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30 before 30 #


Before I turn 30, I want to WILL (in no particular order):

1. Backpack in Europe.
2. Learn how to use my sewing machine.
3. Run my own Wedding/Event Planning business.
4. Own a Canon 50D.
5. Have a baby.
6. Go to New York City...twice. (Summer and Winter)
7. Get a new couch.
8. Girls weekend in Miami.
9. Attend my high school reunion.
10. Mission Trip.
11. Attend the Superbowl.
12. Have a garage sale.
13. Update our kitchen.
14. Run a half marathon.
15. Get Piper a girlfriend...a fluffy blonde Pomeranian, named Sprinkle.
16. Sew a quilt.
17. Buy a boat.
18. Take my husband to California and show him around :)
19. Take a mother/daughter trip to a place my Mom dreams of going.
20. Take a hot air balloon ride.
21. Go on a cruise with friends.
22. Own a MacBook Pro.
23. Pay off half of my student loans. (Hopefully)
24. Try out for a reality show.
25. Take a hip-hop dance class.
26. Lose 15 pounds and lower my cholesterol.
27. Attend a talk show taping (Ellen, Jay Leno, or Letterman).
28. Eat at three different places in one night.
29. Take a self-defense course.
30. Read the entire Bible.

Another thing I am going to really work on doing is NOT saying, "Some Day." I've been a "Some Day" victim my whole life, and all the things I say I will "Some Day" do...Well, they haven't happened and they never will happen unless I really make it happen. Right? So hopefully this list will keep me on the right track. :)


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