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I need help, please?


Ughhh! I need help! & How EMBARRASSING YEAH? LOL!

Somehow, as you can see, I messed up my layout. I can't get my sidebar back up to the top, and the header is off.

I have no idea what I did either! LOL!

Any help would be appreciated :)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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  1. I can't help you =/
    BUT I did give you an award today on my blog! =) That helps right!? =) I hope you can get it figured out soon =)

  2. Lol! Awww THANK YOU! You are so sweet! I hope I get it figured out soon too! :)

  3. OK... so I am not POSITIVE I can help you... but I thought I would try! :)

    First - to center your header. Go to the design tab, and then into the template designer. Then click on advanced. Then, scroll to the bottom of the options and pick add CSS. Enter this in there:

    #header-inner img {margin: 0 auto !important;}
    header-inner {text-align:center !important;}

    The only thing I can think of that would get your sidebar back where it's supposed to would be to adjust your width. In the template designer, click on layout, and then on adjust width. Play around with that until it looks right again.

    I hope this helps!!!! :)

  4. oh no!!! I wish I could help, but I'm rather basic in my programming knowledge.

  5. I think I might be able to help but it will have to wait until I get home this afternoon, can you email me a reminder?