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Some days I wake up Full of Life. Full of energy. Full of love.
Some days I wake up Grumpy. Bitter. & Negative.
Some days I wake up Hyper. Laughing. & Smiling.
Some days I wake up Confused. Questioning. & Doubting.
Some days I wake up Motivated. Sparkle-eyed. & Eager.
Some days I wake up Sad. Depressed. & Somber.
Some days I wake up Emotionless. Lifeless. & Numb.
Some days I wake up Unforgiving. Anxious. & Unfulfilled.
Some days I wake up Forgiving. Understanding. & Gracious.

Today I wake up Inspired.

Inspired to be a better person. Inspired to be a better wife. Inspired to be a better daughter. A better granddaughter. A better sister. A better niece. A better cousin. A better aunt. A better friend. A better worker. A better version of the person I’ve been for 24 years.

I’ve plummeted to rock bottom. I’ve sky-rocketed to the top. I’ve balanced myself in the middle for quite sometime now. I’m a lot like a see-saw. I let things get me down. I let things bring me up.

I’ve witnessed tragedy. I’ve witnessed miracles.

I count my blessings. 1…2…3…4…5… Love. Life. Family. Friends. Sour Patch Kids.

I’ve experienced a life in the Deep South and on the West Coast. Culture Shock that turned into a memories I'll never forget.

All in all, I feel that I’m holding myself back, relentless of what the future holds for me.

I’m scared; I doubt myself, & my abilities. I lack self confidence. I hold myself back to avoid others jealousy, judgment, and criticism. I care too much what people think. This will soon change.

I am a softy. I forgive. I forget. I do let go of grudges. I realize that everyone makes mistakes. However, learn from them. Just don’t make the same mistake twice or those statements will be retracted. Trust me.

I’m a little all over the place. It stems back to my past. I’ve listened. I’ve learned. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve regretted my choices. I’ve been thankful of my choices.

“Not good enough.” Something I was told by a person a long time ago. I've held on to it for a very long time. It's almost destroyed me. I’ve decided that this three word statement is going to be erased from my vocabulary and from my mind. Goodbye. So-long. See you never. Not later.

To quote my newfound favorite ‘Artist of the Month’…Rosi Goslin. She’s amazing:

“But if I fall and hurt myself, would you know how to fix myself? What if I went and lost myself? Would you know where to find me? If I forgot who I am? Would you please remind me? Oh, cause without you, things go hazy.” Love. Love. Love.

I have been searching for a creative outlet. I think this may be it. Something that will allow me to express, feel, listen, and observe everything around me. My life. My wonderful marriage. My family. My friends. My house. My creative side. Stay tuned. I have a lot to share.



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