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Best Wifey Award or Stupidest Wifey Award?



It's been awhile since I surprised Mr. Nelson, so I decided today was the day. All I have been hearing about is HOW BAD he wants the new 2011 Madden NFL game. First of all, he plays PS3 alllll the time...and I let him, because well he's a guy, and he deserves his "man" time. I blog, he plays PS3. We are both happy. The end.

BUT Sometimes he plays it til' the wee hours in the morning (mostly weekends), and even though he tip toes into bed and tries to be quiet so I won't hear him, I do. I will pry my eyes open and peek at the clock so I will know what time it is.

The next morning our conversation pretty much goes like this:

Mrs. Nelson: Good morning sweetheart.
Mr. Nelson: Morning baby.
Mrs. Nelson: How did you sleep?
Mr. Nelson: Really good. You?
Mrs. Nelson: Mmm, okay I guess. What time did you end up coming to bed last night? (even though I already know)
Mr. Nelson: Eh, not sure. It wasn't too late though.
Mrs. Nelson: You sure about that, hun?
Mr. Nelson: Around 2 maybe?
Mrs. Nelson: 2 huh? (smiling)
Mr. Nelson: Yeah.
Mrs. Nelson: Are you fibbing?
Mr. Nelson: Maybeeee.
Mrs. Nelson: I'm surprised to see you are actually up this early considering it was 4:00 when you got to bed.
Mr. Nelson: What? (smiling) How do you know that?
Mrs. Nelson: I know everything, honey. You know this. ;)

Okay, so back to my story. I asked my boss if I could leave work a few minutes early so I could run to the store and buy the game, come home, get it in the PS3 in place of the NFL 10' Madden Game that he's played over a million times, and when he would turn it on later to play tonight, he'd be surprised :)

I text him and asked him to go pick up our duvet cover from the cleaners when he got off work to buy me some time. I then drove to Target as fast as I could, bought the game, and then called him at 5:00 and pretended I was headed home. I get home, I take out the old game, and put in the new one and then...CRAP. I didn't know how to work the thing. I started punching every button on the remote control, because I knew he'd notice the blue light indicating it was on. It had to be RED or he'd know, so I played and played with the buttons, and FINALLY after about 20 minutes of "CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!" I got it to turn off. 5 minutes later, my stud muffin got home, and I kept it cool. ;)

We had to go run some errands around town, and it was so cute because he goes, "Babe, can we go to Game Stop to see how much the game is there?" And I say, "Can it wait til' tomorrow? I'm tired, I have a million things to do when we get home, and I thought we were trying to save $$$?" "Okay :(," he says while turning up his lip. I felt so bad, but I knew he would turn his frown upside down in just a few minutes.

We get home, I proceed to the kitchen to feed our furbabies, and I hear him grab the "game" chair out of the closet. I tried peeking around the corner to see his reaction, and after a few seconds, I hear, "Huh? WHAT? 11??? SHALYN!!!!" I peeked my head up from the kitchen area like a mole in a hole would, and all I see is him standing up, smiling from ear to ear, and then he started dancing and tapping his feet (no joke, it was cute I swear). He ran up to me and said, "YOU LITTLE BUTTHEAD! I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!" Then he ran back to the living room, still smiling, looks at me, and says, "Seriously, I love my wife...I'm gonna name a player after you." That made my day.


He is a happy camper right now, and I can hear him downstairs right now playing away...I just hope I don't regret this decision later. ;)

Stupid video games! :)


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  1. So sweet! I love that he's going to name a player after you!!

  2. What a sweet story!:D Enjoyed reading!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. What a sweet wife you are :) My hubby loves his PS3 too and is always playing that game!

  4. Aw, sweet! How nice to get a player named after you too :) Very sweet of you to surprise your husband!

  5. Ok you are definitely a SWEET wife and it would warm my heart if my husband wanted to name a player after me because I got him the game =) But I'm a little corny like that =)

  6. Aww you're a good wife! That sounds like something I would do for Chris haha, I got him Call of Duty or soemthin last year for his birthday (well like 3 weeks before his birthday) but he was SO happy. He was like a little kid - couldn't wait to get home to play it ha

  7. Aw so cute! I bet he was so excited! My husband plays his PS3 all of the time...but he plays a lot of shooting and those types of game.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I vote best wifey award!!! :)

  9. BEST WIFEY AWARD for sure! That is too sweet. I may have to use that one day :) my hubby is a major gamer, he's got every console out there and I like to play as well so I can't complain.

  10. Awww, that was so sweet! Def best wifey award!