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I have to share this $


As most of you know, from this post, that my sister-in-law Christi was diagnosed with brain cancer right after Christmas. The local news station did a segment last night called, "Fighting through Faith" about her and I wanted to share it with you.

She truly is an inspiration. Makes me tear up everytime I watch this.

I hope you check it out.

Have a blessed day! :)

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  1. My father passed away from cancer in October, we have had nothing but bad luck since =[

    This however, is inspirational, I love the way nothing stops her [she reminds me of my mum, who just before New Year, fell and broke her wrist & fell again on New Years Eve and cracked her ribs]! She has also just been diagnosed with phlebitis in her leg - but she is still battling on!]

    I hope she continues to battle on & they find a cure for all these different/horrible cancers =[ x

  2. that is very uplifting. you are all still in my prayers everynight.

  3. Wow Shay, that is one strong woman. It really touches me that she gave free consultations to cancer patients. So glad she is doing okay- still in my prayers. "With faith you can get through anything"- love this.

  4. SOB!

    Oh, sweet girl...thank you for this post and sharing the link with us. I just watched the segment on Christi - what an amazing woman she is with an intensely fierce, fighting spirit. She really is an inspiration to others - not just to those who walk in her shoes, but those of us who do not, as well.

    Please let her know she has many blogland friends (by way of YOU!) praying for her continued recovery.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!


  5. I am literally crying right now... as you know, I know first hand how cancer can really ravage a life and a family... and with all that flooding they've endured, too. Gosh. Definitely adding your sister and law and your family to my prayer list. What a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Wow, she sounds like an amazing woman! :)