
1/2 bottle of 64 oz container of HEB cran/apple juice
1 bag of HEB Frozen Berry Blend
Combine all ingredients together...(I blended the fruit in my blender)
Serve it in a champagne flute!
I swear, it's delish! I don't even like alcohol that much and this stuff is just G-O-O-D! :)

That night we went to downtown Austin to this place called Scholtz Grill. It's located right down the street from the University of Texas stadium and let me just say, I had the BEST chicken fried chicken of my life.
So freakin' good. If you are ever in Austin, I recommend this place. It's not super fancy or anything, it's more like a German pub.

We then went to Whole Foods and walked around and sampled all their goodies. It was actually my first trip to the one downtown. Wooooow! I love it! Their truffles were so good too! I ran into an old college friend when we were there too which was a wonderful surprise. We then went back to our house, made our Cupid's Cocktail's, and watched You Again. Cute movie, very girly. I liked Naturally.

This morning we went to church and it was such a good sermon.
On our way to church, rockin' the sleepy face.
It was about marriage and it really touched me. I found myself staring at Andrew and squeezing his hand the whole time. At one point, the preacher was making a joke and said, "I know most husband's in here don't do the dishes, or help sweep or mop the floors..." and I wanted to just jump up and announce to the world, "MY HUSBAND DOES!!!" I am so proud of him, so proud of the love we share, and so proud to be his wife. I mean, yeah, we have almost been married 2 years and we have a long way to go, so most of you probably want to say, "Don't get used to it darlin'." But y'all, I swear, he's such a good little helper, always has been.

We went to eat Chinese food after church. And no, this is not what I got...I mean, seriously? :)
Photobucket WHO ORDERED THE PU PU PLATTA!? Name this movie...Anyone? Anyone!?

After lunch, we then we went to Andrew's co-worker's baby's first birthday party.

It's been a really wonderful weekend. OKAY, so enough of that. I have A LOT of catching up to do. I am SO sorry Sam, Neely, and Courtney! ;) Please forgive me.

Day Five: What I {LOVE} about my friends is...
That they make me happy.
That they are always there for me.
That they get me and I get them.
We always have fun together, no matter what we do.
That they are TRUE friends.
That no matter how far away we live, we still make it a point to keep in touch. We can always pick up where we left off, and don't get mad at each other for stupid reasons.
That they are all beautiful.

Day Six: I {LOVE} to blog because...

I love the support and how people are always so willing to relate, and pick each other up. Good days and bad.

I love having a creative outlet and sharing bits and pieces to my life.

I love the response and feedback everyone gives.

I love reading about other people. Life, love, fashion, food, etc. It's all so fun! :)

I'm not even a year into it, and I already have learned so much.

I love seeing all the creativity people have.

I love it all. Really! :)

Day Seven: I {LOVE} when I feel beautiful/sexy/pretty! This happens when I...

Actually take the time to do my hair and make-up. It's rare these days.

When my husband tells me so :)

When I take a bubble bath.

After a really good work out.

When I'm all dolled up and wearing heels :)

OKAY! Thanks for reading if you have made it this far. I wanted to end my post with the gift that my Blog Swap Partner, Manda got me! On Friday, when hubs and I were leaving for our date, we saw her package on the front step. Even though we were starving, I said, "We have to open it now babe!"

So we did. Let me just say I love EVERYTHING she got me! She's such a sweetheart, and if you don't follow her, go do so now. Well, okay, not yet, wait atleast until you are done seeing all the great things she sent me :)

Reading her sweet card :)
Precious little kitchen towel for my "new" kitchen. :) So thoughtful!
Pink OPI nailpolish! :) I think Piper was jealous.
Precious picture frame! I'm ready for SPRING!
She even got Piper and Furlee some treats! They were so excited!!! :)
Heck yes is right!!!! Love my sourpatch kids!
And a cute little basket :)
Here is everything she sent me :) (minus the cap to my lens haha) The water bottle is so cool, and I loved your little magazine captions Manda! So funny! I hope you guys can come to Austin to visit. I will def. make that lasagna you marked for me. ;)

THANK YOU AGAIN MANDA! I appreciate it so much! I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!! :)

And check out my little blogging helper. Such a perfect little poofball.

Also, my best friend got the iphone4 and we have been face timing like crazy. Even our dogs got into the action. ;)


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  1. a) i HAVE to have that drink!
    b) yay for the package getting to you!
    c) hehe facetime for pups - my mom puts my cat on skype all the time :)

    thank you so much for linking up with me and Sam and Neely again - this has been SO fun!

  2. What cute pics. THAT drink looks delicious!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love all the pictures. :)