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We have survived another work week...Whoop whooooop! That Friday smell is lingering in the air, and my eyes are constantly glancing at the lower right hand screen of my computer, anticipating the lovely 5:00 :) I LOVE THE WEEKENDS :) But it seems like lately, I don't have much of a "weekend." I have a full time job for a marketing company Monday through Friday and I work about two weekends a month doing wedding coordinating. The other two weekends of the month are already planned visiting family or friends. I love making money, but man, I need a break. My hubs and I are talking about vacations, but they just aren't set in stone yet. I'm restless, tired, burnt out, and want a NOW. :) Is that so much to ask? Since I started my job last July, the most days I've had off consistently are 2.5. Not much huh?

Tonight I'm staying home and cleaning up the house...doing all the wifey duties that I can't stand have to do (laundry,dishes,sweeping,mopping.) This weekend we are going to Houston to my old college roommates wedding. I can't wait to see the sweet couple. They are so perfect for each other, and I love nothing more than seeing two people commit to each other for the rest of their lives. It's so beautiful to me :) That, and marriage is a blast!

Oh! And Sunday is hubs and I's 4 year of being together anniversary :)(Yes, we still count this haha.) Where has the time gone? 4 years and I find myself more in love with him every day. He's absolutely wonderful. For instance, today he made my lunch. He cut my sandwich in half (which he knows I love) and he cut up my strawberries (just how I like them). He's precious. I know :)

Well, I hope everyone has a safe & wonderful weekend. Mine will be fun, but I know it will go by wayyy too fast. They always do. Indulge in some greasy foods for me, or better yet, some chocolate :)

MmmmmMmmm hurts soooooo good. :)


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