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He pricked me.


Ohhh my goodness. I can't believe I'm showing y'all this.

Remember how I mentioned in my Monday post that I had to have my husband give me my B-12 shot? Well, I caught it on video. I don't know what possessed me to record it, but I'm glad I did.

Before you watch, keep this in mind, please:

1. I hate our kitchen.

2. Warning: I totally talk in my "Piper" voice. So does Drew. My apologies :)

3. My husband wanted me to tell you he apologizes for his "hyena laugh"...I think it's cute. He's really embarrassed. Muahahahahaw.

4. I am really bloated right now. Like, REALLY bloated. Hence neck rolls, arm fat galore, and don't even get me started on my stomach.

5. I hate needles...Correction! HATEEEEEEEEEE needles.

7. Enjoy :)

AND I know I promised I'd TRY to post pictures...I am still TRYING but they are taking forever and a lightyear to upload SO hopefully they will be posted manana.



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  1. this was hilarious. I'm the same way when it comes to shots except I definitely can't watch!

  2. Sooo I am really SAD that there is no sound on our stupid computers!!! Having said that, I am still laughing out loud!! (Man sound would be awesome...need to invest in some speakers) :) Take three heehee! xoxo

  3. Ok too funny....I laughed so hard, you two are way too cute! aaaahahaha!

  4. you guys are so cute! love it. :) sorry you have to have the shots though. :/