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Weekend Recap.


This weekend was a bit nuts. Friday I worked my 8-5 job, and then went to my second job (wedding coordinating) from 5:30 to midnight. I came home and CUR-ASHED. Like BAM!

Then Saturday I had to wake up, take care of some errands around town, pack, and then headed 2.5 hours home to see my Mama. We then went to my friend Tamara's daughter's 1st birthday party, and then we went to my cousin's house to visit. Today we helped my Mom around her house by taking all of my baby/toddler/kid things in 12 totes back to our house. On the way home we had a dresser, and 12 totes in the back of my husband's truck. We tied them down REAL good...atleast we thought. We get home and look in the back of the truck and a tote is missing. Some totes were full of barbies, toys and books. But there were TWO totes that had special momentos in them. My crowns and sashes from my pageants in my younger days, and one had baby clothes that my Mom wants me to save for my little girl, as well as my teddy bears and baby blankets. We didn't bother to look in the totes before we left, so we took off down the road about 30-40 miles. No tote in sight. We then drove back to the house, looked in the totes, HOPING the missing tote was full of barbies or toys...But it wasn't. The baby tote was missing, and I got sick. I started crying, and didn't know what to do. I tried not to care. I told Andrew not to worry about it because I figured there was no way we'd find it, and driving all the way back was just not an option for me. We were exhausted.

But Andrew knew I was sick about it so he made me stay put and unpack, clean, do laundry, etc. He took off, and about an hour and a half later he calls me..."I FOUND IT!!!"

I was so relieved. I couldn't believe he found it. It was in the middle of the median, sitting there upside down, and still in one piece. I made him cookies, and cleaned up house so he'd be happy when he got home. When he came in the door, I hugged him for a solid 5 minutes. I love that man.

I have a million things to do this week, so I will try my best to continue with my "Story of Us" posts.

Here is what my week looks like:

Monday: Work 8-5, working out (We joined a gym! Holla!), exchange gifts at stores, drive to Salado.
Tuesday: Work 8-5, work out, dinner with a friend.
Wednesday: Work 8-5, Work out, get dress fitted, bake cake for baby shower on Friday at work.
Thursday: Work 8-5, Work out, decorate baby cake for friend at work, hair appointment at 6.
Friday: Work 8-5, baby shower, pick up bridesmaid dress, work out, clean house for company.
Saturday: Family coming in, rehearsal & rehearsal dinner for my cousin.
Sunday: My cousin's wedding :)

I've had a hundred days way more busy than this week, but this is a total change in pace from my every day routine lately. I'm already stressed out! Haha.

Well, I guess that is it for now. I will try to post about my engagement tomorrow :)


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  1. Oh goodness! I'd be freaking out too! Glad he was able to find it :)

    Sounds like you have a busy week! Hope it's a good one :)

  2. for a split second i thought you schedule said WORKOUT 8-5. HOLY COW! :) haha.

    ps- i tagged you in a series of questions! i hope you'll answer them and link it back so i can read them :)

  3. I'm so glad he found to tote. Hubby to the rescue!

    Yay for joining a gym. :) And I feel your pain on the super busy week. I'm getting my to-do list together as we speak! Gotta make it through somehow!

  4. What a sweet hubby...glad you found it!