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Wee Bit Wednesday %


{one}grilled or fried?
I love both :) Fried foods are my frenemies.

{two}if you could change one thing about where you live, without worrying about money, what would you change?
I would update our kitchen and our master bathroom. New sink, new counters, new floor, backsplash, and new cabinents.

{three}what is your favorite time of day?
When I get home from work... :)

{four} what’s your favorite cereal?
I LOVE cereal. I guess I'd say Frosted Shredded Wheat...and Honey Bunches of Oats (Almond).

{five}do you open your mouth when you put mascara on?
Of course :)

{six} if you could make any fictional character come to life, which would it be?
The Genie from Aladden. I'd like three wishes :)

{seven} what are your favorite pizza toppings?
I like it simple. Either pepperoni or hamburger.

{eight}are you a heavy or a light sleeper?
It depends on how tired I am. Most of the time, I am a deep sleeper.

{nine}what is your favorite board game?
Loaded Questions :)

{ten}what star/celebrity do most people say you look like?
I used to get Mary Kate and Ashley a lot when I was younger...but the past couple of years I have been told I look like Lo from The Hills.
Eh? I don't see it. Our profiles are kinda the same, and we move our mouths the same when we talk, but that's about it. I went to Lauren Conrad's book signing, and my friend asked her if she thought I looked like Lo. She said, "Yeah, kinda sorta. I can see it."


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  1. I love reading these things!

  2. Fun read, glad to know more about you.:D

    Based on some of your pictures, I can see a little Lo.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. My favorite time of day is definitely when I get home from work too :) I can kind of see a resemblance between y'all!

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. You DO look like Lo. I remember you had a post awhile back that had to do with all the flooding your family experienced caused by the rain. We got flooded last week, luckily my home was okay but my car was damaged. Anyway, at that moment your post came to mind so now I can imagine what your family was going through. I hope everything turned out alright and I pray that never happens to them again.

  5. I can see the resemblence to Lo! And fried foods are my frenemies as well - love that!

  6. I found you by way of Leigh Ashley. Great post. I look forward to Wednesdays just because of this link party : )

  7. That is so funny that she asked lauren that!! haha, I love friends!