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1. Scared-y Cat.
In my last post, I didn't mention that when we got locked out of the house, my husband was actually on his way to the deer lease. I had to be home alone for THREE nights. I hated it. I slept with the bathroom light on, and the television on. Can you say WIMP!? :)

I didn't realize how dependable I have become of having him next to me every night. My lil' Piper took his place though, and needless to say, I was SO happy to have him home again. I have a love/hate relationship with deer season.

2. Website.

I am currently working on my photography website. I'm doing it all by myself...Well, almost all by myself...My husband and Piper helped me last night. Furlee helped too. He is sleeping under the white down comforter somewhere.

I am very nervous about revealing it. I keep changing my mind about how I want it to look, but I do know that white, yellow and gray are my official colors as they have won my heart over for the last year or so. :) I hope to be done this week...but then again, this week is SO busy. My head is already spinning. So please forgive me if I have a lack of posts this week. I hate that I'm on the computer for 8 hours a day at my marketing job, and then when I get home, I'm on my computer for the rest of the evening. Blah! I'm getting more frequent headaches/migraines. This may be the problem.

3. Photoshoots. I am PUMPED about this weekend, and the next two weekends following. I have three photoshoots this weekend, and 4 next weekend (during Thanksgiving) and then 2 the next. Whoo hoo! :) :) :)

4. Softball. I have a softball game tomorrow night. I'm praying to GOD that I can run this week. We didn't have to play last week, so hopefully my leg(s) are ready to go.

5. Love. I am head over heels, butterflies in my stomach, gushy, mushy IN love with my husband. That's all.

6. Chicken & Rice. Totally going to make chicken and rice tonight. I am hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. The recipe is SUPER easy. Here you go! :)

All you need is: One bag of white rice
1 can of cream of chicken
1 can of cream of celery
4 tablespoons of butter (give or take) ;)
1 package of boneless chicken breasts
Salt & Pepper

1. Pre-heat your oven to 150 degrees. Place one inch of rice in the bottom of your pyrex pan. I then sprinkle the rice with salt and pepper. Next, mix your cream of chicken and your cream of celery together in a bowl. Place the boneless chicken (rinsed of course) on top of the rice. Put the four tablespoons of butter (give or take) all around the dish. Pour your cream of chicken/cream of celery mix on top of the chicken and rice. I smear mine around so it is completely covered. Next add water into the dish to where it is about 1/2 inch below the top of the dish. Keep in mind, it's going to look disgusting. I hate the way it looks before...Gag!

Next, cover with foil and bake at 350° for about 1 hour, or until rice is tender and liquid absorbed.

Then, eatttttttttt! So so so good! :)

7. Shoes. This weekend I went shopping with my friend Kelly and I found some shoes at Forever 21. They are PRECIOUS and sadly, they only had a size 7, but I needed an 8. I wanted them SO bad so I almost bought the 7 and were going to make my toes suffocate. I didn't get them though, but I am def. ordering them today in my size!

They are WAY cuter in person! :) :) :) Love Love Love!

We also found some funny hats. We didn't buy them, but I wanted to! :)

8. I wish...
I had $260 for these chairs. Aren't they lovely? :)

Okay, I am officially an IDIOT. So not only did we lock ourselves out of our house Thursday, but Sunday I had to go pick up a friend to take her to her car after a crazy night she had, and my husband wanted me to pick up breakfast and thera-flu (we both aren't feeling well) on my way back. I get to the counter, order some breakfast burritos, and realized that I left my wallet upstairs at the house. I had it upstairs because I was purchasing my website the night before, and COMPLETELY forgot to put it back in my purse. I looked like an idiot and go, "Nevermind! Psych! Hahaha I left my wallet at home!" and rushed out of there as fast as I could.

I also had to coordinate a baby shower at 11 at my second job, and so when I got back to the house, I was empty handed and had to hurry up and get ready for work. So poor hubby didn't have his medicine OR food. After work, at 3 I called him and he wanted me to pick up food for dinner AND some thera flu. Thankfully, I remembered to bring my wallet this time, and checked out, and got back to my car. I start searching my purse for my key (yes, key and not keys because my key broke and won't let me attach it to a key ring, story of my life) and what do you know!? Yeah, my key was sitting on my passenger side seat. LOCKED OUT. I had my key in my hand, but some food on the inside of the car started to fall out as I was getting out of my car, so I reached over to adjust it, and I must have put the key down for a minute. UGHHHH! I wanted to kick myself.

I was cold. My husband didn't answer the phone until the 8th call. And so an HOUR and a HALF later, I get home 50 bucks short. I was also very thankful it wasn't the same guy from Thursday night that showed up and came to the rescue. LOL, I just have to laugh at myself. I'm putting so much on my plate, and I'm just getting careless and forgetful. Does that happen to you when you are constantly go go go!? :)Karma or bad luck...regardless it sucks. :)

It's a brand new week. I hope luck is on my side lol because it sure wasn't last week. Muahahahahaw.


P.s.) I want to thank those of you who had kind things to say on my last post. Y'all are so sweet and I love hearing from you!!! Thanks again ladies! Y'all always make my day!

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  1. OK take two on this comment! HAHA!

    For the next time. If you are locked out of your car or need it jumped, call the Sheriffs office and they will come unlock it or jump it for FREE!!!

    Just a little tip I recently learned. :)

    Much love,


    Visit me at:

  2. Gosh, I wish I had the money for the chairs as well. They are super cute!

  3. Oh gosh on the getting locked out and seriously those shoes are fabulous :)

  4. Love so much about this post! Those shoes are just too cute!

  5. That recipe sounds so good and simple and I LOVE those shoes!!!!!

  6. i love this post. so cute! i love those hats at forever! and i think that little bitsy camera was being sold there too! what a coincidence- i saw it this week and wanted desperately to get it.

    and i am a bigger idiot, i feel- i locked myself out of my car at the gas station for 2 and half hours. it was terrible and i feel your pain.

  7. What CUTE flats those are!! And is that an owl stocking cap?? If so, is it from Forever21? Cute pictures!!