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Dwelling on the past.



I’m so bummed (still). Well, I have been about this one particular thing since Memorial Day weekend. For some reason it’s been hovering above my head today, and there is NOTHING I can do about it. It makes me want to type like this:


You know when you get that urge? Ha! Well, what I’m referring to is my husband’s wedding ring. He lost it :( It’s gone…forever. I know, I know, some people think they are “replaceable” and I can agree with that, I do, but what I can't get over is that it’s not ever going to be that wedding ring that I put on his finger that day. That ring will never be replaced.

What makes it even harder to grasp is that it was lost out of plain…stupidity(sorry babe). His ring was a tad loose, but we had already had it sized once, and it wouldn’t slide over his knuckle…at least to my acknowledgement. We were at our friend Cat’s grandparent’s cabin on the lake. He had kept his ring in my bag the entire weekend because he didn’t want it to fall off in the water. I did the same. It was Sunday, and it was time to start loading up. We were all dried off, picking up trash, getting our things together. I wasn’t paying much attention to what my husband was doing. I guess sometime in the “clean up” time he thought "Let’s play football." His friend and him were tossing the ball back and forth, when his friend tossed it over his head. Where did it go? In the water. Where did my husband go? In the water.

Next thing I know, my husband comes up and has the “Oh crap, something bad just happened” look on his face. I looked, stunned, and froze. He said, “Babe, did you just put my ring on my finger?” And I said, “Yes, like 5 minutes ago…WHY!?”

He didn’t respond, he just dove under the water and I did the dramatic freak out that girls do. I was SO upset. I had to take a walk to blow off some steam because we had been having an extremely horrible streak of bad luck at that time, where things just keep going wrong and money was flying out the window. It stressed me out and it really broke my heart to say the least. I know my husband regrets his decision to jump into the lake after the football…and I know he felt awful. We both did. He said sorry a million times, and even cried with me. I do forgive him and I know how much it meant to him. It wasn't on purpose, obviously.

We still have not been able to replace his ring yet, but I hope to do it soon. I’m no longer mad, just bummed. The weird thing is that the week before that trip I was listening to the radio and they had a survey about men losing their wedding rings. I forget the exact statistics but I think it was just over half. I remember thinking, “Thank God that Drew hasn’t lost his! I’d freak out!” Haha, well, a week later I did just that.

I think I’m over it for the most part, but there will always be a very small inkling of sadness when I glance over at his hand. Marriage isn’t about the ring. I know he loves me, and I know he’s the man I will be spending my forever with. It’s just an unfortunate situation and life goes on… :) (I just don't love football as much as I once did. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.) ;)

Have your husbands ever lost their wedding ring? What did you do?


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  1. I can totally imagine being very upset about this. Although my husband's ring was only $40 from a custom ring maker on etsy, and we could totally get the same exact ring made again, it still would always be a different ring from the one I put on his finger when we got married. Wish I had some comforting words! It must be so tough and frustrating.

  2. I realize this was a while ago....

    My husband lost his wedding ring while playing golf where his friend is the super-intendent. He came home and knew I was going to be really sad. I thought he was joking at first b/c he was always so worried about losing it. He said they searched and searched all over and back tracked the cart path. Like I said, I was sad, but knew surprisingly, I handled it better than I expected I would. I knew that it was only a symbol and it didn't define our love or marriage. And...I think that God was just playing a joke on us and laughing...A couple weeks later he was out playing golf again and guess what he found! His ring it was in the cubby one the golf cart! Thank you Jesus for letting him have that cart back!
    Anywhoo, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I've had fun skipping around yours tonight. Have a great week!