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Top 2 Tuesday-Simple Pleasures


Top 2 Simple Pleasures


I love it when it's bedtime, and Piper waits by the bed for me to pick him up. I love the feeling of just laying there in my amazing bed, all cuddled up in the down comforter next to my hubs. We always pray together at night, and Piper bundles up with us. He always spreads out and stretches and makes this adorable little yawn noise too and falls asleep. Furlee has his own bed in the corner of the room, and he always sleeps in the cutest position. I don't know what it is about that time of night, but it makes me smile to see us all wind down together.


Leaving work in the morning with my husband, and coming home at the exact same time. We start the day with a kiss goodbye, and a welcome home hug at the end of the day. It makes me so thankful to have the schedules we have.

I also LOVE:

Back rubs

Cooking dinner with my husband

Bubble Baths

Driving in the country listening to country music

Sleeping In

Eskimo kisses

A nice cold shower after a day in the sun

Finding money in coats or jeans months/years later

A home-cooked meal at my Moms

A clean house with candles lit

Little notes & sweet text messages from hubs

Eating soup on a rainy day inside & watching movies

When hubs draws hearts, initials, or "I ♥ U" on condensation (windows, cups) lol, you know what I mean? haha.

I could seriously go on forever :)


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