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Randomness & an award.


Hey lovelies :)

I am currently listening to Christmas music ("Gloryyyy toooo the newborn Kingggggg...") and all I have to say is be GLAD you can't hear me. I might break glass, but singing is fun. Especially when nobody is around to hear you. :)

So, what's up??? I am still slowly catching up on blogs, and I noticed a few new followers...HI LADIES! :) I am so so so so so so SO glad you are here. I will be back to blogging regularly, but I still have a few things I need to take care of before I go back to my normal blogging rituals ;) I hope to make some changes soon too to this thing, as well as comment more. I feel like I read and enjoy more than I read, enjoy, AND comment. I know how much I enjoy your comments, so I hope to return the favor. I am going to add that to my New Years Resolution List :) I honestly smile everytime I read one, and I appreciate your sweet notes. I really, REALLY do.

Things here are pretty good. Work is work, my husband is still amazing in every way possible, pups are loving to bark a lot lately, haha, but I still love them.

Speaking of loving my husband so much...This morning it was actually pretty chilly (in the 30's) and my sweet man started my car up and got it all warmed up so when I was ready, I could just hop in it and go! I love little sweet things like that.

And crazy, I've been wanting spaghetti lately, and today I was bound and determined to go to HEB after work to pick up the 'sketti stuff', bring it home and make it and then he calls and says, "BABE! Guesssss what!?...I got stuff for sketti night!" I mean seriously!? He read my mind. I didn't even tell him I planned on doing that. Gosh I sure do love him. And I find it so funny that little things like that make me so happy. I never thought I'd one day say, "I love my husband so much because he picks up groceries for dinner, and starts my car in the mornings when it's really cold!" Haha! I appreciate him, and I know he knows that. GO tell your man you love him today and how much you appreciate him. I bet he will smile! :)

Okay, so please forgive me BrittanyJane over at Live with Intention, I HAVE seen that you have given me a blog award!

I am so sorry I am just getting around to this. :) THANK YOU so much girly! And since I accepted this award, that means I have to tell you 10 things about myself.

1. I was born and raised in a small town in Texas. Population of around 800 people.

2. My Mom and I moved to Northern California all the way from Texas at the end of my 8th grade year. I attended high school there, and moved back to Texas three days after my high school graduation. (I have also driven to and from THREE times which makes for the LONGEST drive EVER!)

3. I am the first in my family to graduate college.

4. I have three older brothers. One brother is my full on brother, same Mom and Dad, he is 31. I also have two older OLDER brothers in their 40's. Same Dad, different Mom.

5. I LOVE wakeboarding, snowboarding, volleyball & softball.

6. I think I'm addicted to candy. I love sour patch kids and I love sweettarts. My dentist must love me.

7. When I was 12, I wanted to be a medical research scientist. You can laugh now.

8. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I believe the in the power of Prayer.

9. I am a neat freak. I can't stand for anything to be out of place. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not OCD, but pretty stinkin' close.

10. I have never smoked or done drugs.

If there are any questions you have and want to know...Ask away! I will be happy to answer. :)

Guess I will leave it here for now. I have a cake baking downstairs and it smells amazing.

Love ya like a fat kid loves cake! :) (I'm the fat kid) haha.

Until next time...

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  1. Congratulations on your award and new followers! Woo Hoo!!!

    Love that you are listening to Christmas music, I am too...and I have a feeling you wouldn't be breaking any glass! ;)

    Isn't it wonderful to be married to someone who reads your mind...hope the spaghetti is oh so yummy!

    Liesl :)

  2. Well not sure where I ran across your blog...but I do remember it was your eng. pics that caught my eye. I mean they were in Fort Worth, which is where I live. I think then I just started reading the posting! Random question though about your your font, is it a blog specific one or did you import it in? Thanks for the info about your life!

  3. You are so adorable!! And I know just what you mean - it's the little things my husband does that mean the most to me, too.

    Hope you're having a great week, Pretty!!

  4. Ditto!!! I have never smoked in my entire life either. I think the fact that I experienced cancer at such a young age in my family really made me truly never want to have anything to do with something that causes cancer...My mother died of cancer in 95, I was only 13. Not lung cancer though...anyway..

  5. Awww what a sweet hubby you have :)

    I definitely have a little touch of OCD too!

    Hope you've had a great day!

  6. That drive is nuts! I drove here from San Diego and I thought that was long.

  7. I LOVE listening to Christmas music!
    Don't you Just LOVE when they know what you want and you don't have to say anything?! It's the best!

  8. YAY! I'm glad you finally got your award! I've been listening to xmas music non stop too... I think my husband is about ready to break my ipod, haha.

  9. My hubby starts my car for me every morning to warm up sweet :)

    I also love wakeboarding. So fun!

  10. OH MYLANTA, so much to say! Are you really Shalyn?! REALLY?! Cause I am pretty sure I have NEVER IN MY LIFE met another S-h-a-l-y-n! Amazing! And you are GORGEOUS:-)We have a couple things in common, you and I:

    I AM the fat kid who loves cake...
    First in my family to graduate college
    I am addicted to candy...which is why I am going to school to be a dental hygienist (my teeth will always be clean;-))
    I have major OCD (maybe its a Shay thing?)
    Ditto on numbers 8 and 10

    You sound like an amazing amazing Shalyn- way to represent;-) Proud new follower here!

  11. I love that this was your first post - now I feel like I know you so much better.

    And I am pretty OCD myself :)

  12. I'm new to your blog & it's lovely. Nice to read all these random tidbits about you to get to know you better. You & your man are adorable :-)

  13. I wanted to know that you made my new post! I love your blog and always look forward to reading more. :)

    <3 Ash

  14. Ahhh we can be bloggie besties! I'm sorry I am JUST now commenting back but as you can read my computer has been collecting dust since I thought it was broken! Your blog is super gorg and I LOVE reading your posts! You and your hubby are just too cute!

  15. Just came across your blog. Love it. I'm your newest follower. :)

  16. I was on your blog and checking things out when I heard the words to your songs, really hear them! The Christmas song by owl city! I really appreciate and love hearing our Savior in Christmas music because it is all about him. Great to see Christian women like yourself! Just made me smile a ton to hear it!

  17. cute! texas is really a gorgeous state. :) i'd move back too!