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Wow, what a weekend!


Why hello dollfaces! What a wonderful/tiring 4th of July weekend I had. Turns out that the Hurricane Alex rains did not ruin my weekend after all :) "Holla!" Saturday Hubs and I got up early and drove to New Braunfels to meet up with our friends. We floated the Guadalupe River and I got B-U-R-N-T...I looked like Sebastian :) But overall, it was a lot of fun and we met a lot of nice new people! I love making new friends :) That night we went out to eat and then went to a Casey Donahew Concert(Texas Country babe-uh!) That was a blast but I was a little less than perky thanks to the sun that took it all out of me! Here are some pics from Saturday!

Sunday we packed up and drove back home. I took a much needed 3 hour nap, and then went to Salado for my sister-in-law's Birthday/4th of July bash! We swam and ate around the pool most of the day. That night we played games in the pool and watched Fireworks from the golf course! I don't have pictures from this day because I forgot my camera, but as soon as my Niece sends hers to me, I'll add some pictures to this part :)

Monday we came back home and took the furbabies to Petsmart for new matching Polos and treats. (I'm such a good Mama!) I got the hubs ice-cream for being a good sport and then we went to H-E-B and got the pups a yellow pool. We then came home and sat in the water for 10 minutes...swam. Hubs started rennovating the entry way of our house. Dust was everywhereeeeeeeee! LOL! Make sure you buy plastic tarps if you decide to break up tile...I'm still wiping dust off of everything! Ugh! :(

Also, thanks to those of you who are following me now :) Blogging is so fun but I can tell my hubs is already missing me! Just now he yelled to me upstairs, "Babe! Where are you?" And I said, "Upstairs on the 'Puter' (short for computer, of course)" and he goes, "Blogging...Again!?" And I laughed back, "But I haven't done it since Friday!" SO, that said, after I do my Top 2 Tuesday I have to go wrap up the dinner I started! We also got When In Rome on NetFlix! Yay! Finally! I have been waiting forever to see it! :)


Top 2 Favorite Purchases Made This Year

1. Our "New" and very First Home :)


2. Our GE Stainless Steel Fridge :)

Crazy how much your priorities go from clothes/purses/girly stuff to house updates and rennovations. Guess I'm growin' up...*Sigh*


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  1. Great picks. I can't wait to get a stainless steel fridge in our new home (one day)


  2. Congrats on your new home! Its beautiful! I am now following you!

  3. Loving your blog. Im a new follower! Stopping by from top two tuesday :) Congrats on the house!!!